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    Originally posted by portermvp84 View Post
    Matt Straks is a big boy, the Cardinals should trade for him to beef up their line.
    Size is definitely an issue with the Cardinals' line, but not one that trading for Max Starks would solve.

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      No one has mentioned it but Leinart is a lefty, which means that the RT, not the LT, is the most important guy in pass protection. Given that, Arizona would be stupid to trade for a guy who was one of the worst pass blocking starting RTs in the league, especially given their franchise player is their QB.

      Pretty sure Edge would love this trade. This would be an awful trade if Thomas were to be available when the Cards pick. He is the ultimate fit for them at RT, he should flat out dominate the position.

      If it was for Faneca, thats a good trade. There is a good chance they get a very good OL prospect at 15 or perhaps a LB or Hall and they get an elite OG who is familiar with the offensive scheme that you would have to expect the Cards will run this year.

      Also makes sense for Pittsburgh obviously. They likely lose Faneca(Starks is very replacable) next year anyway, they move up and get an elite prospect like Adams or Anderson. I really like the trade from the Vikings stand point also, if the Steelers move up they will most likely take one of the linemen that I dont want the Vikes to look at.

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