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  • All NFLDC Team - Check it out and share your views!!

    QB - Tom Brady - New England Patriots

    Led his team to 3 Superbowls in 4 years Tom Brady is probably the best QB too have leading your team. His production may not blow you away but the rings on his fingers will. Second too Brady was Peyton Manning.

    RB - LaDainian Tomlinson - San Diego Chargers

    He can do it all, the most complete RB in the NFL. Hr can run, pass, recieve and block, with him running behind the men in the trenches you know that you have a solid back. Second too Tomlinson was Larry Johnson

    FB - Lorenzo Neal - San Diego Chargers

    A huge FB with explosive blocks and the man who has helped the above run the way he has. He may be old but he hasnt lost his power and vision. Second too Neal was Tony Richardson.

    WR - Larry Fitzgerald - Arizona Cardinals

    A surprise pick, but i guess not a shocking one, he has great ability and a great attitude which is appealing, still young he has a huge career ahead of him. Third too Fitzgerald was Terrell Owens.

    WR - Chad Johnson - Cincinnati Bengals

    Number 85 likes too run his mouth and blow his own trumpet, but hey he has the right too because he is that damn good. Very unstoppable, 85 is a good man too have goin deep. Fourth too Johnson was Marvin Harrison.

    LT - Walter Jones - Seattle Seahawks

    Probably the best offensive lineman in he lague, only allowed 1 sack in the last two season, who else would you want covering Tom Brady's blindside? Second too Jones was Orlando Pace.

    LG - Steve Hutchinson - Minnesota Vikings

    The best LG in the league at the moment, hutch has a new home but before that he teamed with Walter Jones too form the best left side of any offensive line. Second too Hutchinson was Larry Allen.

    C - Olin Kreutz - Chicago Bears

    This man may not get talked about but he gos about his duties season in season out too a standard no other centre matches, a commanding player, he is he perfect fit. Second too Kreutz was LeCharles Bentley.

    RG - Will Shields - KC Chiefs

    Only ever missed 1 start in his entire career and has nevr mise a game, a certain hall of famer he is still the best RG in the league and a huge force in any offensive line. Second too Shields was Chris Naeole.

    RT - Willie Anderson - Cincinnati Bengals

    Teams with Levi Jones too form one of the best tckle duos, anderson is an incredible run blocker with immense size and has helped seeral backs excel in Cinci. Second too Anderson was George Foster.

    TE - Antonio Gates - San Diego Chargers

    Every QB's dream is too have a reliable TE who will always be there too throw too in a sticky situation, and gates provids that with a huge frame, great jump and amazing hands. Second too Gates was Jason Witten.

    RE - Michael Strahan - NY Giants

    This man has the most sacks out of all acive defensive ends, injured last year, who many doubted would come back strong came back and shut up all the critics having a very strong season. Third too Strahan was Dwight Freeney.

    DT - Shaun Rogers - Detroit Lions

    A Huge force who is consistently a disruption in the trenches is a very physical DT who can et too the QB and stop the run like it was second nature. Third too Rogers was John Henderson

    DT - Marcus Stroud - Jacksonville Jaguars

    Once half of the most feared DT tandem in the NFL Stroud is surprisingly athletic man for his size which helps him too run down he QB and get too the running back. Fourth too Stroud was Kevin Williams

    LE - Julius Peppers - Carolina Panthers

    The most complete DE in the NFL he can do it all, cover, rush and stop the run, he is any DC's dream and cetainly has more too show for himself as he contrinues too thrive in the NFL. Fourth too Peppers was Jason Taylor

    WOLB - Keith Bulluck - Tennessee Titans

    Probably the best and most complete OLB in the NFL, Bulluck has been the only consistent performer in a struggling Titans defense over the past two years and has earned he respect of everyone in the NFL for it. Second too Bulluck was Derrick Brooks.

    MLB - Brian Urlacher - Chicago Bears

    there is nobody better in the NFL right now at the MLB than this man, a key too the success of the Chicago bears and a DMVP last year, Urlacher has established himself as the best. Second too Urlacher was Ray Lewis.

    SOLB - Takeo Spikes - Buffalo Bills

    Returning from a serious injury Takeo this season may be a step slower than normal but he will not have less heart, he will still be a force and show he is still on of the best. Second too Spikes was Marcus Washington.

    CB - Champ Bailey - Denver Broncos

    Probably the best Shut down CB in the NFL, Bailey can cover and also come up in run support, any DC would be happy too have him on one side of the field so that he only needs too worry about the other. Third too Bailey was Ken Lucas.

    CB - Deangelo Hall - Atlanta Falcons

    A freakishly athletic CB Hall blew away alot of people last year with his stellar prformances establishing himself as one of the best CB's in the league. Fourth too Hall was Chris McCallistar.

    FS - Brian Dawkins - Phillidelphia Eagles

    Some say Sean Taylor is better but he is nowhere nearly as established as this man, Dawkins strikes fear into offenses, with his cover skills and the hardest hit in the NFL. Second too Dawkins was Sean Taylor

    SS - Ed Reed - Baltimore Ravens

    Probably the best S in the NFL Ed Reed Can play every DB role and play it well, he has it all and he is blessed with incredible instincts and a sweet set of hands. Second too Ed Reed was Roy Williams.

    K - Neil Rackers - Arizona Cardinals

    Last Year he broke the record for the most field goals in a season and he was near perfection only missing 2 kicks. He deffinately is a keeper for Arizona. Second too Rackers was Adam Viniateri

    P - Brian Moorman - Buffalo Bills

    Surprisingly fast for a punter, but also an excellent punter aswell, very solid for buffalo who have one of the best special teams units in the NFL. Second too Moorman was Shane Lechler.

    Honorable Mention - DB - Deion Sanders

    Honorable mention goes too recently retired DB Deion "Primetime" Sanders who will be making his appearence in Canton in 4 years time, probably the best CB too ever play the game he gets honorable mention here and is part of the team. Second too Sanders was Jerry Rice.

    Unfortunatly due too someone with multiple accounts Keith Brooking and Charles Woodson were disqualified from the voting.

    I would like too thank all here at NFLDC who helped by voting and sharing their views position by position, I have enjoyed doing this and I have actually learned some stuff too.


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    That is correct comahan
    I ******* LOVE YOU DG
    <3 dg


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      pictures will be coming soon


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        Is your name Mike?

        That is correct comahan
        I ******* LOVE YOU DG
        <3 dg


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          Its very good but Richard Seymour probably could have made it as a 4-3 DT.


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            Despite the lack of Elam (which made me refuse to vote in the K poll) I still give this team an A.

            Originally posted by Scott Wright
            Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
            Originally posted by njx9
            do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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              What happened to the 3-4 team?

              That is correct comahan
              I ******* LOVE YOU DG
              <3 dg


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                The two I disagree with most would be Fitzgerald and Strahan.
                Can't much complain about the rest, but if I made one myself it would definitely look a bit different.


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                  The only thing on offense I would change is put in TO for Larry Fitzgerald, because when TO is on the field, he really hasn't been able to be stopped.

                  On defense I agree with the secondary and LBs, but I would have the DL Osi-Seymour-John Henderson-Peppers.


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                    My DL would be Freeney-Rogers-Seymour-Peppers. They would compliment each other very well.

                    That is correct comahan
                    I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                    <3 dg


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                      Originally posted by draftguru151
                      My DL would be Freeney-Rogers-Seymour-Peppers. They would compliment each other very well.
                      Yea I meant to have Rogers over Henderson.


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                        minus the receivers, not a bad team.


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                          Originally posted by njx9
                          minus the receivers, not a bad team.
                          Individually it could be better but I think Fitz and CJ would compliment eachother pretty well. I rather have TO over Fitz though.


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                            Originally posted by draftguru151
                            What happened to the 3-4 team?
                            someone else said they were doing it, im going on vacation in 10 hours so i dont have time


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                              Not only should TO be on there over Fitz, but both Torry Holt, and Steve Smith are more deserving as well.
                              I like Fitz alot, and I think he will go down as one of the greats we've seen. He's just not on these other guys' level yet.



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