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Report:NFL set to cancel China Bowl

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    I don't think this was a bad idea. But I don't think China was the right place.

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      Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
      China really isn't communist anymore.
      China wasn't really communist to begin with.

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      Originally posted by Smokey Joe
      I don't care...


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        It was a stupid idea to begin with. It's something like a 14 hour plane ride and when you factor in things like Jet lag (12 hour time difference?), teams are going to be missing a lot of valuable practice time. That's time that many players need to prove themselves or to learn their system. Seems like way too much for a stupid preseason game.


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          Originally posted by Hurricane Ditka View Post
          China wasn't really communist to begin with.
          Just depends where you begin...

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            Originally posted by Jonathan_VIlma View Post
            Probably because Belichick complained about it and God forbid they go against his orders?
            And just think, he was Head Coach of the Jets for a day. This could have been allllllllllllll yours. Oh well.


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              Originally posted by Jay View Post
              Eh, I don't care either way. Like remix said, easier this way. I wonder where the game will be now, Foxboro or Seattle...
              Boston GLobe states the Pats will likely ask for the game to be in New England. THe two teams are scheduled to play in Seatle the weekend before, as well.



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