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  • You know, skimming through all the garbage, I'm surprised the Seahawks were mentioned. We have arguably the greatest DT depth and one of the best tandems out there (nowhere near the level of Stroud/Henderson, though), but our DEs are really lacking. Wistrom is probably the second most active person on that defense, but he doesn't do anything. He's like the short kid in the gang that talks all this game but lets everyone else do stuff for him. And Fisher led the team in sacks, but he didn't create those. That was all his DTs, his LBs, and surprisingly, even some coverage sacks. Though we were the league leader in sacks, it was definitely not brought about by our D-line. The only point in time where it became the D-line was when we started changing things up in the playoffs and sending 3-man fronts, where Rocky Bernard dominated (which leads me to believe that he should go to some 3-4 team where he could be a real force, for some odd reason). So as far as a complete defense, yeah, the Seahawks are up there. And as a front seven, yeah, they're still up there. But simply as a D-line? Nah.

    ...Oh and the Vikings D-line is inferior to half the league at this point, if anyone was wondering.
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