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What do you expect from the NFC East Quarterbacks???

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  • What do you expect from the NFC East Quarterbacks???

    Just wondering what you guys expect from Mcnabb, Romo, Manning and Campbell next year? All of them have some question marks imo

    Mcnabb- He's coming back from a major injury and seems like he cant complete a year without some kind of an injury. He lost Stallworth, but got Kevin Curtis at WR. I think he will do well, but an injury or 3 wouldnt surprise me at all....

    Romo- I think he is gonna have some struggles there. I think he will be allrite, but struggle like he did late in the season last year after "romo-mania" wore off

    Manning- Eli is gonna have a break out season. Gonna continue to throw a lot of TD's and hopefully will up his comp % and shave off a couple of INTs. Something about the guy and his knack for the big moment have me very hopeful that he's gonna break out.

    Campbell- I just dont know about this guy. He showed some flashes, but on the other hand he simply didnt win games.... He was 2-6 as a starter I believe, on what should have been a decent team. I think he will be an okay starter this year, and may develop into something more then that.

    But thats just my opinion, and I am pretty biased, so I am wondering what you think about each QB?
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    So you think they will all struggle besides Eli I find that shocking.


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      I can see McNabb strugglinng, he might finally feel the effects of injury.
      Romo may have a sophmore slump
      Campell should do better though, he has a better offense than Dallas and it should show. I think Eli's gonna have a lot of yds and tds but also alot of ints

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        Mcnabb is as good as Peyton, he just has **** for WRs and gets hurt every year.

        Romo will be inconsitently average.

        Manning will continue to be inconsistent and overrated by most of the football world, lots of ints and poor completion % but still have a good amount of TDs and yards.

        Campell will suck, the Redskins will have a ****** year and the Redskins will be taking a QB high next year.

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          McNabb will have a good year if the playcalling is the same as it was with Jeff Garcia. You just can't expect your QB to be pass as much as McNabb did last year and be successful the entire season.

          Romo - A flash in the pan who will win some games with his legs more than his arm.

          Eli - Same old Eli. Starts strong. Finishes weak. Will continue to overthrow receivers and struggle to complete more than 55% of his passes. His fangirls will continue to blame everyone else on the team for his struggles. OL will affect his performance as well as the running game.

          Campbell - Will continue to improve. Solid, not a superstar.


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            McNabb - Just like every season. Will be a top 5 QB when on the field. The team's fortune rides on his health.

            Manning - I think he might actually decline this year. The Giants running game is a big mystery right now, but it's a safe bet to say it won't be as good as it was with Tiki. That puts more pressure on Eli.

            Campbell - Low expectations mean he can't really dissapoint anyone.

            Romo - I'll be as neutral as I can. Everything depends on his attitude. If he's serious about proving people wrong and making up for the botched snap, then the NFC East had better watch out. If it instead crippled him and made him paranoid about screwing up, then we're doomed.


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              Mcnabb-Will put up good numbers when healthy but I think he will battle injuries once again this year. If healthy is a top 4 QB

              Romo-Will have decent year but the NFL has alot of tape on this guy and more teams will have his number this year

              Manning-Not a big fan of this often worse against the blitz than his brother and that is saying something. Will have another solid year and may make the pro bowl in the QB weak NFC but he lacks the intangibles such as leadership and personality that help a QB lead his team to a championship. If I was in a fox hole this would be the last guy I would want leading me he might throw grenades off his back foot for Christ sake.

              Campbell- If Portis and Betts have good years then Campbell will be remarkably solid

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                McNabb- If he stays healthy he will be a top 5 QB again. The only question is his health.

                Eli- Going to be a huge year for him without Tiki. Doesn't have a legit LT. How Eli does is going to depend on how the LT plays and how the combo of Jacobs and Droughns does. I really think Eli is going to take a big step forward this year. He might not put up the TD numbers, but I expect his INTs to drop and his decision making to improve.

                Campbell- I think he can have a very good year. A lot of weapons around him, very good OL in front of him. Very good tools (of his own) and a lot of potential. I think he can be the 2nd best QB in the division next year.

                Romo- And this ends the positivity of this post. Romo will have a good year but will fall short of a lot of expectations. I'm expecting December Romo, not November Romo.

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                  McNabb-always has been questioned in the offseason and always has shown he can take care of business on the field. Plus he has the drive to show philadelphia he is a better option for them than jeff garcia was. He will have another typical mcnabb season (assuming he stays healthy)

                  Romo-He will play a lot like he did towards the end of the year. Flashes of brilliance mixed with a lot of incosistency. Perhaps people were too quick to consider him a great (Pro-Bowl) QB, but he won't be bad. I'd imagine an above avergae season from him, but not as strong as he played in his first few games of the year last year.

                  Campbell-I don't know too much about Campbell so I would be speaking a lot out of my ass if i pretended i did. From what I can remember he had his good days and bad days, and wouldn't be suprised to see a bunch of big plays out of him this year, marked with just as many bad ones.

                  Eli- Will continue to be an incosistent quarterback. Loses the screen game with Tiki being gone, which was a big part of his minor rebound towards the end of the year. Will put up big yards with a low completion percentage, low twenty tds, and 16-18 INT. Will still have a hard time making plays with the game on the line.


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                    McNabb-As long as he doesn't have to throw 90% of the plays like he did last year(that is an exaggeration for all you slow people out there. I know he didn't actually throw that much, it just seemed like it.) he will be back to his top 5-7 QBs in the league.

                    Manning-I've never really liked him. He will make some great plays and some terrible plays. He will be about the same as last year.

                    Campbell-The worst of the 4.

                    Romo- I hate that he is on the Cowboys. I hate the Cowboys, but I really like Romo. He will make up for that botched snap. I think he will have a sophomore slump, however, but I think he will be a top 5 QB in this league in a few years. He reminds me of Favre in the fact that he just seems to have IT.
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                      McNabb- I think the offence will decide to run the ball alot more to protect Mcnabb, also he'll throw the ball away or dump it off more offten instead of running around to try to create something... I see a injury free and a soild Mcnabb like year for him...

                      Romo- He basically proved that his the real deal last year... I think the only reason he struggled towards the end was his lack of experience and he also got alittle too big headed... I think he learned from that and should be alot more consistence this year... I see another ProBowl for him and he'll be going with TO this year...

                      Manning- I think his biggest weakness is leadership and confidence... As the strating QB he should be the one that leads this offence and build confidence to the players... From what I seen, it looks like Shocky doing all the leading
                      and his teammates are the one's trying to pump Manning up and build confidence in him.. I just feel Manning doesn't have what it takes mentally to play in the NFL... I see Manning being a Giant for his final year...

                      Cambell- Judging from just a few games I saw him play, i think he has a big upside... He seem to read covage well and throws a nice accurate pass for receivers to catch.. I see him doing just enough to keep his starting job for the whole year and winning 6 or so games, but the year after could be the big year for Campbell and the Skins..


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                        Other than McNabb, who will be a stud barring injury, you really have no idea what to expect from the other NFC East QB's... that's the problem with them.


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                          I expect Tony Romo to live up to his iconic expectations and prove he is the Hall of Famer that Cowboy fans make him out to be.

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                          On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
                          Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

                          So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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                            McNabb: Always solid, I expect him to throw for 4000 if healthy. His WRs are young and improving, and same goes for LJ Smith & Westbrook.

                            Campbell: I'm going to go out on a limb and say he will be the 2nd best. His duties will be simple as the 'Skins are a run-heavy team, but I expect him to be an effective leader and manager.

                            Romo: He will probably be the 2nd best statistically, but he needs to become more consistent. It seemed like he got cocky after his hot start, and his play declined. He needs to work very hard in the film room, but his receivers aren't helping. TO needs to catch the ball, & Crayton needs more touches.

                            Manning: Here's where things go downhill in my opinion. Manning doesn't look like he will ever handle pressure well, and his inconsistency is mind-boggling. Losing Tiki completely changes their offensive dynamic, and Tiki was an important checkdown guy. Toomer is his only consistent wideout, so he needs to stay healthy this year. Shockey & Burress are not focussed players on the field, and Moss is still not ready to be a steady contributor.

                            These QBs are all very intriguing and capable, but they all have their share of problems at the moment.

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                              McNabb - Slow start, start cookin near playoff time after team clicks and injury wears off. ONLY if they don't make him do everything, do what they did similar to Garcia.

                              Campbell - Not as high of expectations, first offseason to really settle into the playbook. You will see Saunder's offense full throttle this year. 2nd in the division behind McNabb.

                              Manning - Put into bad spot, no real running game to fall behind. Eli will have a lot of yards, but a bad TD/INT ratio

                              Romo - Does not live up to expectations, MBIII and JJ help him out though, average season overall



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