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    Originally posted by 407Niner View Post
    QB Tom Brady
    HB Adrian Peterson
    FB David Kirtman
    WR Steve Smith
    WR Anquan Boldin
    TE Vernon Davis
    T Orlando Pace
    G Logan Mankins
    C Nick Mangold
    G Steve Hutchinson
    T Joe Thomas
    To many young players. I question Kirtman, Peterson, and Thomas. This is a pretty good team with potential though.


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      QB: Peyton Manning

      RB: LaDainian Tomlinson

      LT: Marcus McNeil
      LG: Steve Hutchinson
      C: Nick Mangold
      RG: Shawn Andews
      RT: Mark Tauscher

      TE: Antonio Gates

      WR: Chad Johnson
      WR: Donald Driver
      WR: Roy Williams

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        1.QB-Peyton Manning
        Smartest football player who can almost pause the play in his head while the secondary is still shifting and pick everything up and break everything down
        2.RB-Brian Westbrook
        Versitale player who can do everything and everyone knows how good of a receiving back he is but when he gets the opportunity he can run that thing and burst through any open little crease as he has proved when Garcia came in and he got his first 1000 rushing season
        3.FB-Steven Jackson
        2 Back set with him and Westbrook but Westbrook starts at running back as this beast levels defenders in westbrooks path
        4.WR-Larry Fitzgerald
        Huge playmaker at WR with great size and hands. Definitly top 3 WR in my book
        5. WR-Steve Smith Another huge play maker at WR but this time with his speed and athleticism. This guy makes young Randy Moss type plays.

        6.LT-Walter Jones
        Maybe the best LT in the game, I like him but i like Tra William Thomas better, don't want to be a homer thought.
        7.LG-Allen Fancea
        Not much explanation for any of the O line, there just the best at their position

        8.C-Jeff Saturday
        Great C who does a amazing job for Manning
        9.RG-Shawn Andrews
        Becoming best RG in the game, he is also the strongest man in the NFL topping Larry Allen. This guy is a huge beast
        10.RT-Jon Runyan
        He is a awesome vet who knows what he can and can't do and takes advantage of every piece of jersey he can legally get. He MAN-HANDLE Peppers in the Eagles-Panther Game
        11.Antonio Gates- He's a great TE, not really any explanation needed.


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          Brady Quinn
          Adrian Peterson
          Calvin Johnson
          Dwayne Jarret
          Greg Olsen
          Joe Thomas
          Levi Brown
          Ben Grubbs
          Justin Blaylock
          Ryan Kalil

          Micheal Griffin
          Laron Landry
          Leon Hall
          Chris Houstan

          Gaines Adams
          Jamal Anderson
          Alan Branch
          Amobi Okeye
          Patrick Willis
          Lawrence Timmons
          Jon Beason


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            QB - Carson Palmer: Young and poised... Plus he's a Bengal.
            FB - Lorenzo Neal: He was formerly a Bengal and he is a plow out there.
            RB - Ladanian Tomlinson: Obvious but he can catch out of the backfield as well as run up the gut.
            WR - Chad Johnson: Deep threat.
            WR - TJ Houshmandzadeh: Possession guy.
            LT - Levi Jones: Was hurt last year but was amazing in '05.
            LG - Steve Hutchinson: A beast.
            C - Jeff Saturday: Vet who knows how to run the Oline.
            RG - Shawn Andrews: See Hutchinson
            RT - Willie Anderson: Vet, consistant as they get.

            Yes, I picked a ton of Bengals but I've seen this offense work and I know how good our guys are. I am a homer as well.


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              QB Peyton Manning
              RB Ladanian Tomlinson
              WR Chad Johnson
              WR Larry Fitzgerald
              WR Steve Smith
              TE Antonio Gates
              LT Walter Jones
              LG Steve Hutchinson
              C Jeff Saturday
              RG Alan Faneca
              RT Orlando Pace


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                My all-underated team.. Sort of :P

                QB: Marc Bulger- Its hard to have an underated QB now that Trent Green isnt starting. So ill go Bulger.
                RB: Brandon Jacobs- Woot.
                FB- Vonta Leach
                WR- Lee Evans
                WR- Donald Driver
                TE- Dallas Clark
                LT- Tarrik Glenn
                LG- Logan Mankins
                C- Jeff Faine
                RG- Chris Snee
                RT- Jon Jansen


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                  All this love for prospects who haven't even played a down in the NFL. I wonder how many people felt this way about Ryan Leaf, Maurice Clarett, Steve Emtman, David Klinger, and the like.

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                  Originally posted by Job
                  On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
                  Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

                  So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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                    Originally posted by njx9
                    whoz this "we" n "all" u keep talking about? there ain't no evidence that would support thos theoryz. but yeah, i'm sure therez no vendetta here, that's y u have to jump in anytime u think i might b a little bit mean to someone, especially when you ain't really got no idea what's going on.

                    but it's cool. i should just start posting in threads you post so i can tell you how "everyone hates you" and "we all think you're an *******" etc. would that make me cool? but yes, judging by the number of "amens" in response to this post, i'll assume "everyone" agrees with you.
                    youre have a better rep than me. Youre kind of a big deal around here, People know you....whatever makes you feel good about yourself


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                      i dont need to create an offensive team. if find the raiders are offensive enough....

                      Originally posted by Scott Wright
                      Don't be a stranger. Jordyzzzz would want you to stick around. ;o)

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                        Originally posted by niel89 View Post
                        i dont need to create an offensive team. if find the raiders are offensive enough....

                        hahahahahaahhahahaahahahhaha. [stares] ha.

                        no. I tried. Not funny.

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                          QB- Tom Brady- leader, plays in the clutch, tons of experience.
                          RB- LT- best back in the league
                          WR- Torry Holt
                          WR2- Andre Johnson
                          WR3- Steve Smith in the slot
                          FB- Lorenzo Neal - good blocking FB
                          TE- Antonio Gates- great TE
                          RT- Jammal Brown - Young and very talented
                          LT- Dbrick Ferguson - ^^
                          RG- Shawn Andrews
                          LG- Steve Hutchinson
                          C- Kruetz
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                            QB - Donovan McNabb - Just for the sake of being different. I think you could rank Manning, Brees, Brady, and McNabb all in the same group as the top tier of passers in the NFL.

                            RB - LaDainian Tomlinson - Was there ever any question?

                            LT - Jason Peters - A former tight end who is quickly becoming one of the best young tackles in the league.

                            LG - Chris Snee - Young, underrated player. Excellent in the running game. Can pull, trap, and drive block very well.

                            C - Olin Kreutz - Best player at his position.

                            RG - Shawn Andrews - Absolute mauler in the running game, and improving as a pass blocker. Becoming an elite player.

                            RT - Marcus McNeil - Massive, and could use his size to open up running lanes on the right side. Excellent is pass protection as well. Back problems are a concern, though.

                            Split-End - Andre Johnson - Prototypical size for a split-end, and also has elite speed. Too big and too strong to press at the line.

                            Flanker - Steve Smith - Absolute playmaker with the ball in his hands. Very versatile, and excellent at getting yards after the catch.

                            Tight End - Jason Witten - Balanced tight end who can block as well as he can catch.

                            Tight End - Antonio Gates - Excellent receiving option at tight end. Has blocking concerns, however.


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                              WEST COAST HYBRID

                              QB-Donnavan McNabb(mobility is key....imagine a west coast like denver with plummer)
                              HB-Clinton Portis
                              FB-Lorenzo Neal

                              WR-Andre Johnson
                              TE-Antonio Gates
                              WR-Larry Fitzgerald
                              WR-Randy Moss

                              OG-Ben Hamilton
                              C-Olin Kreutz
                              OG-Chris Samuel(he moves inside for the zone blocking scheme)
                              OT-Jammal Brown


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                                QB-Carson Palmer: Im a homer, what can i say
                                RB- Ladaiain Tomlinson: I dont think i have to explain
                                WR- Chad Johnson: Homer, but imo best reciver in the game
                                WR- Reggie Wayne: Great possesion reciver, would complement CJ nicely
                                WR-Steve Smith: Behind CJ as the 2nd best reciever
                                TE- Antonio Gates: Best TE in the game, nuff said
                                OT- Walter Jones: Best OT in the game
                                OT- Willie Anderson: See Palmer reasoning
                                C- Nick Mangold: I can miss out on a good second year player from OSU
                                OG- Steve Hutchinson- Jones and Hutchinson together again...any chance LT gets 40 TD's?
                                OG- Shawn Andrews- Hes a beast. A yonung beast.

                                Originally posted by mythbusta
                                i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
                                who dey?



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