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    Brandon Jacobs. If you think he broke out last year, you haven't seen the half of it.


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      49ers TE Delanie Walker


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        For the packers,

        I'll stick with the current packers that posted and go with Underwood, was playing very well in preseason before his injury. I think that if he was not injured would have forced manuel out of the line up during the season

        Also I'll add Will Blackmon CB, has great potentia and one of my favorite picks from the 2006 draftl but got sidetracked with injuries. Desperatly needs reps. Depending on if hte packers draft a corner, blackmon could push and end up being the nickelback this year since his competition right now is Patrick Dendy and Frank Walker


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          I agree with Stoner on Gerald, another guy that was breaking out last year was Reggie Williams. Unfortunately, Captain Turnover took over, and he regressed thanks to poor QB play. But watch out for him this year.

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            Originally posted by Green Bay Scat View Post
            Im all with GB12 and Marviel Underwood, but i also hope Jarrett Bush gets some action next year, i didnt watch a lot of Packer games, but when i saw bush, he look pretty good. I just like the kid and Utah State...
            I like Bush alot too, and Underwood.
            I have a few people from Green Bay

            Vernand Morency&Noah Herron
            Im not saying that they are the solution to our problem, yet, but the two have alot of potential together in an age of the 2RB system. Morency
            provides the lighting and Herron the thunder.

            Patrick Dendy
            Played 12 games and had 3 picks and a TD. Also had 37 tackles. Statistlcy very good, and I think hes got lots of potential. Picked off Sexy Rex Grossman!

            Nick Collins
            Is milimeters from jumping off this list. One "Darren Sharper-type" year and hes a starr.
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              For the packers i'm going to go with either Corey Williams or Colin Cole, with the edge to williams. Both are good, young DT's that could have a breakout year this year as the defense continues to solidify.

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                Originally posted by the_legend_killer View Post
                Let the man in my sig start!
                hell yes, i love brooks

                Andre Wadsworth, just because he seems like he has shown a great desire and loves the game and will never quit untill his body gives up witch might be in training camp but i just feel he has the best chance, also sione pouha could have a break out year too
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                  This thread doesnt apply to the seahawks, as nobody knows about any players on our team.

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                    Just look at my Sig.


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                      Originally posted by Tubby View Post
                      This thread doesnt apply to the seahawks, as nobody knows about any players on our team.
                      There's a team in Seattle? Never would have guessed.

                      That is correct comahan
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                        KC- Pollard, Page, Hali, Derrick Johnson
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                          Dawan Landry, if he is to well known then I guess Jarrett Johnson.


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                            Nate Washington WR for the Steelers.

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                              James Sanders.... Safety for the Pats


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                                love stanley wilson, and anthony cannon


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