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    Originally posted by neko4 View Post
    2) Steve Smith
    3) Santana Moss(anyone who makes Brunell look good!)
    4) Torry Holt
    5) Andre Johnson
    6) Anquan
    7) Fitz
    8) Driver
    9) Marvin Harrison
    10) TO


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      Not really going by stats but how good I think they are right now (e.g. Harrison moves down some because he has a great QB like Peyton throwing to him, whereas I moved Roy Williams up some because he's got nothing around him in Detroit)

      1) Chad Johnson
      2) Steve Smith
      3) Torry Holt
      4) Marvin Harrison
      5) Roy Williams
      6) Andre Johnson
      7) Larry Fitzgerald
      8) Anquan Boldin
      9) Terrell Owens
      10) Plaxico Burress

      Honorable Mention: Hines Ward, Santana Moss, Lee Evans, Marques Colston


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        1. Marvin Harrison
        2. Chad Johnson
        3. Andre Johnson
        4. Torry Holt
        5. Hines Ward
        6. Steve Smith
        7. Larry Fitzgerald
        8. Donald Driver
        9. Terrell Owens Hines Ward
        10. Roy Williams
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          Originally posted by Jagonsucker View Post
          1. Marvin Harrison
          2. Chad Johnson
          3. Andre Johnson
          4. Torry Holt
          5. Hines Ward
          6. Steve Smith
          7. Larry Fitzgerald
          8. Donald Driver
          9. Terrell Owens Hines Ward
          10. Roy Williams
          Smith behind Ward and Andre Johnson?

          im a huge Johnson fan but hes still got some work to do on his hands..hes not top 5 yet alone top 3

          Smith is much better imo


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            Anquan Boldin
            Torry Holt
            Marvin Harrison
            Steve Smith
            Larry Fitzgerald
            Chad Johnson
            Andre Johnson
            Roy Williams
            Reggie Wayne
            Hines Ward
            Lee Evans
            Donald Driver

            very rough


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              Originally posted by remix 6 View Post
              1. Holt
              2. Smith
              3. Boldin
              4. Harrison
              5. 85
              6. Fitzgerald
              7. Roy Williams
              8. Javon Walker
              9. Andre Johnson
              10. Driver

              close behind: Coles, Evans, Wayne, Galloway,

              Don't feel like making my own 10, but I like this list the best. Flip-flop Holt and Smith and that would probably be very close to what I would have.

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              Originally posted by Emmitt Smith
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                1. Steve Smith
                2. Chad Johnson
                3. Torry Holt
                4. Marvin Harrison
                5. Larry Fitzgerald
                6. Andre Johnson
                7. Anquan Boldin
                8. Terrell Owens
                9. Reggie Wayne
                10. Roy Williams

                Just Missed: Ward, Evans, Walker, Driver, Plax, DJax, Coles
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                  Originally posted by Big Mike View Post
                  OCHO CINCO**
                  ahhh thank u, i knew that but forgot.

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                    1. Randy Moss
                    2. Chad Johnson
                    3. Steve Smith
                    4. Marvin Harrison
                    5. Torry Holt
                    6. Larry Fitzgerald
                    7. Andre Johnson
                    8. Reggie Wayne
                    9. Anquan Boldin
                    10. Roy Williams


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                      1.Marvin Harrison
                      2.Torry Holt
                      3.Chad Johnson
                      4.Steve Smith
                      5.Anquan Boldin
                      6.Larry Fitzgerald
                      7.Roy Williams
                      8.Andre Johnson
                      9.Terrell Owens
                      10.Reggie Wayne


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                        Hous and Wayne both are really overrated so far. They look a lot better than they are because of Marvin and Chad AND have Peyton and Carson to throw them the ball. If you put either one of them on an average team as a #1 WR they would struggle, or be adequate at best. Guys like Ward, Chambers and Driver, to name a few off the top of my head, are much more valuable IMO.

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                          WHAT?!?! How is Coles not making your lists?!?! Blind Homer Comment.


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                            Originally posted by Non_Sequitur View Post
                            WHAT?!?! How is Coles not making your lists?!?! Blind Homer Comment.
                            he is not a top ten wr?

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                              1. Chad Johnson
                              Could work on his YAC, but otherwise is amazing. Makes great grabs, runs great routes. Works very hard.

                              2. Steve Smith
                              This guy can do it all. He breaks tackles, makes the guy miss, beats DBs deep. He even fights for the ball well, despite his size. His size is his downfall, but its no fault of his own.

                              3. Torry Holt
                              Great hands, great concentration, great consistency, great routes. Add all that with his athletic ability, its a nice combo.

                              4. Andre Johnson
                              Very balanced WR. Has good routes, great YAC, good blocker, great jumpball guy. The only thing missing is studly hands and a good QB (Maybe Schaub is the answer).

                              5. Marvin Harrison
                              Smart player. Runs great routes and has great hands. Despite being so old, he is so consistent. Really does benefit from having Peyton Manning as his QB.

                              6. Anquan Boldin
                              He doesnt make the flashy catches or the deep grabs, but this guy is SOLID. makes all the easy grabs and the tough ones and then is hardly stopped when he has the ball in his hands. He is so perfect for the WCO.

                              7. Roy Williams
                              Now heres a guy who makes the flashy catches. He has great athletcism and makes the tough grabs. Theres alot of talent in him not going to use with the Lions (isnt that new?)

                              8. Hines Ward
                              Total team player. Great possesion reciever and is the best blocking WR. His stats on the run heavy offense dont do justice to his ability.

                              9. Larry Fitzgerald

                              10. Reggie Wayne
                              Benefits with having Marrison across from him and has Peyton Manning throwing to him. I would like to see him on another team without Manning throwing to him.

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                                for me the toughest position to rank , so i dont try :P



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