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Who Will Have More Yards in 2007?

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    It depends on 2 factors.

    How much Jones is spelled, as NYJ loves using a committee at RB

    Can Benson hold up for a season

    Those 2 factors will determine who gets more. Benson will get a workload that his body hasn't been used to the past 2 years. His body could react poorly to that and he could get injured.


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      Losing Jones is going to come back and hurt the Bears this season I think. I'm not implying the Bears had much of a realistic choice h, but he was their best offensive player.

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        Jones for me.


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          Cedric Benson. And I don't think it will be close.

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          I don't care...


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            i'll say Benson.But i wouldnt be suprised if Jones had the better year.
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              Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
              Probably cause you're a Jets fan. If you're counting recieving yards I'd probably lean towards Jones because Pennington has a spaghetti arm and likes the dump off passes where as Grossman is unaware that you can legally throw the ball less than 20 yards.

              In terms of pure rushing it's not even a contest. Better rushing line (pass blocking is closer) and a much stronger commitment to the run. Not to mention that Jones will likely be taken out a lot more with Leon Washington. I have a feeling Turner is going to run Benson into the ground.
              No, I meant cause when I said it it was a dead tie, but by reading the comments it was all Benson.


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                Thomas Jones

                Baltimore: 7-4


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                  I'll say Jones. basing my choice on that Benson seems to get dinged up (since entering the NFL). Jones will get his share of carries, although in a running back by committee offense.

                  I once again don't see Benson lasting the entire year. I'd like to be proven wrong

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                  You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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                    Thomas Jones will have to share carries with Leon Washington.. as long as Benson can hold up a whole season, I'm sure he'll have more yards this year.


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                      Total yards - Thomas Jones.
                      Rushing yards - Cedric Benson perhaps.

                      Jones does have better depth, with Houston/Washington, which may lead him to being conserved if possible.


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                        Thomas Jones has the better O-line


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                          Benson. I think both will top the thousand yard mark, but Jones will be splitting carries.

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                            IMO Benson will get more carries, because of Grossman, but TJ will make more yards,because he will receive more as Benson


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                              Cedric Benson because of how he runs. TJ gets caught dancing in the backfield at times, and if he didnt have Benson nipping at his heels this year, he wouldnt have had the season he had. Benson is from what I have seen a straight line runner, and what I love about him is that he is rarely taken down by just 1 guy, it takes 2-3 to take him down all the while he is still driving.

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