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Koren Robinson sign'd with Green Bay

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    Originally posted by GB12
    Originally posted by Vince Lombardi
    Originally posted by GB12
    Originally posted by IBleedNavyandOrange
    Just read this and it cracked me up:

    6. The Packers were crushed at home by Chicago, then decided it would be a good idea to sign Koren Robinson ... a guy who's struggled with drinking problems over the course of his career. Now he gets to live in a city where there's nothing to do, there's no black people and everyone loves to drink and eat bad food? Is this signing sponsored by Bad Idea Jeans? Normally I wear protection, but then I thought, "When am I gonna make it back to Haiti?"
    From Bill Simmons on's Page 2
    I can agree with all that except the bad food. We have some very good food(and a lot of fat people ).
    I think he means food that's bad for you, not bad tasting. Nobody denys the deliciousness of brats and fried cheese curds!
    Ok good, because if he meant bad tasting there is no way in hell he has actually tasted it. And for the record Brats with a stripe of spicy brown mustard is real man's food and kicks the *********** out of those silly hotdogs piled with topings.
    And to be able to wash it down with a nice cold beer...oooweee that'll hit the spot... even if you are 21, no body will think twice



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