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Name 3 players who will become stars

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    NON KC:
    Sean Jones S from Cleveland
    Lee Evans WR from Buffalo
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    What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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      Kerry Rhodes is a beast
      Coors cold hard facts: Adrian Peterson runs like a little girl. Brady Quinn can't throw on the run. Josh Wilson is going to be a star. CJ is perfect.


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        Daunte Culpepper(everyone is jumping on him saying he is done, but he has yet to prove his case. I think he has Comeback Player of the Year written all over him)

        Vince Young(he showed that he definately can turn the tide and win single handedly, will continue to progress)

        Willis McGahee(he finally joins a team that has an All-Pro QB and will not counted upon to be the focal point of the offense)

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        Show me your Wang, if you will.


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          Jay Cutler- that kid can really throw a football

          Maurice Jones Drew-bowling ball that can run really fast

          Demeco Ryans- stud in college and continued in the NFL
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            Thomas Davis: This kid when coming out was viewed as a safety who if converted to linebacker could become a force to rival ray lewis. These views aren't mine, they're the views of scouts from everywhere.

            Now he's been converted and has started for a year on the strong side and he has been impressive. Carolina's defensive players are always overshadowed by Smith and Peppers and this kid is going to be a stud.

            If you ever get the chance to watch carolina, watch number 58. He's going to be a star.


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              Adrian Peterson
              Jamarcus Russel
              Calvin Johnson


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                James Harrison - LB - taking over for joey porter, he also may get a lot of one on one blocking
                Bryant McFadden - CB - getting to start for a full year and being the #2 CB he will get chances to make big plays
                Santonio Holmes - WR - getting to start for a full year and being the #2 WR he will have a lot of chances to make plays
                Anthony Smith - S - a big time hitter and teamed with Troy will become one of the if not the best s duo in the NFL

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                  Roman Harper
                  Brandon Marshall
                  Antrel Rolle


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                    Patrick Willis
                    Joe Thomas
                    Adam Carriker


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                      cutler, elvis dumervil, deangelo williams


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                        Michael Boley, ATL - A true force who's not getting enough respect. He's the best LB on the Falcons roster and is a very versatile player.
                        DeAngelo Williams, CAR - When he had the chance he shows great things. I hope he will start next year, he has a nose for the endzone and he's a playmaker. I can see him as one of the best RBs in a few years.
                        Dwayne Bowe, ? - This guy is amazing, he's gonna be like Anquan Boldin, CBs will start to fear him after his first two seasons.

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                          Dammit, I was about to say Boley! Ah well...

                          Michael Boley - as above, he's got great athleticism, instincts, and attitude. a sure fire Probowler in the next couple of years, IMO.

                          Jon Babineaux - regardless of legal issues, he's got real quality and could explode this season or next.

                          Jerious Norwood - it seems likely that he will get the ball more often this year, and should put up some big numbers. pro bowl might be a stretch, but he might well deserve it.
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                            JP Losman - he showed up for a few games last year and I think he's going to be fine with a target like Lee Evans.

                            Alex Smith (the QB) - He'll continue to improve.

                            Matt Leinart - the guy has Fitz and Boldin to throw at... that's a guaranteed monster stat line every year. (I just hope for his sake they fix his line)

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