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Your teams best and worst game this season?

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    Originally posted by keylime_5 View Post
    Best....Kansas city victory
    Worst....everyone we lost was a 12 way tie
    No, worst was the Steelers loss, dont even try to argue that one.


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      Originally posted by Flyboy View Post
      Good pick, Auron. I agree with the best, but for the worst I'm going to go with the Baltimore game. We at least had a chance to win the game against the Redskins -- the Baltimore game was just brutal, though.
      Oh I agree Baltimore game ranks up there, just kept shooting ourselves in the foot over and over again, and McNair and their Offense which had previously been pretty contained moved the ball with ease.

      Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
      Best: Hosting New Orleans, we kicked their ass that game. They got a lucky touchdown on the last drive they had and it lopsided the score a little but we pwned them.
      I don't know about total arse kicking the score was only 14-10 before Foster broke that 43 yard TD run, right after the two minute warning. We were actually leading that game a few minutes into the 4th quarter.

      I thought it was a good hard fought game.
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        Originally posted by icantackleclaret View Post
        I agree with the best but the 2 worst that hurt the most. 1 had to the last second FG loss against the Ravens @ home and the other was the 30-0 beat down by the Bengals (ultra suckage because I was at the game).
        I went to every game but the Bengals game, and the 2 worst in my opinion were the Ravens and Steelers game.


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          Originally posted by Ace View Post
          And we thank our defense. Mostly JT because he was the one who destroyed Grossman in that game. Can't forget about Brown either because he ran over your defense in that game too.
          Or you can thank Rex Grossman. :D I really wouldn't call it "dismantling" though.

          All 4 of your TD's came from starting within the 20 yard line.

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          Originally posted by JBCX
          Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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            Best - vs San Diego Lawerance Tynes kicks GW 50+ yard FG to win game

            Worst @ Cleveland - knock Frye out of the game and Derrick freaking Anderson comes in and torches us somehoe we still made the playoffs despite that game how I will never know


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              Best: @ Cincy

              Maybe not the best but an overtime win over a division rival was a great way to end the season. Most of our other wins were very bland.

              Worst: Lots to pick from here. I'm gonna goahead and list the 2 worst cause I can't pick. Week 3 vs. Cincy when we had 3 INTs, two fumbles, and a muffed punt in a game that we should have won. Or Oakland where Ben threw 4 INTs, two went back for TDs including 1 that was 101 yards. Their defense scored more points than our offense.

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