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  • Originally posted by jdcdam1 View Post
    There was one incident, a misdemeanor like 2 years ago. Thats it. Never been convicted of anything since. I understand what Goddell is doing, but a couple of guys just got DUIs. This summer a few people got arrested, and last season some incidents happeded. If he doesnt punish them, then he's a hypocrite who only got Pacman for publicity points, that's it. I already believe he got the worse sentence rather than Henry cuz he's the most talked about, it had nothing to do with the behavior. Its just Goddell trying to win publicity points if he doesnt punish the others, especially if Tank doesnt get the Pacman treatment
    With Tank Johnson I completely understand. But for those who just got a DUI (and I'm assuming it's their first offense and haven't had off-field troubles), they shouldn't be severely punished. 1 game max.



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