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    Originally posted by doingthisinsteadofwork View Post
    Cutler will get a rude awakening week two and will throw 3 ints.
    If by "Interceptions" you mean Touchdowns, and by "rude awakening" you mean "amazing fantastical coming out party" and by "3" you mean "5", then yes, I agree with you. :p

    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
    Originally posted by njx9
    do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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      Jason Campbell, I just have a feeling this guy is going to sucseed in the NFL.
      Matt Leinart, to much fire power not to

      Originally posted by BeansDooma
      who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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        DChess resizing inc.

        Reality is relative.

        We don't give a DAMN for the whole state of Michigan


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          Originally posted by tom View Post
          Which QB will have a breakout season a la Carson Palmer 2 years ago?
          Some players to keep an eye on are:
          Matt Schaub
          David Carr
          Alex Smith
          Ben Roeth (had to great seasons, but may finally silence doubters)
          Jay Cutler
          Matt Leinart
          Vince Young?

          I think Schaub will be great, and I think that Carr will be the Panthers starting QB sooner rather than later.

          Why is David Carr on this list? Everyone else has shown QB abilities. Carr has shown how to run out of bounds and curl up in the fetal position. At most he can add dink and dink passes to his resume.

          Cutler at the top
          Leinart next

          Carr dead last with about 30 other QB's ahead of him including Manning's backup.


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            aaa.. Tavaris Jackson .. ;) In my wet dream..!

            No seriously though, I think Vick should have a good season. Would also like to see Alex Smith and Vernon Davis do something this season. Cutlers got a good shot with those weapons and running game. Leinart should have decent numbers if they can get some help on the OLine. Young willl have a Madden like season. 1200 yds passing 12td 17ints... and 1100 yard rushing


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              Id have to say that Trent Edwards will have a fantastic year.With CJ to throw to thats all he needs.
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                Alex Smith, people will watch for the play action, then he will just simply go over the top


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                  Tavaris Jackson.

                  Originally posted by Crazy_Chris
                  It's just a ******* dog By Michael Vick
                  Check out the Dailyer Nebraskan
                  421 Witness


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                    I also like Frye and Croyle if he starts might impress

                    Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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                      Originally posted by etk View Post
                      Quoted for Mega-Truth

                      bonekrusher on the sig magic
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                        I think Alex Smith will play very well this year with Vernon Davis blossoming aswell but if San Fransisco can get him Legit #1 WR he will be a star this year... and Tarvaris Jackson of course lol


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                          Jonathan Paul Losman (of course)
                          Christopher Simms (also thought this last year...)
                          Matt Leinart


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                            alex smith

                            "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                              Losman will continue to improve
                              McNair will go down to injury and Boller will come in and not look awful


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                                JP Losman
                                Matt Leinart
                                Jay Cutler

                                I certainly hope alex smith can improve as well..



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