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    Benson and Norwood.


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      Neon Leon Washington

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        Originally posted by throwback54milkman View Post
        Neon Leon Washington
        That'll be difficult behind Jones.

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        Originally posted by Smokey Joe
        I don't care...


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          Without a doubt, MICHAEL TURNER, provided that he gets a chance to start.


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            Not so much of a breakout year, but I think Jamal will put up a better year than last year having his ankle cleaned up.

            My non-homer pick would have to be Ced Benson, I think hes going to go for 1,200+ next year.


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              Maroney - gets the bulk of carries..ZBS coming in..more threats so teams dont stack 8 in box. Big year

              Barber - Marion Barber that is..hes well liked in Dallas..he'll get a chance to compete for starting role..and JJ will get hurt like always so Barber grabs it. Hes a strong guy who scored over 12 TDs last year

              McGahee - he actually enjoys where he is right now and its a better team overall. They'll find a way to use him effectivley and he'll have a big year in B-Town

              Henry - Denver..what else do i need to say?


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                Laurence Maroney and Cedric Benson, both by default. Both are clear-cut starters on teams that are clearly among the top two or three in their division, or the whole NFL for that matter, so both should get a ton of touches, probably double what they had last year...


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                  Laurance Maroney
                  Reggie Bush (i see him getting more carries on the ground next year)
                  Marshawn Lynch
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                    DeAngelo, he's going to take the starting job and then explode in the ZBS.


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                      People will see with all the money they wasted that Wali Lundy is the best back on their roster.

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                        I definitely agree with the Cedric Benson mention, that boy is a beast waiting for more touches and is a perfect fit for that team/city. I'd probably put Brandon Jacobs close behind, I think Droughns will help keep him fresh for the entirety of a season but won't steal too many carries from the big guy.

                        Re: Joseph Addai, even though he didn't start a regular season game last year, he did get a majority of the carries and even more than that, he was on the field for a majority of the time whether or not he touched the ball (especially pass blocking). So I'm not sure if any natural improvement from a very productive rookie year can be considerd a "break-out," if the Colts still plan on working with two backs to keep both guys reasonably fresh for the end of the year.
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                          Originally posted by Geo View Post
                          if the Colts still plan on working with two backs
                          Breakout RB: DeDe Dorsey


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                            I'm looking forward to seeing what 3D will do. All reports indicate that the team sees promise in him, mind you they kept him on the 53-man roster for the entire season after snatching him on waivers once the Bengals cut him in their final roster cuts. Anyody who saw him play in the pre-season with the Bengals could see why the Colts like him.

                            I think it's very possible that the Colts choose to operate with Addai and 3D. The team also signed Kenton Keith from the CFL, and there are some solid mid-round backs in this year's Draft, so it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds by the time the season starts.

                            Whoever is on the roster will have the benefit of runningbacks coach Gene Huey, who has been a mainstay for the Colts for over 15 years and has coached Marshall Faulk to Edgerrin James to Dominic Rhodes to Joseph Addai. Another case where the Colts have been very forutnate to have consistent, quality coaching - something that is overlooked today imo.
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                              Originally posted by Moses View Post
                              Get real. The Bucaneers are one of the worst teams in football. You can bring up all the statistics you want but the truth is that the Bucs simply aren't a very talented team. The Bears would crush them routinely and arguments could be made for both the Packers and Vikings. As for rebuilding, what do you think Tampa Bay is doing?
                              if you wanan talk about the worst teams in football can i throw my bills in there!!?? until wilson jr dies we aint doin nothing...and the raiders gotta get thrown in there two crappy once pround franchises...two senial old thats a first in one of my posts

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                                He'll dominate the Ohio Penal League.



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