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How long will it be before Youtube becomes a major marketing tool by Football?

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    It makes sense to start working with websites such as Youtube instead of against them. They're the future and the NFL is being short-sighted by taking all the videos down. It's just a matter of some of these old-timers realizing that change is coming and they're going to have to adjust their techniques to keep up with the time. It's very similar with the problem record companies are having right now. They can't figure out how to change their revenue streams to take advantage of a service like Youtube or file-sharing programs.


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      They should have their page on youtube, like Barcelona does. It would definetly help the marketing issue and expansion of the NFL's fan base.


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        i doubt it since they are taking nfl videos off youtube since they dont have perminsion to have it on there

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          Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
          the NFL should make its own football video highlight website.(not

          make like an NFL youtube. Show clips of players past andd present. Just type in a guys name and come up with a bunch of his highlights.
          just an idea
          They used to have Unfortunately, it went away around the same time the NFL made a deal with IBM to digitize decades of NFL game footage.

          It was an absolutely incredible website, with an unbelievable amount of content.

          Well whaddya know.....

          One of the web designers who created the site has recreated it and made it available as part of his portfolio.

          The video content has all been removed, but you can see what the site was like, and get an idea of the amount of content that was available.

          Incredible site....I'm still mad at the NFL for taking it down.

          The sad part is, five years later, charges for memberships, and offers only a fraction of the content was freely available on
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            Originally posted by ks_perfection View Post
            I think its a mistake, for big fans of football it doesn't matter at all, but people who aren't familar with football can see great plays could be encouraged to watch more of it. Especially in Europe and the rest of the World.
            Very very true. A proper website with some film material on the internet (something more than NFL total acces off the video section off the NFL website) sure as hell would've made me understand all the little things about football, instead, I (and most other European football fans) have been forced to becoma an autodidact. You won't believe the amount of time it cost me just to figure out what Cover and Tampa 2 are. Madden studies.

            But on the other hand I doubt the European market is really a goal for the NFL... most europeans feel Football goes to slow... anyways there's no way anything gets bigger than football (our football, your soccer). So... since in america you can get Football info pretty much everywhere, I suppose that's their philosophy.

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              I just think it's dumb when people don't want to deal with YouTube. A TON of people go there, who can just randomly stumble upon your product and like it.

              Anyways, the clips are ALWAYS going to be out there, taking them off of YouTube doesn't take them off of the internet. People know what they're doing, there's always going to a way to do things they don't want you to do.. Just accept it and make money off of it.


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                I have my highlight video on it, coachs email me about information reguarding their college, camps, news, etc etc. It has been a good tool in showing them my highlight tape without actually having to email them & go through the trouble of paying for shipping & such. Youtube basically is awesome.


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                  Originally posted by stillaraiderfan View Post
                  I think it would be a great idea, Barcelona (Spanish soccer team) has their own official FC Barcelona Youtube page. They have interviews, highlights, Barca commercials and other team related stuff(The page is new, so there isn't a lot of clips yet). Now imagine if an NFL team had it's own page, and if it's done could become like a one-stop resource for your favorite team.
                  seems like a reasonable idea, but they already thought of that with myspace pages.



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