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Joe Theismann or Joe Buck?

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    Originally posted by jackalope
    Originally posted by sweetness34
    Originally posted by bearsfan_51
    Joe Buck is tolerable. Give me Bob Costas any day of the week though.
    Bob Costas is the best sports analyst right now IMO. I actually really like the Sunday Night Football thing NBC has going on. I like Costas, Sharpe, Bettis, Michaels, Madden, and Collinsworth (although Chris does get on my nerves sometimes and Madden can be a little clueless) but I'd take them over Michael Irvin any day of the week.
    i agree completely with all of that. i love the new NBC Sunday night football
    Oh, you've got to be kidding me! Bob Costas su¬Ęks ass. He tries to be clever, but he's hackneyed. He's the master of inane, insipid small talk, and he thinks he's God's gift to broadcasting (as does Joe Buck).

    That said, he's nowhere near as bad as Theismann. Joey Sunshine needs a lobotomy. Or maybe he had onetoo many. Either way, he's atrocious. I don't know how Irvin is worse, except that he is, and it's only by luck (or karma) that Irvin isn't in a booth doing color.

    I'm glad Paul "The Original ******" MacGuire isn't doing pro ball anymore. Now if we can get rid of Joey Sunshine, I wouldn't feel like retching on Monday nights.



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