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Where should the NFL expand next?

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    I think either bring abck a team to LA or start a team in Las Vegas.

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      Originally posted by neko4 View Post
      And what about Hampton Roads that makes unable to financially support a team? Have you ever been to Virginia Beach, its changed since the 80's.

      Virginia Beach ranked 4th on Forbe's list. Norfolk and Portsmouth are helped by the shipyards. Williamsburg profits from tourism.
      Va Beach is nice. But the rest of Hampton Roads area is very eh. Not to mention VA Beach strives on summer tourism. Which isn't the same season that football is played in.


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        Originally posted by Jay View Post
        San Antonio would also be a pretty obvious destination with what they did for the Saints while the Super Dome was down for the count.
        What they did for the Saints? You mean, selfishly and tactlessly trying to get the team moved to San Antonio permanently? Touting their three "sellout" games (only one of which actually sold out the Alamodome) all the while blasting the attendance levels of the games at Tiger Stadium during a time when the people of Louisiana had more pressing issues to deal with than worrying about attending a football game? Trying to steal OUR team in broad daylight? I don't appreciate anything San Antonio "did for the Saints."

        Oklahoma City, on the other hand, has impressed me A LOT in the way they've handled the Hornets. They've done everything San Antonio should have done. I hope, in a cruel twist of irony, the Spurs move from San Antonio to Oklahoma City.

        So, yeah, OKC deserves a pro team.
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          As a VA Beach resident, I can tell you with certainty that the Hampton Roads area would be able to financially support a professional sports team.

          We've had close calls with bringing pro sports to Hampton Roads, but it just never came together.

          In the mid-90's there were plans to bring an NHL franchise to the area. Everything was set in stone until the 0 hour when it fell apart. We came close to landing the NBA Hornets, but New Orleans was always the front runner. Then there were the Expos. Financially, we presented the best overall plan any of the possible location spots had put together. MLB just was dead set on bringin baseball back to D.C.

          With over 1,400,000 people in the Hampton Roads area (which is seven independent cities that more or less forms one super city), we rank 7th behind NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philly, and Phoenix in terms of population.

          This area is more than capable of supporting pro sports.

          With that said though, I'm against any more expansion. I think 32 teams is more than enough and it would be a mistake to add more.


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            Originally posted by Philliez01 View Post
            No to an expansion team, but what about league realignment? If you expand, you have to do that again.

            Also JAX is doing pretty good for itself as of right now. There is a good rivalry with the Indianapolis Colts which is great for a team that wants to stay in an area. They also have plenty of areas around that brings in good revenue. Daytona, Tallahasse (I believe), Orlando isn't too far off, south Georgia, etc. Florida is a good spot for most teams (sans the Devil Rays---unless they get a new stadium) as there is so much tourism in FL.
            Dont forget the Marlins too. Florida should get rid of both there baseball teams seriously. Im a huge marlins fan and I go to a bunch of games, but they have won 2 world series in a little over a decade and still cant bring in fans. They got outdrawn this week by freakin Milwaukee, which hosted 2 teams not from there, by about 7k fans a game. I would hate to see them leave, but to be honest Florida isn't a good place for a baseball team. Great place to play, just bad fan base. Milwaukee should probably get another football team too. They have the fan base and the money to support another team. Green Bay has like a 30 year wait for there season tickets, they can share the wealth with another team just fine.

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              Let's give Las Vegas a team :)

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                Originally posted by Non_Sequitur View Post
                Oklahoma City. It's a large enough city, they've shown they love sports, it's a good place where there aren't many other things going on, and there are no sports team within reasonable travelling distance.
                The closest sport teams are the Chiefs and Cowboys. OKC would be a great place. Everyone loved having the Hornets (tonight is the last game :( ). It gets crazy around here during College Football but there is a big NFL fan base as well.

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                  Originally posted by GB12 View Post
                  I really don't want another team. 32 is fine, it keeps the confeerences and divisions with an equal number of teams.
                  Alert the media! A Bears fan and a Packers fan agreeing! I came to that conclusion after thinking about 4 more teams and going back to 6 divisions (of 6 teams in that case). The most logical scheduling formula -- in addition to the obvious 2 games per division opponent -- would be games against the same-ranked team in the other 2 divisions in your conference (which is horrible) and then games against 4 of 6 from an inter-conference division.

                  NFC North right ends are shaking in their cleats.

                  Or @ least they had better be.


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                    Originally posted by DaBears9654 View Post
                    Alert the media! A Bears fan and a Packers fan agreeing! .
                    Actually ive done it a few times before

                    The guy who made this shoulda said, IF THE NFL HAD TO EXPAND

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                      hawaii would be a tight place to play

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                        Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                        hawaii would be a tight place to play
                        takes away from the specialness of the pro bowl

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                          Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                          takes away from the specialness of the pro bowl
                          The pro bowl has specialness still?

                          That is correct comahan
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                            Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                            hawaii would be a tight place to play
                            Travel would make it impossible to have a team in Hawaii.


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                              Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
                              The pro bowl has specialness still?
                              Well, sorta
                              The players on the Hawaii team wont ever come, cuz the entire point if the pro bowl is to chill in Hawaii

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                                Yeah, but still cool to dream.

                                I would suggest Vegas, OKC, or San Antonio.

                                SA: I don't think they helped the Saints at all, but they are HUGE football fans sown there.

                                OKC: Another Football-Loving city that needs a sport after the Hornets leave.

                                Vegas: Who wouldn't want to go to Vegas?

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