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    Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
    A big misconception is that the 4-3 is better against the run.

    Ive posted before, if you compare body mass of the front 7, the 3-4 is actually thicker and more stoute against the run.

    Statistics back this up as well.
    True. Also, if you break it down:

    in a 3-4, it's essentially 3 guys who could play 4-3 DT, and 2 guys who can play 4-3 DE. So it really is almost a 5-2.

    I think part of the reason for the recent dominance of the 3-4 is because not a lot of teams run it, and guys like NTs and DEs were slipping further in the draft than they would have if there was an even amount of 3-4 teams. With more 3-4 teams, this trend will probably stop, making it much more difficult to have a good 3-4 defense, since there are only so many nose tackles to go around, and that's the most important position by far. We're probablygonna see more Atlanta's and Houstons(when they ran 3-4) than another New England, Pitt, or SD anytime soon.

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      3-4 and let the ROLB, like Joe Porter, blitz all day.


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        actually from recent games ive played on NCAA...5-2

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          Originally posted by SFbear View Post
          Im curious where that nickname came from because I was watching the America's game for the 85 bears and Singeltary described the 46 Bear's D as "organized chaos" also.
          I believe it came from Buddy Ryan, Rex's father and DC of the 85 Bears.
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            I like our Ravens Hybrid (4-6 & 3-4).
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              I've always been a 4-3 guy because I believe that a dominant d-line that can control the trenches is gonna help you win more games than not.

              That said, I've been coming around to the 3-4 as of late. I think the trend of which defense is the most dominant fluctuates a lot based on the trends at the college level. The current trend in college is to use undersized, but fast and athletic, players at DE. These players translate well to 3-4 OLB's which directly relates to the success of that scheme. In the past the trend was for larger DE's at the college level which directly benefited teams running the 4-3 in the NFL. Since, in general, large bodies are harder to come by, it's probably in a teams best interest to run a 3-4 because the personnel is more readily available.

              Really though, it's pretty futile to argue which scheme is more dominant since each is dependant on the talent of the players within it and the coaches ability to scheme. I think the future of the league will be more teams using hybrid defenses like the Ravens & Patriots, thanks to the increasing versatility of players.
              Originally posted by njx9
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                If I could have the 'ideal' unit, of either, or, I would take the 4-3.


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                  I like the 3-4... It's just so damn sexy... and it goes more ways since you have more linebackers...

                  Tough call though, since it really depends who you have in place.

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                    Originally posted by Addict View Post
                    Tough call though, since it really depends who you have in place.
                    It is a question of preference. No side can truly be 'right,' per say.


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                      To understand which front is best, you have to look at the best personel currently playing those sets.


                      LE - Julius Peppers
                      UT - Tommie Harris
                      NT - John Henderson
                      RE - Dwight Freeney

                      WLB - Keith Bullock
                      MLB - Brian Urlacher
                      SLB - D.J. Williams

                      DE - Richard Seymour
                      NT - Jamal Williams
                      DE - Ty Warren

                      WLB - Shawne Merriman
                      LILB - James Farrior
                      RILB - Ray Lewis
                      SLB - Adalius Thomas

                      After comparing the two, it's just a matter of taste.


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                        Originally posted by Yung Flippa View Post
                        they type of defense that is the best is

                        The Ravens Defense (should be in it's own category)
                        It does have its own category, Organized chaos.


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                          Originally posted by 24cadillac24 View Post
                          4-3 zone defense
                          99 or 02 Bucs D, just loved it. We were TOOOO fast!!!


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                            3-4 b/c then u can have one LB Blitz and the other three in coverage
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                              cover 2 thats what

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                                I like the 4-3 Cover 2 Man defense that the Packers run. The 4-3 is easier to get players for. Also 3-4 teams do not get the pass rush 4-3 teams do. Although with the right players both schemes are very good.



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