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Which 5-1 Team..........

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  • Which 5-1 Team..........

    Which Team Will reach the super bowl.
    i was gonna say denver but i dont like the qb situation i obviously said new england.

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    Denver. Very Dominate Defense, one of the best in the League. Run Stopping which is what you prefer, and they can Pass and Run the ball equally. Have a few playmakers, and thats what they need.
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      Yeah I like Denver but i'm not picking agaisnt NE since they always seem to be in it


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        Its true today as it was in the preseason...

        I'm going with Denvah!


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          I picked Denver in the pre-season as well. Sticking with them.


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            Why isn't "none" an option?

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              I'm going with New England. Brady is starting to get comfortable with his receivers, and I can see them going on a hot streak and finishing the season with only two or three losses.


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                Originally posted by Ward
                I picked New England in the pre-season as well. Sticking with them.

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                  i hate jake and have no faith in him to do anything, but then i think, "gee, if trent dilfer can get a team to a super bowl, so can jay cutler". so assuming plummer sits after this week, we're good.


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                    Out of those 3? Denver.

                    New Orleans is good but overhyped imo (they very well could prove me wrong)

                    New England has been great and is great in the playoffs... except there's only one coach even Bellechik can't outcoach... Mike Shannahan. Seeing how the Patriots would have to get thru the Broncos one way or another, I'll give the edge to us (call me a homer if u want, but the Broncos have had the Patriots number even with Brady)

                    Projected win total: 55+


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                      Originally posted by Dam8610
                      Why isn't "none" an option?
                      hahah thats exactly what I said


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                        of those three...i see NE cause the broncos offense needs improvement and i dont see NO making it deep into the playoffs


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                          Out of those three, New England. I don't think any make it though...

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                            Sucks but I think Denver will end up going to the Super Bowl

                            but only to lose to the Bears :)
                            Taking a Knapp.


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                              I hate to say this but Denver has the best chance of going.

                              Thanks to jackalope



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