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    If the Raiders let Porter and Moss walk which is possible i'd like to see us make him an offer and see if we can get some production out of him

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    Originally posted by TitanHope
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    He told me the best part is being able to wear the same uniform to both jobs.


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      Ugh.. That was the worst Draft Pick of ALL TIME! We could've had Shawne Merriman, DeMarcus Ware, or Derrick Johnson..

      I just think it's weird that he hasn't even been given a chance. This week, the Lions cut Az Hakim and signed Kevin Kasper.. Kasper was in uniform, Mike wasn't.

      You'd think they'd at least put Mike in the game when we get in the Red Zone.. but nope, nothing..


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        Ya Mike Williams must be pretty worthless if they are giving him now playing time. Its not like this offense is loaded with play makers this guy is just flat out terrible. The players we could have had instead of this waste of talent is boggling.


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          Originally posted by Flyboy
          If he came for cheap, I wouldn't write him off.. behind Horn/Colston, we really don't have any depth at the WR position.
          Henderson is a solid 3, from what I've seen of him.


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            A shot, sure. After all, he is the 10th overall pick.

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              i would definately give mike williams a shot, in the back



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