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Looking Back : Laveranues Coles / Santana Moss

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    Why is everyone calling Coles consistent. Over one thee week span this year he went from 19 yards to 109 to 29. Not real consistent to me. :?


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      Originally posted by cardsalltheway
      Why is everyone calling Coles consistent. Over one thee week span this year he went from 19 yards to 109 to 29. Not real consistent to me. :?
      You have to look at the # of balls thrown towards him. I think they are saying that he consistently catches the ball no matter how hard the catch? He never really has one of those games where he blows some really easy ones. (not saying moss has)

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        Moss offers more to an offense IMO.

        But they are two totally different WRs and it all really depends on who is on you roster already and what you want out of your WR.
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          Moss is way to inconsistent to rely on as your number one receiver. His style is to either:

          (A) Get deep
          (B) Catch a slip-screen and make the corner miss

          I would take Coles.


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            Coles is the more rounded WR. They're both great players but i'd prefer Coles.


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              Also something very important that people forget about in this trade is age and injury. Santana is 26 and Coles is 30, also Coles never again in his career will have a full season, he's just one of those guys that get's hurt every single year, some of it has to do with his willingness to go down the middle, but you have to plan the season knowing he will miss multiple games, other than that hamstring injury Santana hasn't really had big injury problems, also Santana brings you that explosive punt/kick returner if we didn't have Randle El Moss could have been our punt returner.

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                I agree that the trade worked well for both teams, but I think Moss is better. He's a big-play threat every time he lines up.


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                  This has been a hard trade to keep track of. One season Coles is better, the next Moss is better, and then Coles has a bounce-back. I'd say the trade worked out for both teams. Neither seemed to mesh in the clubhouse so they went someplace where they fit in better.
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                    Originally posted by bearsfan_51
                    Originally posted by roughrider30
                    Originally posted by VoteLynnSwan
                    Moss by far, this isn't really that close.
                    what reason would you have for this not being close?

                    Moss is a big play WR and

                    Coles is a better route runner and has good hands

                    they both are very good WRs
                    To me because recievers like Moss are much harder to find than recievers like Coles.
                    totally agree with bearsfan... coles type recievers are everywhere, but the big play explosive playmakers are harder to find

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                      What style offense are we running? Coles is better for the WCO offense, Moss better for traditional offenses. Both teams benefitted from the trade, Pennington lacks the arm to use Moss.

                      I think based on my personal preferences and player to player evalution, I'll take Moss. His inconsistency is more of a reflection of the qb imo. He's the deep threat that every team looks for. He's shifty, you can do reverses, WR screens, etc with him which is a big problem for defenses. I think he's the better player. But like I said, it was win win, because Chad couldn't harness Moss's strengths. And Coles is a great possession receiver.


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                        I like them both but I'm gonna take Santana Moss.

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