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Ravens sign defensive coordinator Ryan to two-year deal

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  • Ravens sign defensive coordinator Ryan to two-year deal

    OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND (TICKER) -- The Baltimore Ravens on Saturday rewarded Rex Ryan, signing their defensive coordinator to a two-year contract.

    The contract was first reported by the Baltimore Sun on Friday and was confirmed by team officials on Saturday.

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    Without a doubt it's well deserved

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      yea this makse me so happy. Hope he is a raven coach for life!

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        Originally posted by RaVeNFaNaCtIc View Post
        yea this makse me so happy. Hope he is a raven coach for life!
        Don't get your hopes up.


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          the best defensive coordinator in the game, following in the footsteps of our last 2. and he will probably follow in their footsteps and get a head coaching job.


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            If he and his brother are like their father, they should stay as D coordinaters.


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              good move by them

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                He deserves to be rewarded.


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                    He can still walk for a head coaching job, so it's not like he's locked up to stay in Baltimore. Although it is certainly a sign that he likes coaching there.


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                      This doesn't mean a thing he could still leave for a HC what was mentioned in the previous post

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                        Yeah, but we have him for one more year, and that's all that matters.
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                          I like Rex, but I question how hard it is to coordinate a defense with that much talent. I really can't screw up when you have talent on the field like that. You can call just about any play and it will work.

                          I actually like his brother Rob more. He worked under Bellichick, and has a proven track record with lesser talent. On Oakland none the less, a team that doesn't take well to coaching.

                          Im eyeing Rob Ryan as a sleeper replacement for Coughlin if we fire him after this year and the bigger names don't come to NY.


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                            Its only giving him a pay raise for the job he did last year and if he does an equal job this year he'll be a head coach in 08.
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                              So they've given the mad scientist a new deal? Cool. I think he'll make a great head coach at some point in the near future. We'll have to see though..
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