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    Texans are finally headed in the right direction with Kubiak. They will be competitive in year or two. Previous management and coaching staff had absolutely no clue as to what they were doing resulting in bad personnel decisions and wasted picks.

    This not being an excuse or anything, we are who we are but the fact of matter is this year Texans are more affected by change of scheme from 34 to 43, lack of quality depth and injuries to their key players.

    Transformation will be complete this off season from the previous regime from the personnel point of view. Allot of players will be let go who don't fit the 43 scheme or who are not in Texans plans of the future.

    Some of the names will surprise you this off season.

    For Texans, this season has been more about evaluating personnel.


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      washington should be on there


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        Re: worst team in football ?

        Originally posted by ninerfan
        Have been thinking bout this all day. Some teams that are consistant losers, promise improvement but delivery only misery, should be better than they are. well which team has been the worst over the last 5-10 yrs and why ?

        My vote goes to the Texans, they consistantly promise winning seasons, had a number of high draft picks, have players that should be or are coming to their prime, have questionable draft day picks and after 4-5 yrs still dont appear settled on their game style
        Oakland in the last 10 years is here instead of Detroit? Are you **********ing kidding me?

        2006 2-9 Pick TBD
        2005 4-12 #7 pick
        2004 5-11 #7 pick
        2003 4-12 #2 pick
        2002 11-5 AFC Champs
        2001 10-6 AFC West Champs-Snow Bowl agianst Patriots
        2000 12-4 AFC Title game
        1999 8-8
        1998 8-8
        1997 4-12
        1996 7-9

        Would you like to compare to Detroit?
        2006 2-9 Pick TBD
        2005 5-11 #9 pick
        2004 6-10 #10 pick
        2003 5-11 #7 pick
        2002 3-13 #2 pick
        2001 2-14 #3 pick
        2000 9-7
        1999 8-8
        1998 5-11
        1997 9-7
        1996 5-11

        The Lions, over the last 10 full seasons have had 2 winning seasons and 1 at .500. They had 5 straight years with top 10 picks and they are looking season 6 straight in the eyes. The Raiders have had 3 fully terrible seasons with 4 or 5 wins, 3 very very good seasons over 10 wins (and going deep into the playoffs), 2 building seasons at .500 and then a very bad one under Joe Bugel and a bad one (at 7-9) to end White's tenure. That's 2 at .500, 3 well over .500, 4 well below .500 and one just under .500.

        The Raiders have a darn good defense and all of them are young and learning. The offense is crappy right now, but they have the chance to grow. The stretch they had of good seasons for 3 years was right up there with the Rams, the Packers of a few years earlier and the Patriots that was just starting. The only difference is they didn't git er dun in the playoff games. (again, 2000 Ravens in the AFC Title game and the Snow Bowl in 2001 against the Patriots)

        The Lions? Uh..... Yeah.... They drafted Charles Rogers...

        Oldie but a goodie.


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          Have you noticed the coralation between the Lions and Ford. Both of them are just tanking, so that is why Toyota needs to buy the team. =D

          Originally posted by Halsey
          I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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            Originally posted by roughrider30
            I think it is Arizona, with Detroit a close second. The reason for this is Detroit has had one bright spot in their history, Barry Sanders.

            Arizona hasnt even had someone like that. They have had pretty much nothing but misery. This year was supposed to be an up year for them and look how it turned out.
            Even without Sanders, Batch Actually led them.. Robert Porcher, and That WR who's name always slips my mind.. GRR. Herman Moore and Johnnie Morton.

            Yeah, I play WoW too.[/CENTER]


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              Re: worst team in football ?

              The Raiders arent even the worst team this year, and cant even be put in the same discussion for the last five years.

              I hate Tony "the Goose" Siragusa, The snowbowl tuck call, and not knowing that my team is gonna win every Sunday. Thats really how it felt a few years back, I remeber almost being bored at a game because it was 41-0 in the 2nd quarter and Tui was coming in for Gannon.



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