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  • Jenkins comment from Yasinskas

    Anyhow, I didn't see a thread for anything new on Jenkins, and I thought a portion of it was an interesting enough to warrant a thread ... if this is repeated elsewhere, sorry

    anyhow, it comes from Pat Yasinskas' blog, the Observers Panthers beat writer

    "Fox and Hurney mum on Jenkins
    What coach John Fox and general manager Marty Hurney didn't say during Tuesday's pre-draft meeting with the media might have been more telling than what they did say.

    When asked if he thought Kris Jenkins would be at Panthers mini-camp the week after the draft, Fox said the odds favored that scenario. Fox and Hurney quickly added that Jenkins remains under contract to the team and said they wouldn't comment on trade speculation.

    Keeping mum on the Jenkins situation is what Fox and Hurney have been doing since word got around the league earlier this month that they were shopping the defensive tackle. To date, there have been no deals.

    But that doesn't mean Fox's prediction of Jenkins showing up for mini-camp in Charlotte next week will come true. If there's going to be a trade for Jenkins, it won't come until Friday or Saturday. It makes for fun speculation on talk radio and chat rooms in the weeks leading into the draft. But trades generally don't happen until the day of or the day before the draft.

    That's when teams get desperate and start to compromise. Several teams have shown interest in Jenkins, and the St. Louis Rams are probably at the top of the list. Word is the Panthers are seeking a second-round pick in this year's draft and a pick in a later round in either this year's draft or next year. Stay tuned."

    That's a lot to be asking for. A 2nd and more?

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    I don't think a 2nd is realistic, maybe a 3rd.


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      If Anthony McFarland warranted a (late) 2nd, then surely Jenkins would too.


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        a late 2nd
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          Originally posted by Ward View Post
          If Anthony McFarland warranted a (late) 2nd, then surely Jenkins would too.
          You can't get any later in the 2nd Round than the 64th pick! :D
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            I'd say he's worth a mid-late second now, healthy he's as good as any DT in the league so id say, if he can stay healthy, second round is a steal


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              A late second rounder like the Cowboys and another late pick would certainly be appealing. Cowboys have 2 6th rounders and 3 7th rounders.

              I would do the deal if I were Jerry Jones.


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                I'd say he's worth an early third.


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                  I guess it depends on what the later round asset they wanted was. If it's anything higher than 3rd or 4th, I think that's too much. If it's 5th-7th, fine. I'm fine with the 2nd, as I noted in the locked thread, I just think expecting two pieces might be a tad too much, as minimal as a day 2 pick might sound.


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                    Perhaps a deal will be made involving a conditional 2008 pick, somewhat protecting the team trading for Jenkins against the possibility of injury, but also rewarding the Panthers should Jenkins be productive elsewhere.
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                      The only defensive tackles you could realistically put ahead of him in the NFL are:

                      Theres not many others who're better, some who're comparable, but not many who're better. A 2nd is fair value imo. No DT in the second is going to be as good as he is for the next three years, and none, realistically project to be as good.


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                        I don't claim to be that up to date on Jenkins' status, but I do know he played pretty well last year, and despite some trouble with alcohol, is one of the more talented defensive tackles around.

                        You figure some team out there has got to be willing to pay the price of a 2nd rounder and another late 2nd day pick (if that is the case) if they are convinced Jenkins will be reliable for them.


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                          C'mon Jerry Jones!!!!


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                            Would Panther fans do a 4th Round pick and Joe Klopfenstein for him?
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                              Personally, I would, because then we could take Nelson, Weddle and a linebacker in the third and be sitting pretty.



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