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2005 Draft: Bust????

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    Odell Thurman can be thrown in there too- But its a good draft, with gems like Lofa, Merriman is doing Def. Player of the year things, Ware is a man beast. Edwards, Clayton and Brown are all improving and look to be starters for a while. Frank Gore maybe? You get the picture.


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      I heart Marlin Jackson.
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        DJ injured his ankles pretty bad last year and missed a few weeks that is why he did not nregister 100 tackles.Watch out this year the man will blow up big time


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          channing Crowder has been pretty good so far, and Matt Roth looks good for miami as well on limited playing time.


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            The draft wasn't very good at the time, but it has produced decently. In the first round I think only two players can be called busts at this point, Mike Williams and Travis Johnson. There are more guys that could be but it's only been two years. There were some very good players not in the first round as well.

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              Mike Patterson and Reggie Brown have already earned new contracts from the Eagles for their play on the field. Patterson, Brown, Considine, and Todd Heremens are starters for the Eagles, and Matt McCoy could still make a significant impact.

              The 2005 draft may be a little short on starpower, but there are a lot of solid players out there. In all fairness, no one expected much of anything from the draft at all, so anything at all is more than what was generally anticipated.

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                Alex Smith looked pretty good behind a pretty bad line last year. He can still be a good one.

                It wasnt a highly rated draft either and a few guys have certainly done better than expected.

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                  Kerry Rhodes has become one of the best safeties in the NFL


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                    Pollack broke his neck, that doesn't make him a bust.

                    Also, anyone who says Braylon is a bust is crazy, he had Staph + torn ACL in year one and a quarterback that got sacked a ton and had no time to get him the ball and he still managed to lead the team in yards.


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                      Logan Mankins is a stud
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                        Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
                        There were some very good players not in the first round as well.
                        Hooray for Andrew Walter!!!!

                        That's who you were talking about, right?

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                          Not getting 1000 yars = bust??

                          Wtf? Looks like Deion Branch is a bust...

                          Thanks to BoneKrusher


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                            Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
                            Thomas Davis is a ******* stud, he kicked ass last year and will be a pro bowler soon.

                            Scouts compared him to Ray Lewis coming out, he's starting to play up to his potential.
                            Last year was this first year Thomas had ever played LB so he should be alot more comfortable with the position this year. I expect even better things from him this year.


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                              The entire top of that draft till 7 are very solid players.

                              And you cant call PacMan a bust, he was one of the best corners in the league until he, as Jim Rome loves to say "Made It Rain,"


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                                Anyone care to tell me why David Pollack is a bust? He was consistantly improving then he broke his freaking neck, his career isn't over yet.



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