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    I would say top 5 are : Pats, 49ers, Broncos, Browns and Raiders
    Bottom 3: Titans, Giants, Ravens (lost alot)

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      Broncos, Pats, Niners
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      Originally posted by Hermstheman83
      What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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        Patriots, Niners, Cowboys, Browns and Broncos in such order.


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          The Patriots and 49ers probably had the best

          Baltimore: 7-4


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            Originally posted by TheChampIsHere View Post
            I am very critical of the Bills' offseason, it was easily the worst in the league IMO.

            My number 1 criticism of the Bills' offseason:
            Overpaying for Dockery and Walker. Dockery gets nearly 50 mill, Walker nearly 40 mill. Dockery is a guy who never did anything special in his career until he was in a contract year and even then he wasnt that great. Even if he continues to play like he did in 06, hes still not worth the 49 mill and chances are he wont, that was a career year for him. And let me tell you as a Raider fan Walker is awful. He was probably the worst starting OT in the league last year, in fact, he was EASILY the worst. I watched him get blown by almost every third down last year. It actually got to a point where I could predict he would get blown by and his man would sack the QB on a consistent basis and I would be right a lot of the time. Those were by far the worst signings of this offseason...

            Letting Clements walk I dont have a problem with. You free up cap room, and you have his replacement ready with Youboty, and it woulda cost a lot to get him to resign rather than hit the open market. And 80 mill is a lot to spend on a CB when youre runnig the cover 2. But if youre gonna use that freed up cap room to sign Walker and Dockery, then im very critical of letting Clements walk b/c he is a top 10 player at a valuable position while Walker is one of the worst RTs in the league and Dockery is a quite average player at one of the least important positions, and he has bust/1 year wonder written all over him. So the money management was awful is my point.

            Letting Fletcher walk I believe is the right move. He was good but I think his stats were somewhat misleading and hes not as good as they expected. Crowell will slide inside and should be as good as or maybe even better than Fletcher.

            The Spikes trade I dont like. OK, Spikes is not the player he used to be and he might have been a little bit on the outs with the team, but they pretty much gave him away and he was still a damn good LB on a team that was pretty thin at the position. The Eagles I think were gonna cut Darwin Walker at some point this offseason and I just feel the value on the trade was awful and its not as if Spikes was a poor character player who was hurting team chemistry that they needed to get rid of.

            Then we've got the McGahee trade. I dont have a major problem with it. While Im a big fan of McGahee and think hes one of the more underrated backs in the league, I recognize he was on the outs with the Bills and would be a FA last year and they'd lose him without compensation so getting 2 3rd rounders for him was not a bad deal really.

            What I dont like is the way they dealt with the HB situation afterwards. Bear in mind that I am a big Marshawn Lynch fan...But the way I feel about it is they trade away a former 1st round pick at HB who has proven himself to be an excellent starter at the position and get 2 3rd rounders for him. Keeping in mind that HB is one of the most easily replacable positions in the league, I expected they would adress HB thru FA and later in the draft. Instead, they use their first rounder on Lynch. To me, it doesnt make sense to draft a talented HB coming off a gruesome injury in the 1st round, watch him get healthy and develop him into a star and then after 1 dissapointing season trade him away for two 3rd rounders and spend another first rounder on a HB. Even though I like Lynch, I just dont like what they did overall.

            One move I did like was trading up for Poz, I think he should help the team a lot and was a very nice value in the 2nd round. Trent Edwards I suppose was a good pick but Lossman had a nice year and I feel is the future at QB so Im not as hyped on the pick as some people are. I like the CJ Ah You pick late and John Wendling was a nice value and I like Wright. Very solid draft.

            Overall, I think the Bills did a bad job of managing cap and made some poor choices. B/c they spent big dollars on Walker and Dockery they wont get high comp picks for losing Fletcher and Clements. They coulda upgraded that OL much more intelligently and efficiently and I think they should have added a WR and more depth at CB. Evans is a rising star but Price stinks and Parrish is only really a slot guy and there were a lot of solid wideouts on the market and in the draft who could have fit into their system and been effective no. 2s but the Bills passed on all of em and they dont have enough targets in their passing game. And while I disagreed with those that called CB a round 1 or even day 1 need, they didnt draft a single CB and are quite thin at the position now. Youboty, McGee, Kiwaukee Thomas and Greer just doesnt sound too good to me.
            Well, let me say this. Considering the market that was out there for OL, I say they had to pay Dockery big money to get him to come to Buffalo. There wasnt much else other than Steinbach, who I would rahter have had, but Dockery was the next best thing, and if they didnt give that money, the OL would be no different than it was last year. Walker was overpaid BIG TIME! He probably wont even be used that much. I would say he would just try to mentor as much as possible, and he'll probably still suck at that. Jason Whitlle speaks for himself, he just adds depth. But Dockery, I like it, they needed to do that.

            The spikes deal, I odnt have a problem with. Word out of Buffalo is that a)he wanted out and b)he was a FA after this year and they weren't going to re sign him. Spikes is VERY injury prone, and as far as Im concerned, I havent heard any news that he is ready to go in top shape this year. So until I do, he won't be the TKO that I knew! Darwin Walker is allright, but hes just another one to help in the DT cycle. Walker was allright playing DT, and I think he has shown good ability to play the position well. I dont mind the trade, this one is kind of a write off as I really dont see either players having that great of an impact this year.

            Are you sure your watching the same Willis Mcgahee as I am? He has not proven himself. Since when does having ONE DECENT (not great) but decent season, and good games against only the Jets, considerg you as proven? I do not like Willis Mcgahee, and he was nothing in Buffalo. He was a cancer and wanted out, let him go. They got Trent Edwards for him as well as Paul Posluszny (One 3rd was theirs and the other from Bal to trade up). Pretty good in my eyes. That was great to me, not to mention they have LYnch and A-Train, as well as Dwayne Wright in short yardage situations, which they havent had in a while.

            They did have a great draft, and I agree with you about drafting a CB. I have been saying for a while that they dont need one at all. Pos can help immediately, so their LB's are set for years with Crowell (SLB), Pos (MLB) and Ellison (WLB). DB's are good for years as well with Witner, Simpson, Mcgee and Youboty. Schobel is great, and they got Hargrove, Denney and Kelsey as the others. DT is a by comitee which scares me.

            WR they could've added, and I agree with you, but OL was helped with Dockery. The OL last year, seemed to improve, and adding Dockery will help even more. I have never been more confident in the RB than right now. This team will surprise many, I think they are on the right track. Mark it here, their defense will be top D this year!


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              Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
              I don't buy that simply because the Niners did a lot of things and spent a lot of money that they had a good offseason. Usually it's the teams that make a few small but prudent and practical moves that do the best in the end.
              Then How do you explain the Saints making a playoff run. The Saints brought in a lot of new personnel and they did just fine last season.


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                Originally posted by Larry View Post
                Then How do you explain the Saints making a playoff run. The Saints brought in a lot of new personnel and they did just fine last season.
                Great. One example. Try making a mathmatical formulation out of that.

                It's also worth noting that nobody thought much of the moves the Saints made other than Brees and Bush.

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                  Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                  I don't buy that simply because the Niners did a lot of things and spent a lot of money that they had a good offseason. Usually it's the teams that make a few small but prudent and practical moves that do the best in the end.
                  And thats exactly why I feel that the Niners are this year's Redskins.

                  They make a big splash in FA and all of a sudden theyre good? Theyre being massively overrated. Michael Lewis doesn't solve anything. They didn't address the dline. They lost their OC. Clements is overrated. They overspent on one of the worst FA years in recent memory.

                  I still haven't done a full offseason evaluation of all the teams, but at first glance, I think SF is my early favorite for getting the overrated tag.


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                    Atlanta had a very good off-season. That is all.


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                      I don't think you can declare a "best" offseason until a few years down the road. But you can declare good and bad (like NYJ, San Fran, Denver good, Buffalo, Cleveland, New England bad).


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                        Why are so many Jets fans such massive homers? Is it just a New York thing?

                        Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                          Well, the 49ers have improved their team as well as anybody, from a talent standpoint.

                          Offensively, they said farewell to Antonio Bryant and actually constructed a receiver corps of Darrell Jackson, Ashley Lelie, and Jason Hill. In addition to Vernon Davis now having a year under his belt. The addition of Joe Staley ultimately means they can get rid of Kwame Harris (there's a "highlight" vid online that everyone should see to stress this point).

                          But as one of the first and foremost to stress the loss of Norv Turner, I think that will hurt the entire offense as a whole, both the passing game and the running game, barring a miraculous performance by the mediocre-quarterbacks-coach-turned-first-time-NFL-offensive-coordinator they promoted.

                          Defensively, I like what they've done with the exception of the Michael Lewis signing. Nate Clements and Patrick Willis strengthen the secondary and linebacker corps respectively by a great deal, and Aubrayo Franklin gives them much-needed talent at NT. Banta-Cain gives them another player at OLB. They are still a few players away from Nolan having the great defensive unit he envisions, but I think there's a good chance that they can be the best in the division sooner rather than later with Nolan at the helm (I'm not big on the influence of Singletary on the defense as a whole).

                          If the offense can be reasonably functional instead of Frank Gore And 10 Other Guys, and the team stays healthy because I'd be worried about their depth at particular positions, I think the 49ers can seriously challenge for the division and/or the wild card given the state of NFC this year.
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                            Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                            Why are so many Jets fans such massive homers? Is it just a New York thing?
                            It's an arrogance thing. NYC is the best city in the world, and we're from the, for all intents and purposes, capitol of the world. So we're arrogant.

                            At least I'm honest.


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                              I know that you're aware of this, but simply adding or subtracting talent does not make a good "team". Most teams (Saints of last year excluded) need to develop chemistry, fit needs, schemes and appropriate roles, and you can never discount how a guy is going to react when he changes an enviroment or gets a big fat signing bonus.

                              It's funny now that the Redskins have become everyone's kicking dog people go apeshit when they overspend on players, but when another team does it they are just "acquiring talent". Usually the team that "wins" the offseason ends up .500 or below. Just look at the Panthers of last year.

                              Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                                The 49ers were 7-9 last year, and beat Denver and Seattle on the road to close out the season. They're young players; Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, Manny Lawson, are only going to get better. They drastically improved their receivers, to where their receptions leader (Arnaz Battler, yikes) last year may be the #3/4. They added Patrick Willis and Banta-Cain at LB. Nate Clements is probably a top-5 cover corner, to tandem with Walt Harris.



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