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  • Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan View Post
    He was accurate in college though. He was accurate, moved around the pocket well, all the good stuff that disappeared once he got to the NFL.
    Why try once you get paid? The guy can barely speak english. I don't know how he didn't go undrafted once all the team interviewed him.


    • 1-15) Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State

      He has developed into our best playmaker at LB. He is extremely explosive and is still developing. Is not that great against the run yet, but still developing. Should've had Revis, dammit!!!

      2-46) LaMarr Woodley LB Michigan

      What a beast he has turned out to be. He is developing some, but is one of the best pass rushers in the draft.

      3-77) Matt Spaeth TE Minnesota

      Not really a fan. He is tall and has solid hands, but isn't spectacular in any area. Easily replaceable.

      4-112) Daniel Sepulveda P Baylor

      A real good punter for us. Has Pro Bowl potential and a big leg.

      4-132) Ryan McBean DE Oklahoma State

      A raw project when drafted. We cut him last training camp because he wasn't developing like we hoped. Now he is a starter on a solid Denver defense.

      5-156) Cameron Stephenson G Rutgers

      Got cut in camp. I don't know where he is at now.

      5-170) William *** CB Louisville

      He is a good corner for us, although he is not a starting cornerback in this league. His role is as a nickle/dime corner in the mold of Deshea Townsend. When he moves back inside, he will be a lot better off.

      7-227) Dallas Baker WR Florida

      Cut and signed a few times for us. Played in a few games. Nothing really stood out about him to me.

      Overall this was a pretty good draft for the Steelers. We also signed a versatile offensive lineman in Darnell Stapleton who has played very well for us.


      • IIRC Daniel Sepulveda was also an impact player on that year's NCAA video game.

        Knowledge is power.

        Originally posted by Scott Wright
        Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
        Originally posted by njx9
        do i tell you when to flip the burger?


        • Originally posted by JeffSamardzijaIRISH View Post
          JaMarcus Russell was only accurate in college because he had easier throws than Texas Tech quarterbacks. All Jimbo Fisher runs on offense are screen plays, curls, and 5 yard slants...
          Beat me to it. While I liked Russell more than the other top option in that draft...mainly because I hated Brady Quinn...the offense he came out of was a HUGE question mark. All he did was throw 3 yard passes and occasionally launch a 70 yard bomb. Very few passes you actually need to throw in the NFL

          Other thoughts:
          - Wrong or not, I miss toonster's thoughts. Sparked a lot of good debate. I know he's still around the internet and maybe still lurks here, def. doesnt post as much.

          - No one has as much egg on their face about any pick than I do about Chris Johnson. I was adamant that the guy was not an RB and would have to be used like Reggie Bush in the NFL. Whoops

          - Remember when everyone thought Dwayne Jarrett was the next Mike Williams? Well, he didn't put on a ton of weight, but otherwise....

          - Who the **** is Justin Harrell? ~ still a legitimate question

          - Russell, Gaines Adams, Brown, Jamaal Anderson, Adam Carriker. Safe to call them all busts right now? Even Landry has been a disappointment. The Ted Ginn family have actually been somewhat useful, still a huge overdraft though


          • Jaguars 2007 Draft:

            1 21 (21) Reggie Nelson S Florida
            - Well, he hasn't been the impact player we had hoped for. Had a very good rookie season, hit the sophomore wall in a big way, and this year has been somewhere in between. C+
            2 16 (48) Justin Durant OLB Hampton
            - Durant has been a very good player this year, and he's still improving. Outstanding speed for a linebacker, racks up the tackles, but should be a bigger playmaker than he is. B+
            3 15 (79) Mike Walker WR UCF
            - He was a non-factor for two years because of injury, but the coaching staff was patient with him and he's payed off in a big way with his breakout year this season. If he can avoid more major injuries, he's an A-
            4 2 (101) Adam Podlesh P Maryland
            - Controversial pick then, controversial pick now. Podlesh was so-so for his first couple years, terrible to start this season, but has really hit his stride in the last few games. However, selecting him means we passed on Sepulveda, a better punter in the league so far. C-
            4 14 (113) Brian Smith OLB Missouri
            - Touted by experts as possibly the best pure pass-rusher in the 2007 draft, he broke his hip his senior year in college and the Jaguars drafted him as a project. He didn't pan out, and never played a game with us iirc. F
            5 12 (149) Uche Nwaneri G Purdue
            - For the 5th round this was a pretty good pick. He starts for us now, and is really active in the community. Very good run-blocker, still needs work pass-blocking. B+
            5 13 (150) Josh Gattis S Wake Forest
            - On draft day, everyone thought this was the steal of the night. Projected as a 2nd or 3rd round guy, gotten in the 5th and... well, turns out he was a 5th-rounder for a reason. He never made it out of camp. F
            5 29 (166) Derek Landri DT Notre Dame
            - Puzzling. Landri was a big part of the Jaguars' 2007 playoff win over the Steelers, and was showing a lot of upside. He was asked to gain weight over the offseason, but it ruined his quickness and he never recovered. He was cut a couple weeks ago. I wish we could have managed him better, he was a good player for us for a while. C+
            7 19 (229) John Broussard WR San Jose State
            - Broussard made a mind-blowing 80-yard touchdown catch to start the 2007 season, and wasn't ever healthy afterwards. That said, that's better production than you usually get from a 7th rounder. C
            7* 41 (251) Chad Nkang OLB Elon
            - A good special teamer for a couple years, released before this season. C+
            7* 42 (252) Andrew Carnahan T Arizona State
            - Hung around on the practice squad for a while but never made the roster. F

            Shack Harris' second-to-last draft was his best. Overall: B+


            • Lions 2007 Draft

              1 (2) Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
              Of course CJ is a great player, but passing on AD stings worse and worse every year. I'd rather have a running game at this point than a premier wideout we can't get the ball to consistently. What I'd really rather have is the 3-4 picks we probably could have gotten for CJ, then again it would just have been Millen making those picks.

              2 (43) Drew Stanton QB Michigan State
              Traded down to Buffalo who took Poz, then went ahead and drafted this guy when we could have had David Harris. Martz hated him and he basically got ignored for two seasons. Maybe he could still be our backup, who knows.

              2 (58) Ikaika Alama-Francis DE Hawaii
              First trade up into the second round, to take a guy who our coach called "5-0" his whole time here because he was too stupid to pronounce his name. Barely cracked the active lineup in '07, did nothing in '08, cut in '09.

              2 (61) Gerald Alexander FS Boise State
              Second trade back up into the second round. Looked decent in '07, knee injury in '08, traded in '09. Currently playing soft in Jacksonville, from what I hear.

              4 (105) A.J. Davis CB North Carolina State
              Failed to make the team out of camp and has never appeared in a regular season NFL game. This is noteworthy because the Lions could have used this pick in the supplemental draft to get Jared Gaither.

              4 (117) Manny Ramirez G Texas Tech
              Finally got significant playing time this year and has been a big part of the Lions' truly catastrophic play at left guard.

              5 (158) Johnny Baldwin LB Alabama A&M
              Looked great in training camp in '07, but got cut because the coaching staff preferred the veteran presence of Paris Lenon. :roll:

              7 (255) Ramzee Robinson CB Alabama
              Mr. Irrelevant stuck on the team for a couple of seasons, got cut this year and is still in the league somewhere, doing what he did here - not much.

              Overall Grade - D+ (CJ is the only thing keeping it from being an F)
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              • I bet 99% of draft fans thought Chris Johnson was a terrible pick...not much sense in feeling bad about getting that one wrong.
                I was probably in the small crowd that thought CJ was a good player but a reach. He has been better than I expected, but I thought he was a guy who had mid 2nd round value, whether he would still be there I guess it the real question we will never know the answer to. To say he has been good value would be an understatement so far.

                The 2007 draft makes me all happy on the inside...

                Pick 7 - Adrian Peterson - I liked him, the injuries were scary at the time. So far has been healthy and dominant. Booyah!

                Pick 44 - Sidney Rice - I remember wanting Jarrett, but thinking Rice was great value at 72. Injuries really slowed him, but that mythical 3rd season for WRs getting it is doing the treat for Rice, has been awesome.

                Pick 72 - Marcus McCauley - I was a big fan of this pick, was high risk/reward, which at 102 onwards makes sense to me, especially on a team with a lot of veterans like the Vikes. Looked really good in his first season and then fell off the face of the planet. Was cut in training camp, last I heard the Saints had signed him, which is ironic given a lot of people think they should have taken him over Usama Young in the first place.(A lot of people were wrong in hindsight).

                Pick 102 - Brian Robison - Has been really solid, which is all you can ask. I love his motor and there are many times when he gets on the field that I just feel he is better than Edwards because of it. Either way, has been great value and has, imo, shown the ability to start and be very solid.

                Pick 146 - Aundrae Allison - He looked solid, especially on ST but I believe lost out in a battle with Reynaud to be the return man and 5th wideout. I liked him though, as far as I know has been inactive all year for the Jets?

                Pick 176 - Rufus Alexander - Blew out his knee in preseason of rookie season, then spent time on the practice squad. Not sure where he is at now.

                Pick 217 - Tyler Thigpen - The sex, I really liked him as a development guy, tried to slip him onto the practice squad, was claimed by the Chiefs, and imo, looked good last year for them. Believe has found his way to Miami, really want to see him get a chance, still, has given more than you expect from a 7th rounder, even if it was for the Vikes.

                Pick 233 - Chandler Williams - Never really did anything as far as I know, though I could be wrong.

                Props to BK on the sig!


                • Ted Ginn is awesome! Wait... ****.

                  That is correct comahan
                  I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                  <3 dg


                  • Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
                    Ted Ginn is awesome! Wait... ****.
                    Don't worry, you made up for it with John Beck... ****.

                    Originally posted by Scott Wright
                    Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
                    Originally posted by njx9
                    do i tell you when to flip the burger?


                    • Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan View Post
                      Don't worry, you made up for it with John Beck... ****.
                      But later they stole Lorenzo Booker...****.

                      Thanks to Bone Krusher for the sig


                      • Originally posted by tjsunstein View Post
                        Why try once you get paid? The guy can barely speak english. I don't know how he didn't go undrafted once all the team interviewed him.
                        have you ever heard a Chris Johnson interview? I know quarterback is a different position than running back, but football players are rarely Rhode Scholars (apologies to Myron Rolle)

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                        • Originally posted by devinhester=R.O.Y 2006 View Post
                          But later they stole Lorenzo Booker...****.
                          Our whole draft was just ****

                          But hey...we did draft a good punter in that draft so in your face!

                          Props to fenikz on the awesome sig



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