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  • My 2007 NFL Draft Thoughts

    Well, it has been too long since I've done one of these. So without further ado, onto the pondering.

    Prediction: Levi Brown will be the best OT from this draft.

    I trust Russ Grimm. Many people screamed "REACH" when this pick was made. I actually expected, and approve of it. First of all, it isn't a reach because Atlanta would've taken him three picks later. A lot of sources, such as Rick Gosselin, had him as a top-10 overall player anyway. Also, supposedly the majority of O-Line coaches prefer Brown over Thomas. They see a player who has great strength, and explosion. Of course this judgment is predicated on the ego of all O-Line coaches. They think they can turn this guy into a stud Left Tackle. In this case; I think Russ Grimm can actually do it.

    The South Shall Rise Again

    The NFC South, in general, had a fantastic draft. Carolina and Atlanta are both acclaimed in general, by the analysts for their respective draft classes.

    Carolina - This team deserves a lot of credit for a phenomenal day-1, grabbing four talented players with great value. Jon Beason is a player I really liked, he is a nice addition, especially because Dan Morgan may be forced out of the league due to his injuries. I am not a fan of Dwayne Jarrett, but if he is going to succeed, it will be with Keyshawn Johnson being his mentor. Ryan Kalil will be a pro-bowl caliber ZBS center. Charles Johnson was a good value.

    Atlanta - They also had a great draft. All of their first three picks should immediately jump into the starting lineup. Justin Blalock has the ability to be a impact player right away. He has everything you could want from a Guard; strength, intelligence, durability, versatility. Chris Houston allows Jimmy Williams to move to his natural position, improving the secondary in two ways. He, and DeAngelo Hall, are ideal for Mike Zimmer's preference for corners. They added depth, youth, all over the roster. Something that was desperately needed.

    Tampa Bay - They didn't make any 'flashy' picks. Both them, and Atlanta, could've bit the bullet and trade up for Calvin Johnson. Both teams made the correct decision and utilized all their extra picks. Tampa Bay made a lot of underrated, scheme driven, decisions. They completely revamped the aging defensive unit. Adams, while slender in most schemes, is ideal as a weak side DE in a Tampa 2. Sabby Piscitelli reminds many people of other successful Strong Safeties in the scheme. Tanard Jackson is a typical Cover 2 corner that falls in the draft.

    New Orleans - I think this team should be concerned. Atlanta, Tampa Bay, and Carolina were already talented. They just faced several issues such as injuries, and overall inconsistency, that opened the door for the Saints run in the division. Their draft focused too much on the offense. Everyone already knew their offense was going to be great. They did nothing to adequately improve their defense. It is very possible that they have to win shoot-outs all year. They can get away with it, like other teams like Indianapolis, Cincinnati, but it will be hard.

    Any way you cut it, this division will be ultra competitive. I do not think it would be appropriate to anoint any clear cut favorite.

    The First and Only Take on the Brady Quinn/Ted Ginn Jr. Situation

    They had been whispers of it for a while now, yet everyone acted surprised when Brady Quinn fell like a rock on Saturday. Minnesota committed to Tavaris Jackson last year. Miami not being interested was unexpected. However; a lot of NFL people just did not like Brady Quinn's game. As for Miami's decision to by pass Quinn. I have no problem with it. I think John Beck very well may be a very good starting QB. The problem is who they took instead. I will get to that later.

    Some Guy Named Randy Moss Got Traded

    I think the Patriots made out like bandits, again. They've done it several times before. They take someone else's trouble, and turns the disgruntled player into a great addition for the team. Randy Moss, in his new situation with a top flight QB and HC to keep him in line, will return to his old form. Back when he was the most dangerous offensive weapon in football. All of the sudden, Tom Brady finally has the weapons he has never had before, and that is a scary notion.

    Devil's Advocate

    To some people, Matt Millen is literally the Devil incarnate. In this case; I feel Matt Millen, influenced by Mike Martz, made the correct decision to draft Calvin Johnson. I don't care what the media says. I am a believer in the "B.P.A" philosophy. When you have the best player on the board, you don't pass on him, or trade away his rights for loose change. The Lions couldn't get either of the teams to trade up equal to the value chart. The situation echoes the Saints of last year. They already had Deuce McAllister, so logic would dictate they would do anything to trade down to New York and add a player of a bigger need. The Lions added a impact player, and filled their other needs later on. That is how you should do it. Whether or not it leads to success, that's to be determined. Still, I respect them for having the "cahones" to stick to their guns, take the player they graded highest, and ignore the critics.

    Yes! This Forum Needs More NFC East Coverage

    The actions of two teams impel me to rant:

    Washington's philosophy "grinds my gears" like none other. There is a reason they have not been a good football team under Dan Snyder. You build teams via the draft. Teams like Indianapolis, Chicago, etcetera, are all built by crafty general managers, selecting good players in the draft. The Redskins' defense needed a lot. Yet, because they auctioned off all of their picks, they were able to add Laron Landry, and that's it. I love Landry as a prospect, and he will help. But they could have used a lot more help on the D-Line.

    Philadelphia had me scratching my head. They'd better hope Kevin Kolb turns out as well as the last small school QB, who had a last name that's pronunciation was nothing like it's spelling. Otherwise, I don't get it. McNabb has had injury issues, granted. Kolb will only help the team three, or so, years down the line. The only pick I liked was the Tony Hunt pick. Finally they made a consciouses decision to add a big power back, to contrast all the small backs they have.

    Rookie of the Year Picks

    These are ultimately, well, perfunctory. Well, I pretty much have to put my two cents in.

    Offense: Marshawn Lynch will win the O.R.O.T.Y. He is in a perfect situation. Steve Farchild's offense borrows heavily from Mike Martz. Lynch will be used as a dual-threat back, with little competition for touches. You have a combination of talent, scheme fit, and he guarantee he will immediately contribute.

    Defense: Anthony Spencer will win the D.R.O.T.Y. Wade Phillips' scheme is predicated on the pass rush provided by it's OLB/DE hybrids. He blitzes them relentlessly. Both Spencer, and Ware, will have plenty of opportunities to rush the passer. Having both will prevent teams from singling in on either of them. Defensive stats will be plentiful. He has a big market to gain notoriety.

    It's the thought that counts...

    Here are a few teams I thought could have done a better job with individual picks in the '07 draft:

    Tennessee Titans take Chris Henry, RB, Arizona - This is an example of the fact that many people criticize. Some teams put way too much into workout numbers. Here is a player who looks the part, runs a 4.4 at 230-lbs. Unfortunately he only managed 3.3 YPC in a conference (Pac-10) that isn't exactly known for defensive stalwarts. I think they should have jumped on Steve Smith, to help out Vince Young, and give Norm Chow one of his guys. LenDale is iffy, no doubt. They just should have gone a different direction at the position, if anything.

    Miami Dolphins select Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State - Ted Ginn Jr. is a player I simply am not thrilled with. They took a developmental receiver, who is a returner, with a top-10 pick. That is a bit absurd. Apparently "sure" hands are not high on the Dolphins team priority list. Chambers has dropped more passes this decade than any other receiver, I imagine. Then they've now taken two rookies, Ginn and Hagan, who don't have great hands either.

    Cincinnati Bengals select Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn - The team has a bevy of defensive needs. Yet, they take a Running Back. I'm not high on Irons either. Rudi Johnson, Chris Perry, are sufficient enough to hold off on a RB pick too early. I just don't see how he will help this team, that is on the verge, take it to the next level.

    New Orleans Saints select Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee - I like Meachem. I just don't like this pick. New Orleans has plenty of weapons. They were in a prime position to add a impact defensive player. Branch, Posluszny, Houston, for example. They have enough weapons at WR, with Colston, Henderson, Bush, Cooper, not to mention the draft is deep at WR. You have to go defense in this situation.

    Last, but not least...

    I figured it would be fitting for the topic that discusses the Oakland Raiders, the team with the first pick, be the last paragraph. I was very impressed with Al Davis' work this year. He has been much maligned. They took a franchise QB, something that has been a long time coming. They sufficiently filled all of their needs. Now they just need to wait will their youth on offense matures. Another thing they have done well is sign mid-range free agents that fit their scheme. Justin Griffith, Dominic Rhodes, Jeremy Newberry, for example. Jerry Porter has already come out in full support of the new coaching staff, so it's like they added a whole new player. I think this team is on it's way up, which is a refreshing change of direction for them.
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    As always, a very insightful write-up as well as a fun read.

    A few thoughts of mine on the draft:

    NFC "Dirty" South

    While many praise the AFC West and NFC East as some of the toughest divisions in football, the three underachieving teams last year in the NFC South just went out and had a hell of a draft.

    Atlanta's draft was absolutely terrific in every way possible. Adding an impact DE in Jammal Anderson in the first round, an outstanding OG in the second round in Justin Blalock, and then the play-making CB Chris Houston in the second as well. The only first day pick I'm not too fond of is Laurent Robinson but after making out like bandits with the first three picks, I can overlook that pick.

    Late round selections I like: OLB Stephen Nicholas, David Irons, Doug Datish, Daren Stone. Overall a fantastic draft by the Dirty Birds.

    Carolina also had a great draft. They needed LB help so they draft one of the best available in Jon Beason. They need help at WR so they get a steal in Dwayne Jarrett with their 2nd Round pick. They need to keep Delhomme off his butt so they draft Kalil. This is another team which had a great draft.

    Late round picks I liked: Tim Shaw, C.J. Wilson.

    Tampa Bay had an above average draft. I loved the Gaines Adams pick as well as the Arron Sears selection. Piscatelli is a decent selection as well. I still don't think this team did enough to compete but they should be stronger this year than they were last year.

    Late round picks I liked: Quincy Black, Tanard Jackson.

    New Orleans probably had the worst draft out of all the NFC South. While they concentrated on defense in the offseason, they completely failed to capitalize on some of the outstanding players that were available at their selections. The only pick I like by the Saints in their whole entire draft is Andy Alleman. I think Sean Payton is trying to build the Saints into the Colts of a few years ago. All offense and no defense.

    Late round selections I like: Jermon Bushrod. I don't know where's he's going to play since we have both OT positions locked up and we drafted Zach Strief last year. The Saints UDFA signings have been more exciting than the actual draft with them signing QB Tyler Palko and WR Rhema McKnight.

    Colt 45!

    The Indianapolis Colts had a tremendous draft, in my opinion. They lost their two starting cornerbacks but picked up Daymeion Hughes and Michael Coe, two guys who fit their scheme perfectly. They need DT help so they draft Quinn Pitcock. Anthony Gonzales will take the role of Brandon Stokely which makes that offense more dangerous. Tony Ugoh surprised me but Tony Dungy knows what he's doing in the draft and he also knows he needs to protect Peyton Manning so he drafts Tarik Glenn's eventual replacement.
    This was another team who had a tremendous draft.

    George Washington Would Be Proud

    Once again, the Patriots have a very good draft. And once again they get a steal of a trade when they acquired Randy Moss over the weekend. Moss will be kept in line by the high class players in the franchise and gives Tom Brady the speedy weapon he's always needed. As if the Patriots weren't good enough already by their additions in free agency, they get better with Moss.
    Add in Brandon Meriweather, and a man who I think is a terrific fit for the Pats in Oscar Lua, and the boys from Chowdaland will win another ring.

    Slap Your Forehead Moves

    "With the ninth selection overall in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select Ted Ginn Jr..." -- Probably the biggest "huh?" move of the day.

    "With the sixteenth selection in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers select Justin Harell..." -- Ted Thompson decided to see how far out his arm could reach on this one.

    "With the twenty-seventh selection in the 2007 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints select Robert Meachem..." -- While the front office seems to know what they are doing, I did not think that wide receiver was that big of a need especially when Greg Olsen, Chris Houston, and Paul Posluszny are still on the board. I dropped my beer when I heard this pick.

    The "WTF" Award Goes To..."

    The Philadelphia Eagles. They foolishly release Garcia in the offseason and then trade out of the first round to the second to select... Kevin Kolb? Andy Reid must have had a cheesesteak in his mouth when he told the guys downstairs who he wanted.

    There's Gold In Them Thar Heels!

    The San Francisco 49ers are building a powerful team. They were vastly improved last year and this year they load up on talent again. They got a steal of a trade when they acquired WR Darrell Jackson for a 4th Rounder.
    They also draft Patrick Willis to play next to Manny Lawson. They get Joe Staley to be their future left tackle. They give Alex Smith another weapon with Jason Hill. They also bring in underrated Jay Moore as well as Tarell Brown who should stay in line with Mike Singletary and Mike Nolan there. DE Ray McDonald was also added and if he can stay healthy will provide them with another threat off the corner.
    All of this on top of signing Nate Clements, Tully Banta-Cain, Ashley Lelie, and Aubrayo Franklin.
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      Wow, nice. I think we agree on a lot of points. Either way there is a lot to digest in this thread.
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        Originally posted by diabsoule View Post

        The "WTF" Award Goes To..."

        The Philadelphia Eagles. They foolishly release Garcia in the offseason and then trade out of the first round to the second to select... Kevin Kolb? Andy Reid must have had a cheesesteak in his mouth when he told the guys downstairs who he wanted..
        -hahaha crack up. i love it when you guys make fun of coaches and GM's Al Davis, Bill Parcells Matt Millen n stuff like that
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          i really agree on the Levi Brown and 49ers points. Levi is in my eye the better tackle because of his run blocking. and the 49ers are slowly building up a solid team. they really got some guys in FA to fill in some places and they continue to draft some really solid players. Alex smith got some solid weapons now and will hopefully progress and be able to really take this team to the next level

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            I agree with everything you said. Especially with the Redskins comment. If I were a Redskins fans, I would be estatic about the Landry pick (Godamn. I wanted him so badly) but everything else? No. All the great teams recently have built there teams through the draft, not manipulating the cap to fit as many FAs as possible. This is REALLY going to set the franchise back many years, I think.

            I also agree with the comment someone made about the 49ers. Their drafting is really good. They have already started to make their team better through draft picks, and now they continue to do so. Their rise to power is quick...I think they can easily be one of the top teams in the NFC once again in a year or two.

            I would add more, but I have finals to study for. :(

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              If there is an Underrated Move of the Draft, it's the Jets moving up for Revis. It was a great move, and everyone knows it; yet no one is talking about it.

              Not that they need to for the Jets to have validation, but it's definitely the underrated move of the draft.


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                Somebody else finally says something about Washington. I've been harping on this all weekend. They traded away their entire draft, and with they draft a freakin' safety for the second time in four years. Not only that, but Landry is simply a smaller version of Taylor. Who the **** is going to play center field?


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                  That Kolb is the first pick of the Eagles' 07 draft class is going to draw a great deal of attention obviously, and there's certainly a lot of questions that surround that pick/decision, but I wouldn't overlook the rest of the Eagles' Day One picks.

                  Coming out of Day One with Kevin Kolb, Victor Abiamiri, Stewart Bradley, and Tony Hunt is pretty good no matter what order the picks were made.
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                    Originally posted by Geo View Post
                    That Kolb is the first pick of the Eagles' 07 draft class is going to draw a great deal of attention obviously, and there's certainly a lot of questions that surround that pick/decision, but I wouldn't overlook the rest of the Eagles' Day One picks.

                    Coming out of Day One with Kevin Kolb, Victor Abiamiri, Stewart Bradley, and Tony Hunt is pretty good no matter what order the picks were made.
                    I really liked the Abiamiri pick as well as the Hunt pick but the Kevin Kolb pick just made no sense to me, especially with how early they selected a backup QB.

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                      How bitter sweet it is that all four teams in the NFC South improved there teams in the present and in the future. It is going to be a great year of competition and I really feel that any team has a chance at winning the division.

                      New Orleans are obviously the safe bet as of now but if Carolina can get it's defense in order and Delhomme improves, they are a competitor. Vick could potentially flourish under Petrino, the whole season will be based on Vick's play. Tampa are probably favoured to finish 4th again. But if Caddy can go for 1300+ yards and Chris Simms gets some protection Tampa could be in business again.


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                        I was camping this weekend with a bunch of Redskins fans, and I spent a long time ripping on them for having to take Landry. When the Kolb pick came through, they immediately jeered me for the wasted pick. I was initially angry, but I have been rationalizing the pick for about 36 hours now. I'm upset that the team passed on some very talented players, but the more I read about Kolb's actual skills, the more "okay" I have become with the pick. I still think they could have taken him later and gotten Weddle as well, but there's nothing that can be done about it now.

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                          Its amazing how similar my thoughts are with Shivers.

                          I too feel that Levi Brown is the better Tackle in this draft. Ive been saying that for months, and I agree wholeheartedly with that statement.

                          I agree that Miami made a huge mistake taking Ginn, but I disagree on your assessment of Quinn. To me, Quinn is easily the best qb from this draft. Followed by Beck. Yes, Ive said it before and I'll say it again, Quinn is the best qb from this class, Beck is the 2nd best. But even Beck isn't in the same league as Quinn.

                          I disagree on Russell. He'll be a bust imo. Im not impressed by him at all.

                          NFC South had a great draft. Arizona had a killer draft too. It should be noted that Jacksonville had a great draft. The only thing with Jacksonville is...and we'll get our answer during the season, will they regret passing on Quinn? Just last year they benched Leftwich to see if they were better without him, so they can't be THAT high on him. Passing Quinn could be a huge mistake.

                          Not only is the Landry pick by Washington dumb in terms of schematics, but also in terms of money. They have top 6 pick money invested in both safety positions. Theres no way you can keep both of these guys long term in the salary cap era. That is simply too much money invested at safety. Now they will lose one or the other after 4 years, and theyre gonna look back and regret this day.

                          Not to mention Landry isn't exactly the centerfielder type that would compliment Taylor. Theyre very similar players. They were better off getting a Merriweather/Nelson type to compliment Taylor. Bad move.

                          It can still work in terms of schematics. I won't go into details now because its a long writeup, but it can definately work. But think long term, theres no way they keep both Landry and Taylor long term. Unless they make major cuts in other areas of their team.


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                            Originally posted by Geo View Post
                            That Kolb is the first pick of the Eagles' 07 draft class is going to draw a great deal of attention obviously, and there's certainly a lot of questions that surround that pick/decision, but I wouldn't overlook the rest of the Eagles' Day One picks.

                            Coming out of Day One with Kevin Kolb, Victor Abiamiri, Stewart Bradley, and Tony Hunt is pretty good no matter what order the picks were made.
                            I do agree with that but, why Kevin Kolb in the second why not take a chance on Trent Edwards?

                            Thanks to jackalope


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                              Kolb's short-medium accuracy and ability to make quick reads was coveted by Reid and the Eagles for the West Coast scheme. Per the Eagles website and press conference notes, Kolb's work ethic, board work, and ability to understand, digest, and process info was impressive. They had him as the #3 player on the board and I think #34 overall.

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