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    Originally posted by Woody56 View Post
    no, he is going into year three of a four year contract. And he's a guy that will never see any type of free agency, he is getting a big extension soon.

    Notable Jets FA's are

    S Erik Coleman
    LB Victor Hobson
    OT Adrian Jones
    S Rashad Washington
    Oh my mistake. I think he'll get an extension sometime this year anyway.


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      Larry Johnson as of now but I think he is going to hold out if a deal can't get worked out before the 07 season.


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        I think Peppers, Wharton and Jordan Gross, but we'll resign Peppers and one of the other two.


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          Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
          Wow! Talk about someone that is going to get some money
          I'm gonna say in the ballpark of $60 million.


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            Originally posted by Larry View Post
            You can bet Nolan is going after Suggs next year.
            I actually doubt it for two reasons:

            1) Ravens won't let him leave. They'll get him a contract, or if not, franchise him.

            2) This was our big year for FA. We'll keep adding players that way in the future, but it won't often be the big, superstar types. Those are the kind of guys we'll have to find in the draft.



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