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Dominating O-line VS. Unstoppable D-line

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    Dude your list of players sucks.

    Anyway, I would take a dominant o-line over a dominant d-line anyday.


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      I will say O-Line. If you have a dominant O-Line, the D-Line will get exhausted over the course of the game much faster than the O-Line will.

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      do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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        I'll take O-Line.


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          Originally posted by TheChampIsHere View Post
          I strongly disagree with the all-star lines you put together but since I am a defensive guy I think Id go with the defensive line. You put some playmakers behind that D-line, it could be flat out scary.

          My all star DL would look like this though...

          LE - Julius Peppers
          UT - Tommie Harris
          NT - John Henderson
          RE - Dwight Freeney
          i voted for oline.... but that dline scares the hell out of me haha

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            i'm going to say i'd like a dominant d-line... provided that my o-line is just a solid bunch of guys with good chemistry. I think that chemistry and cohesion between offensive linemen is probably more important than the sum of each individual's skills.

            but a dominating d-line could be absolutely disruptive to the entire flow of the game so i'm definitely going with.
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              I say Dominating DL....

              By stopping the run, pressuring the QB, disrupting stay on the field for shorter amounts of time, cause more turnovers...create better field position...also...if you are paying a dominant DL, you are paying 4 guys rather than you extra money to upgrade your OL :D


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                Originally posted by Phrost View Post
                Offense sells tickets, Defense wins championships.
                I was thinking the same cliche


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                  Originally posted by Yung Flippa View Post
                  i'm a defense dude.
                  defense wins championships (jus look at the Ravens)
                  kickers do to ;)


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                    I'll take the OL, because it will help both my offense and my defense if used properly. How, you ask? Well, the offensive benefits are obvious (keep the QB upright, open holes for the RB, sustain drives, etc.), and the defensive benefits become apparent when you consider running a ball control offense. The longer your offense has the ball, the less time and therefore less oppurtunities the opposing offense has to make plays. If your offense has the ball for 10 extra minutes, your defense only has to stop the opposing offense for 20 minutes of game time, which would basically cut about 2-3 possessions out of the opposing team's offensive oppurtunities, thereby benefitting your defense.

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