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Panthers release Keyshawn Johnson

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    As a Panther fan, I was perplexed yesterday afternoon when I found out what happened. I mean, he was going to personally mentor Jarrett to become a great player right?

    Well, I feel bad for Key at having the rug pulled from his feet. After read what Hurney said, and other observations, I can understand the decision making process here.

    It sucks, but this is the NFL. There is always someone younger who'se getting paid less chopping at the bit to take your job. In this case, even before he was signed, Jarrett's got Key's job.

    I wouldn't worry too much about Jarrett's developement. Steve Smith works as hard as anyone on his breaks and dealing with defenders. I think Smith will have plenty to teach Jarrett as far as taking care of business as a reciever.

    As good as key was, I think we might end up better without him. Call me a crazy homer if you want. I think the movement towards youth will be a good thing this year.


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      I wouldn't mind him if he came to Oakland just to see what him and Lane kiffen could do.

      Thanks to jackalope


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        i love it.. its so ironic

        keyshawn tells him to stay in school, his stock drops, and for that reason the panthers get a chance to get him and keyshawn looses his job because gave crappy advicce


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          Watching the NFL Classics airing of the 2003 Bucs vs. Colts game reminded me of classic (and current) Meshawn.

          Maybe he'll find a fifth NFL team to play for.
          Pugnacity, testosterone, truculence, and belligerence.



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