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Best group of D-backs in the NFL?

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    I hope Schweigert sticks around, he's proven he's good against pass situations, but nort so good on run plays.

    IMO they best is stil the Ravens they have play makers on their whole defense.

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      denver and baltimore, nuff said.

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      i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
      who dey?


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        I'm still laughing that the first 5-10 posts were about whether or not the Redskins had the best secondary in the league. They're third best in their own division...

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          I quite like 3/4 of Carolina's secondary, although there is a markable difference between Marshall, Lucas, Minter and then Williams. Minter has long been a top 10 safety and Lucas is very solid. Marshall was the best rookie CB last year and constantly made big plays. Gamble is arguably the best nickle CB in the league too.

          I don't think they are the best, Baltimore deserves that title uncontested. I certainly think the Panthers deserve a mention in this thread and probably are top 5 in the league IMO.
          Originally posted by nobodyinparticular
          #1--Russell I can't be too disappointed in this pick because he is, realistically, a huge upgrade (in the same way that the Great Wall of China would be a huge upgrade over the fence in my backyard) over Andrew Walter.


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            Landry/Taylor/Smoot/ROgers/Macklin/Springs??? When healthy is dominate

            If Green Bay had a Nickel and SS then they could be mentioned

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              Kansas City
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              <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
              <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
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              What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                Hey I like the potential of Taylor-Landry....but Landry hasn't done anything at the pro level thus he can't be something that puts a unit over the top. Rogers has been OK at best and Smoot might be close to the end considering how he looked last year.

                I'm going with Baltimore....they have the best safety in the game in Reed, an up and comer in Landry that played awesome in a rookie year, McCalister is still a top 3 CB in this league and Rolle is more than serviceable.
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                Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
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                These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.


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                  Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                  Landry/Taylor/Smoot/ROgers/Macklin/Springs??? When healthy is dominate
                  First of all, I think you mean 'dominant'.

                  Secondly, I think you are overrating them. Let's review:

                  Landry: Rookie. Unproven. Great college career, but he has to adjust to the NFL.

                  Taylor: Most physically gifted S in the league, but he had a horrendous 2006. Needs to get back on track, wrap up better on his tackles, and not overrun plays as much. Could be the best FS in the league if he's coached properly and focuses.

                  Smoot: Has regressed since he left Washington. Not a lock to be a competent starter in the NFL anymore.

                  Rogers: Showed a few flashes, but he is inconsistent. Cannot intercept the ball to save his life. Needs to play with better outside technique. Not a #1 CB just yet, but there is potential.

                  Macklin: Probably the best Dime CB in the league, but he's aging and probably won't make as much of an impact as you think. Would be an average nickel CB if needed.

                  Springs: Solid #1 CB, but he has a few injury concerns. I love him as the leader of the Skins secondary, but he is also getting older.

                  Overall, the Skins have potential in the secondary, but their proven assets (Springs and Taylor) had a collectively dreadful 2006. When you factor in the anemic Redskins pass rush and the need for several of these players to rebound or develop quickly, and you cannot put Washington in the top 5 in secondary. If things break right and they are coached properly, they could reach that level this year, but right now, they are second tier.

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                    Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
                    Panthers have the best corner back trio, we just need a decent safety
                    I still think Denver's combo of Bailey/Bly/Foxworth beat out the Panthers.


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                      Baltimore... Raiders need to get a saftey and they will be a top 5 one

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                        Landry and Taylor might be the best young safety duo in the league. However Shawn Springs is older and always hurt, Carlos Rogers hasn't proven to be a good corner yet, and no one else on that roster is good. Solid maybe, good no.

                        The best secondary is in either Chicago, Denver, or Baltimore. If Baltimore had another good CB it wouldnt be much of a debate. I'll say Denver for now since they have the best CB in Bailey, and a pro bowler opposite him in Bly, plus John Lynch who is still pretty good. Ferguson is underrated.


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                          Originally posted by Ward View Post
                          Three first rounders in the Redskins db corps is interesting, but hardly makes them the best. This is Baltimore, by a lot.
                          Sean Taylor - 5th overall
                          LaRon Landry- 6th overall
                          Carlos Rogers - 9th overall
                          Shawn Springs - 4th overall? (somewher in top 10 anyway)

                          But still, Redskins' secondary might be top 10 on paper, but hardly on the field. It won't help that they have no pass rush either.


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                            Originally posted by NIN1984 View Post
                            Not a lot of Raider fans like Schweigert but he was apart of the #1 pass defense in the NFL. I have not given up on him yet, it took Asomugha till he's 4th year to break out. Schweigert has gotten better in each season and I'm hoping he stays.

                            plus he's a good leader.
                            People were ripping on Stu far more than he deserved last year. To be honest, with Huff draped all over whoever he was covering, a lot of traffic got funneled in Schweigert's direction.

                            That said, I'm not sure I see more than an average start there and if we're going to rank this team as having one of the best secondaries in the league, that position would require an upgrade more than any other (except maybe nickel corner).


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                                All homerism aside I'm takin the Ravens.

                                But hopefully 2-3 years the Redskins will be up there. We need Big Joe + Griffen healthy and to take up as much space as possible, and Carter providing a good rush.

                                In GW's defense almost all of the sacks, forced fumbles and picks (duh) come from the LBs and DBs. Fletcher needs a big body in front of him to keep the Oline down and it's a sure tackle. Rocky is lookin good as a edge blitzer and edge run support, and Marcus Washington always looks good.

                                People also forget we have Prealeau who will be healthy this year. He can play any DB position, so expect him to help out on nickel and dime packages.



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