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    if everyone missed this. this will be the greatest/best/coolest stadiums come 2009 i believe it is supposed to be complete. check it out.

    Silverback....still the best.

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      *Insert whatever stadium your favorite team plays in*

      Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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        Originally posted by bumblyjack View Post
        Cleveland Municipal Stadium was awesome. It was run-down, at least 40 years behind on maintenance. There were about 30,000 obstructed view seats. The plumbing system leaked so you could smell and see piss on the ground even outside of the restrooms, which there were only like 4 of. Plus, the seating was designed so that you would be cold and wet regardless of whether it was December or September...and it always sold out.

        Now we've gone soft and have the nice, clean, new Cleveland Browns Stadium.
        I couldn't agree more, I've lived my whole life in the Cleveland area and I don't like the new stadium at all. It's a fine place to watch a game but it has absolutely no character. For a team like the Browns and a city like Cleveland that's unfortunate.

        The old Municipal was teeeeeerrrrrrrible though. Oh many seats that were directly behind poles. An even worse place to watch baseball.

        Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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          i loved invesco stadium even though it was raining on me at just above freezing. that is a stadium that gets loud and can really rattle a QB

          on a side note i really also like the new stadium at Stanford. every seat in there is a great view, too bad you have to watch Stanford play.

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            Ralph Wilson Stadium

            ......has a nice jumbotron


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              Best Stadium

              Best Crowd

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                Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                I would have to say

                Fedex Field
                Agreed. I love Lambeau and the history there, except I'm not sure I would want to watch a game there when the temperature goes below 0.


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                  Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
                  I heard the soccer stadiums in Europe blow our football stadiums out of the water.
                  Well, most don't actually, but there are a few really huge ones...

                  AC Milan/Internazionale's San Siro

                  Arsenal's Emirates Stadium

                  Barcelona's Camp Nou

                  Real Madrid's bernabeu (ugly as hell, but pretty huge)

                  Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena (probably the coolest, even though it's German)
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                    Fedex sucks, and the fans there suck, no intensity or team loyalty, RFK was the best ever, a madhouse, I went there as a kid and will never forget.

                    M&T Bank Stadium is nice too, went there couple of years ago.

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                      Originally posted by SuperMcgee View Post
                      Ralph Wilson Stadium

                      ......has a nice jumbotron
                      Probably the worst stadium in football, no offence, but the atmosphere is great, and the tailgaiting is great.


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                        Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                        *Insert whatever stadium your favorite team plays in*
                        Obviously. If anybody can say they've fairly judged, well, their likely full of ****.

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                          Originally posted by Chucky View Post
                          Probably the worst stadium in football, no offence, but the atmosphere is great, and the tailgaiting is great.
                          No arguments


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                            I'm the only one with evidence that me being homer is actually correct ;)


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                              Originally posted by skinzzfan25 View Post
                              FeDex is just big... As a stadium and people that attend the games I don't like it. Too many cooperate business type people go.

                              Ravens (M&T Bank? They always change the name lol) stadium is nice, I've been a few times.

                              I never got to go to a game at RFK, but from the looks of it, it was pure craziness. You could feel and see the lower level seats rocking back and forth from the sound. I know theres a vid of it, lemme try to find.
                              I never did either but my dad told me it was legendary. It would rock back and forth! I got to see a Nats game there though, but a baseball game doesnt generate any noise

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                                Originally posted by sweetness34 View Post
                                - Lambeau Field: The most historic stadium in the NFL. I really want to go there sometime and see a Bears - Packers Game.
                                it was great when i went there (mostly cuz Kampman and the D killed Jackson) but also if you get cold you can go inside the atrium which was pretty cool, but still iasnt as great as freezing your bum off.

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