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    Just thought it would be neat to lay out all 32 NFL Teams to see which ones have a "franchise QB." It is in no particular order and teams without any clear cut QB I will discuss later

    AFC East
    Buffalo: Looks like JP Losman is their guy after they passed on Brady Quinn. But what if he has a horrible season in 07?
    Miami: They drafted John Beck in the 2nd round and tried to sneak into the first to secure him. Beck is their guy.
    Patriots: Tom Brady
    New York Jets: They have Chad Pennington, but if he gets injured 2006 2nd round pick Kellen Clemens will step in.
    Cincinnati: Carson Palmer
    Cleveland: Brady Quinn/Charlie Frye (if he plays great)
    Pittsburgh: Ben Roethlisberger
    Houston: Matt Schuab
    Indinapolis: I forgot his name [/sarcasm]
    Tennessee: Vince Young
    Denver: Jay Cutler
    Oakland: Jamarcus Russell
    San Diego: Phillip Rivers
    Dallas: Tony Romo for now but lets see after 2007
    New York Giants: Eli Manning
    Philadelphia: It's Donovan McNabb's job to lose
    Washington Redskins: Jason Campbell
    Chicago Bears: Lets give Rex Grossman another season
    Detroit Lions: Drew Stanton
    Minnesota Vikings: Tavarius Jackson
    Atlanta Falcons: Michael Vick, but I think he is on the hot seat...if he doesn't produce next season will he ever?
    New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees
    Arizona Cardinals: Matt Leinart
    Saint Louis Rams: Marc Bulger
    San Francisco 49ers: Alex Smith
    Seattle Seahawks: Matt Hasselbeck

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A big QB battle between Chris Simms and Jeff Garcia will happen in training camp.

    Carolina Panthers: Jake Delhomme/David Carr...what a QB battle this will be.

    Baltimore: McNair is the starter, but this team doesn't really have someone who will carry them for the next 8-10 years and Troy Smith just isn't an NFL starter imo. This team needs to draft a QB in the first 2 rounds next year.

    Kansas City: Idk if Huard really is a franchise Croyle their future?

    Jacksonville: Looks like they are going to stick with Leftwich for another season after passing on Quinn at #21. But who knows? I think they will take a QB in the first round next year if Leftwich plays bad/gets injured.

    Green Bay Packers: Lets see how Aaron Rodgers does in 2007...if he does anything...when will Favre retire?

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    Originally posted by simms2clayton View Post
    Detroit Lions: Drew Stanton
    I just threw up in my mouth.
    I'm a state.


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      I don't get how you can say that Michael Vick might not be a franchise quarterback but Tavaris Jackson is? (If I read this correctly)

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        TO answear your question...Favre will never retire
        Also I think next year the Jags will take Brennan or Henne. I doubt that they'll do bad enough to get in position to take Brohm

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          If Chris Simms reestablishes himself ala 2005 he will once again be labeled our franchise QB.


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            Brodie Croyle will be MVP just you
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            Originally posted by Hermstheman83
            What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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              If JP Losman doesnt produce Buffalo always has Trent Edwards


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                If Drew Stanton, and John Beck are franchise QBs then Troy Smith is a franchise QB.
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                  I think I hate this thread... Yep, I definitely do.

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                    I think if Croyle can stay on the field he will be a solid QB for the Chiefs but I'm not ready to say he will be there franchise QB. That being said the Chiefs have only had 3-4 franchise type QB's they have had many solid QB's threw the years but not to many franchise QB's.


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                      If Garcia beats out Simms at TB then right off the season and the short term future of that club. Simms (or next yrs draft pick) is the future at QB and the sooner they realise it the sooner they march towards success

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                        To me a franchise QB is a guy that can take him team to the SB or at least to the playoffs year in and year out. When I think franchise QB I think of guys like Brady,Manning and McNabb there is a difference between a solid QB and a franchise QB.


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                          Favre is eternal; he'll never retire!

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                            This thread tells me people don't realize what a franchise QB really is.
                            Vince Young is going to prove he's the next overrated QB to come out in years.

                            He'll probably end up being a WR or something...


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                              Originally posted by Michigan View Post
                              I just threw up in my mouth.
                              Stanton will be the best QB from the 2007 draft.



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