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    Originally posted by Phrost View Post
    The Bucs will have another inflated Win amount and possibly make playoffs, because of a WCO veteran QB.
    I really don't think Garcia will be able to inflate the Buccaneer's win/loss ratio on his own. If the Buccaneers have more wins this season it will be due to a combination of increased offensive line play, more yards from Caddy, stopping the run on defense and making plays in the backfield.


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      the steelers will be better than last year =)


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        Bucs should be better... Raiders can't be worse, so they'll improve... I think Detroit (homer!!!) will be better, not great, maybe not even very good, but better. Maybe if Arizona gets it's act together on O-Line they'll improve.

        Vikes should be better, Carolina should definately get back to the playoffs.

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          I would say the Cards but I said them the last few years and then they let me done that being said NE is tough on paper.


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            I agree with the 49er pick. I've been high on them ever since they hired Nolan. It's only a matter of time before they make a deep run into the playoffs. Every move they've made recently I've found myself nodding my head and thinking to myself how much I love what they're doing. I see them and the Cardinals replacing the Seahawks and Rams as the two teams who will duke it out for the division title each year. Although nothing lasts for very long in this league anymore. But you guys get what I mean. There is a power shift occurring right now out west. imo.


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              Raiders will as long as the offense plays better.....because i truely beleive last year if there offense was medicore at best we could of won 7 or 8 games because the defense kept us in many games we should of been blown out in.


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                I hope the Cardinals do well and I think they will do well because they haven't been to a Super Bowl before. I, as a Browns fan, feel their pain. They've definitely are on their way to the playoffs very soon. As will the 49ers.


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                  Bills -

                  I know most have written them off because of getting rid of thier veterans. But Levy did that last year and with the release of Milloy, Moulds, Posey, Adams, and Vincent.. and everyone had them pegged for the first pick of this years draft and they ended up in the playoff hunt till the last game.

                  They have the SAME offensive system, with Losman who has been improving and finally with the same coaching staff as stability. They increased thier offensive line with the aquisistion of Dockery. And replaced the loss of McGahee with the tandum of Lynch, Atrain, and Dwayne Wright.

                  Spikes was never really a factor in last years games, and Ellison stepped in and played extremely well in his place when he was injured finishing with close to 70 tackles in only starting 6 games and playing in 14.

                  Crowell is a 100+ tackler when healthy and is VERY underrated having to play behind Spikes and Posey when he was young.

                  And Poslusney will come in and make an immediate impact at MLB.

                  The only weakness is with the loss of Clements, but with the Cover 2 you can hide your CBs with a strong Dline rush and excellent saftey help. Schobel and Kelsay continue to improve and excell in this system at the defensive end posistion. McCargo will come off of his year injury and help, and they aquired Darwin Walker from the Eagles who had 6 sacks last year at DT.


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                    The Raiders and the 49ers. Both the teams had a good offseason, the 49ers dominated free agency. The Raiders dominated the draft. I think that the 49ers could have a chance to win their divison and make it into the playoffs. The Raiders I could easily see going 8-8 or 7-9. It just all depends how their line does.

                    Thanks to jackalope


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                      Though it likely won't be the biggest improvement, I could easially see the Jaguars going 12-4.


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                        To avoid being a homer I'm going with the Bills. Although they lost a franchise corner in Clements, and a solid runner in Willis, they rebounded with a great draft and Lynch will do more than just fit McGahee's shoes. Some believe that the loss of Takeo Spikes will also hurt this team, but the truth is, Spikes hasn't made much of an impact since the '04 seasons and has had constant problems with injuries. In trading Spikes they shored up their D-Line with Darwin Walker and the return of injured former 1st rounder John McCargo, who has a ton of potential. They also made vast improvements to a relatively weak O-Line, and a years more experience for the connection of Losmon to Evans, which will prove to be deadly this season.


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                          San Francisco; they've made some big additions to the squad and Mike Nolan has the team headed in the right direction. I think this team could contend for a playoff spot if Alex Smith can develop a solid passing game with Vernon Davis, Ashlie Lelie, and Jason Hill

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                            the niners

                            they had a great draft/offseason and have had fairly productive ones the last couple of years


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                              The 49ers.

                              Solid Offseason and Draft. Alex Smith keeps improving and Frank Gore came up BIG last season. The Offense's progress will depend on whether the O-Line can come together and protect Alex Smith and block for Gore. On a side note, it would help if Alex Smith could get the ball to DJack, Lelie, Battle, and JHill.

                              Our defense will really be tested but our defensive backfield is pretty impressive. Michael Lewis is coming off of a down year but will be looking to rebound back with the 49ers. Nate Clements/Walt Harris/Shawntae Spencer will be holding it down. Our D Line will be tested this year with an aging Bryant Young and Marques Douglas. Aubrayo Franklin should help us out A LOT. Our LB corps improved from last year, Willis will come in and start right away and Brandon Moore is coming off a big year. Manny Lawson is slated to play strong side.

                              I could see us winning the division.


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                                jsut a question as to why people think the Bucs will be so much better. They dont have a QB their best WR is what, 40? they really dont have that good of an oline, their RB is football's version of Mark Prior, add into the fact that they'll probably cut lose rice, and their defense is getting old as hell.

                                I'd put the Buc's as one of the worst teams in the league in 2007



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