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  • Biggest Improvement

    Which team do you think will have the biggest improvment from last year?

    Baltimore: 7-4

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    I think Atlanta has a shot, but I really don't know.

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    Originally posted by JBCX
    Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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      Raiders IMO, they had a decent draft, the line SHOULD be better, they aren't going to make huge strides, but they are heading the right way.

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        zona finally SHOULD start getting around better.
        whether or not it's because the cards will perpetually get stuck in mediocrity

        detroit might actually gain four wins this year over last year. i mean, it's not horrible, just very young, minus the kitna-nator. SF will make 8-8 this year for sure, if not be a serious contender for a play off spot.
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          San Francisco seem to be the trendy choice. The can certainly win their division. Nolan has transformed that team from near talentless, to good on paper in just 3 years. I really like their depth and think as a young team they'll really progress this year.

          I also think Atlanta and Cleveland will be a fair bit better, although that might not reflect in their record. They are both in very tough divisions IMO. I think Petrino will do excellent for Atlanta, especially offensively.

          I think Houston might be quite improved, although that is just a hunch. I could see their defense being dominant this year, against the run for sure. Their offense is lacking in talent though, minus Johnson.
          Originally posted by nobodyinparticular
          #1--Russell I can't be too disappointed in this pick because he is, realistically, a huge upgrade (in the same way that the Great Wall of China would be a huge upgrade over the fence in my backyard) over Andrew Walter.


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            Browns and Bucs


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              I think Detroit will surprise people. I am a Rod Marinelli believer.


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                I like Detroit as well, but my pick is going to be the Arizona Cardinals. The Niners are the talk of the town in that division, and much deserved, but I really think Leinart and the addition of Grimm, Whiz and Brown; I really think this is the team that can challenge Seattle.

                Also, there DL could be something to watch providing Berry comes back healthy (for once) and the combo of Watson / Branch could be devastating.
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                  49ers, Rams, Browns, Bucs, Panthers
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                    Either the Browns or the Bucs.


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                      The Browns are the Arizona of this year. They will get all this pre-season hype, and then suck, just like Arizona last year.


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                        Raiders. Offence will improve alot and the defence will still be top 5-10. i think 7-9 or 8-8 is a big possibility

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                          SF, we have made great improvments on our D, espically in our secondary, and our WR's are solid and reliable


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                            If you're just talking about in terms of wins and losses (since that's all that counts) then I'll say Raiders or Lions. The Raiders could win 7 games, or the Lions could win 8 games next year and make a 5 game improvement. If you're looking at a team like the Niners, they would have to go 12-4 or the Panthers would have to go 13-3 to do the same.

                            Basically what I'm saying is that the team that makes the biggest improvement will be a team that won 6 games or less last year. The less games you've won, the easier it is to improve your record.

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                              The Bucs will have another inflated Win amount and possibly make playoffs, because of a WCO veteran QB.



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