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Brandon Jacobs vs. Marion Barber vs. Michael Turner

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  • Brandon Jacobs vs. Marion Barber vs. Michael Turner

    Which back would you want?

    I feel that Marion Barber is the best out of all of them, he is the quickest and fastest for sure and runs with great power for his size. I actually feel he should be starting of Julius Jones but Im not Dallas' RB coach so it doesnt mean much.
    I feel Brandon Jacobs is vastly overrated because of his size, people immediately say he is unstoppable in Goal Line situations when that is simply not true, of course he will truck people here and there, but i dont think he can be a full time starter.
    And Turner I feel will never be a real solid starting back for another Team, I feel that he is a great backup but is not an every down back, he doesnt have enough quickness to be effective every down, he runs hard but he just will never be anywhere near an elite back.

    Whats your take on these guys?

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    can a moderator please ADD MICHAEL TURNER to the options for the poll question


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      Marion Barber


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        I like Marion Barber, but Brandon Jacobs is just a monster. Although Barber is more versatile, I'm from a power rushing team and I'd take Jacobs.

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          barber leads the nfc with 11 td's. hes got a nose for the end zone.


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            This is a really good question.

            I'd take Marion Barber III

            He's more versatile (A MUST in this league)
            He's fast, he's shifty, he can catch, he can pass protect.
            He's a violent runner, both in how he attacks the defense and in his motions.
            He's not smooth, but he gets the job done.
            He's got good vision, and he hits the hole hard.
            He just won't break a long one.
            He's the perfect compliment runningback.
            To any runningback.

            Whereas Jacobs is just bowling ball.
            He smacks you in the mouth, and then smacks your teammates in the mouth, and THEN falls forward 2 more yards.
            He's beastly in the short yardage situations.
            I think defenses are actually afraid of him.
            But's he only got that one thing.

            Turner is a very good back, who is in the perfect place.
            He was workhorse in college, and being the backup to LT, he's gotten to rest his legs.
            He's a very good between the tackles runner, but he's also got VERY VERY good short area burst.
            And decent top end speed.
            He's not a great pass protector, or receiver.

            It all really depends on who your starting RB is and what his strengths are, but MBIII would be my choice.


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              I really, really like Barber.

              Barber, Turner, Jacobs, in that order, though I like all of them.


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                I think Barber would put up excellent numbers if he was starting.

                Both Turner and Jacobs can start too and I think would be 1,000 yard backs also, but neither has the ability of Barber.


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                  Barber for me.


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                    It's Tha Burna for me. He would be lighting it up anywhere else plus he's got gamebreaking speed...
                    Vince Young is going to prove he's the next overrated QB to come out in years.

                    He'll probably end up being a WR or something...


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                      I really like Michael Turner. I was actually disappointed when San Diego drafted him because I didn't think he'd get much of a shot.


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                        IMO Barber would probly be the best starter on most teams, but I just really like Brandon Jacobs. He's an absolute monster.

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                          I'll take Brandon Jacobs. That is one big mofo.

                          That is correct comahan
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                            This is a very good question...Brandon Jacobs or Michael Turner for me; I can't decide. I also hear good things about Barber.

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                              Barber is a more complete back. With that said, Jacobs is faster than you guys think, you'll find out next year. He is much better in short yardage situations and that is pretty much all he has been asked to do.

                              If I needed an every down back, I'd take Barber right now. If I needed a power back, I'd take Jacobs.
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