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    Best off-season move - Atlanta getting a ton of picks for a back-up QB, and then getting a decent backup QB in Harrington

    Worst off season move - Panthers cutting Keyshawn Johnson, congartulations Carolina, you now have to hope that Jarett can transition to the pro's in less than a year instead of letting him be the third wide-out and learn behind Keyshawn.

    Best Draft- Carolina, no doubt.

    Most Important Player - Drew Brees, I don't want to see NO play without him, it would be scary.

    Most Improved Player - Most improved player this year or last year? I'm going to say that would be Marques Colsten from last year... It's a weird selection, but he was a nobody before the season started last year, and now he is a big name Receiver. If it is who do I think will improve the most, then I have to go with Micheal Vick... Just because it's hard to do any worse with the talent he has.

    Hot Seat- Coach - John Gruden... Player - Jake Dellhome


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      AFC North

      Call it homerism, I don't care I'll be 100% honest.

      Best off-season move - Browns getting Eric Steinbach which helps the offensive line a ton.

      Worst off season move - There weren't really any bad moves this offseason for teams in the North, so I am going to go a different direction here and say that Chris Henry getting suspended for 8 games was the worst thing for the division.

      Best Draft - Cleveland Browns, followed by Pittsburgh.

      Most Important Player - Carson Palmer, he goes down their entire game plan is ruined.

      Most Improved Player - Braylon Edwards will improve the most this year (He better...) last year most improved player had to have been Sean Jones, who was worthy of a pro-bowl selection.

      Hot Seat- Coach - Romeo Crennel or Marvin Lewis. Player - Charlie Frye (I don't see anyone else in the division that has more eyes on him to succeed or fail and get replaced as soon as he fails.


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        AFC West

        Best Move - Denver getting Bly to go opposite Champ Bailey also Oakland dumping Moss was a good move for them

        Worst move - Chiefs not addressing OL on Day 1 in the draft especially after Shields retired

        Best Draft - Oakland very solid all around draft

        Most Important Player - Larry Johnson can he remain productive again with another makeshift offensive line?

        Most Improved Player - Tony Sheffler he will have a breakout year and become Cutler's favorite go to guy in the red zone

        Hot Seat - Norv Turner If he fails with the Chargers he will never get another head coaching job again


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          Originally posted by rainbeaukid2 View Post
          NFC WEST

          Best off-season move- niners getting darrell jackson for a fourth rounder

          Worst off season move- seahawks giving up darrell jackson for a fourth rounder

          Best Draft-niners, filled almost all of their needs

          Most Important Player- shaun alexander, the seahawks can't really do anything offensively without shaun on the field

          Most Improved Player- alex smith, came off of a shaky rookie campaign to emerge as somewhat of a leader

          Hot Seat- matt leinart, dubbed "pro-ready" coming out of college and didn't do anything his rookie year even with the multitude of weapons at his disposal

          ya, kinda homer for the niners but that is how i see it
          wow complete homerism, Leinart seemed to do alot better than Smith did in his rookie year


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            Originally posted by fenikz View Post
            wow complete homerism, Leinart seemed to do alot better than Smith did in his rookie year

            I'm going to have to agree. To add to Leinart NOT being on the hotseat, the Arizona Cardinals recognized offensive line as such as far and away biggest need they had that they were prepared to drafted an offensive tackle in the second round AFTER TAKING LEVI BROWN #5!!!!!


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              thought i'd try to do this without being a homer

              NFC West

              Best off-season move - Arizona's new coaching staff, it appears to be one of the best in the NFL now with 4 people who interviewed for head coaching spots

              Worst off season move - signing Nate Clements to a 8 year 80 million dollar deal, not even Bailey is worth that kind of money

              Best Draft - Tie. Arizona Cardinals(Brown & Branch) & San Fransisco 49ers (Willis & Staley)

              Most Important Player - Frank Gore, if he has a good season the 49ers very well could make the playoffs, if he has a bad one, all the pressure is on Smith and they could end up dead last

              Most Improved Player - Matt Leinart, with a better line and all of the weapons at his disposal its a pretty safe bet that he is going to improve , especially if they get a running game going like they did in the last 6 games or so

              Hot Seat- Coach - really no one, the closest to being on the hot seat might be the Seahawks just because it seems they are becoming complacent


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                Best offseason Move: Raiders getting rid of Randy Moss
                Worst Offseaon Move: Broncos releasing Al Wilson
                Best Draft: Raiders
                Best Player: LT
                Most Improved: Jay Cutler/Jerry Porter
                Hot Seat: Norv Turner

                Thanks to jackalope


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                  AFC North
                  Best offseason move - Ravens trading for McGahee.

                  Worst offseason move - Steelers coaching selections/releasing Porter

                  Best Draft - Browns, even though Brady Quinn = Joey Harrington ;)

                  Most Important Player - Carson Palmer. We live and die by his arm.

                  Most Improved Player - I want to be a homer and say Johnathan Joseph, but I'll go with Kamerion Whimbley. 11 sacks in his first year as a linebacker, he will get at least that again this year.

                  Hot Seat - If the Browns don't crack .500 this year, Crennel is done.


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                    NFC WEST

                    Best off-season move- Arizona coaches

                    Worst off season move- Seahawks trading Darrell Jackson to 49ers for 4th Rd pick

                    Best Draft- 49ers/Cardinals Both pretty solid

                    Most Important Player- Gore/Edge/Alexander/SJax

                    Most Improved Player- Alex Smith/Matt Leinart

                    Hot Seat- None really. Maybe Holmgren if they do bad.

                    Faithful Niner Fan


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                      NFC West:

                      Best Offseason Move: Ken Whisenhunt's hiring of Russ Grimm-- the perfect guy to fix Arizona's biggest flaw, the OL.

                      Worst Offseason Move: Seahawks trading Darrell Jackson to a division rival.

                      Best Draft: 49ers. Great first day picks, with the acquisition of Jackson on Day 2.

                      Most Important Player: Frank Gore. No one player is as important to an offense in the West as Gore is to the Niners. A checkered injury history makes this a somewhat scary proposition.

                      Most Improved Player: Steven Jackson. Jackson turned into the All Pro RB Rams fans were waiting for last year. Right up there with Vernon Davis as perhaps the most physically gifted player in the division, combining size, speed, agility, and now toughness into a fantastic package at RB.

                      Hot Seat: It's got to be Alex Smith. The first overall pick in '05 is entering his all important 3rd year, and although he will be working with his third offensive coordinator in three years, he is running the same system in consecutive years for the first time in his career. Smith doesn't need to light the world on fire, but any regression would be a very bad sign.

                      Hot Seat Honorable Mention: Bill Bidwell. True, owners can't be fired, but after firing Denny Green and handing the reigns of a talented roster over to Ken Whisenhunt, we're about to see just how much hope Cards fans should have for the future. If Whisenhunt can't succeed in Arizona with his coaching pedigree and the foundation he has, there may be no hope for the future at all.

                      Best Under the Radar Move: Rams FA. Signings of Bennet, Draft, and McMichael all addressed needs with proven commodities.

                      Honorable Mention for Best Under the Radar: Seahawks hiring of Jim Mora, Jr. Mora has HC experience and could be Holmgren's heir apparent in Seattle. He was saddled with a lot of expectations and a difficult QB in Atlanta, and could thrive in Seattle down the line. For now, he's almost overqualified to be a mere secondary coach.


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                        AFC North

                        Best Move: I'm also going to say the Ravens trading for Willis Mcgahee
                        Worst Move: The Steelers hiring Mike Tomlin, I'm not sold on him yet
                        Best Player: Carson Palmer or Willis
                        Most Improved:Sean Jones
                        Best Draft: Brwons/Ravens
                        On The Hot Seat: Romeo Cranell

                        Thanks to jackalope


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                          AFC EAST

                          Best off-season move- pats getting Moss for a 4th rounder. There have been a few really good moves in this division this offseason. Jets getting jones, pats getting a number of wr, pats getting thomas, but getting randy moss for a 4th rounder is the move of the NFL offseason. They gave up nearly nothing to get a guy who could be a complete game breaker and make that offense nearly unstoppable. Its boom or no bust in that deal.

                          Worst off season move- the dolphins not drafting brady quinn. If the dolphins really wanted ginn, they should have done as the browns did do, and package culpepper and some picks to get back into the 1st round and pick up quinn.

                          Best Draft- best pure draft, jets. best draft day weekend, pats.

                          Most Important Player- hmm...its a tossup between daunte culpepper and thomas jones. If culpepper can return to form, the dolphins could force thenselves into the 2 team race for the division that now looks to be only between the jets and pats. if jones can push 4.4 ypc and 1400-1500 yards, which i think he could do, then that is the jets only hope to catch the pats this year.

                          Most Improved Player- JP losman. he came strong at the end of last year and has a young rookie at running back. so it is going to be up to losman to carry the load and i think he will finally break through and do it. I see him pushing for a pro bowl.

                          Hot Seat- Dolphins management. As long as their QB struggles and if ginn isnt as good as devin hester, the fans and media will remember they skipped the franchise QB everyone thought they should take.

                          Division Winner- NY jets

                          AFC NORTH

                          Best off-season move- Cleveland browns. while it might now show now, this could be like 2004 for the chargers where they had a offseason with young players who they had turn thim into a top team e few years later.

                          Worst off season move- The steelers whole offseason. They lost the headcoach that was the face of the modern day steelers. Now they have lost and nearly lost veterans, porter/faneca, putting a bad attitude in the locker room and sending bad messages to younger players.

                          Best Draft- Browns, if they are not in the top 10 draft picks next year, this was and incredible draft because quinn is a top 10 QB. To get their franchise QB and LT in the same draft could make a hell of a combo for a decade.

                          Most Important Player- steve mcnair/ray lewis. The ravens will be the class of this division but they are still getting older every year. The ravens need their two generals to stay on the feild and be the glue for the offense and defense respectively.

                          Most Improved Player- ben rothlisberger will begin returning to form, so him if you count that. most improved from what can be expected, braylon edwards. He is going to have a very big season putting himself towards the upper echelon of wr.

                          Hot Seat- cinncinati police. If the begals have another off the feild season like last year, we might not even recognize half the players they have available to play after goodels suspensions.

                          Division Winner- Ravens

                          AFC SOUTH

                          Best off-season move- the texans drafting okoye. The dline that is being built down in Houston is going to be scary. Williams didnt live up to potential last year due to many factors. With those out of the way and okoye next to him, their will not be enough blockers to stop them. expect 12-15 sacks from mario this year, and okoye to be a starter from game 1.

                          Worst off season move- the suspension of pacman jones. The titans outplayed their ability last year and built up expectations. Now they gave young no help on offense and they lost their best corner and return man. could make them contend for the first pick in the draft.

                          Best Draft- i think the colts, jags, and texans all had equally strong drafts this year. I think okoye will be the most impactful player from all those picks though so i will go with the texans.

                          Most Important Player- Peyton Manning. It will be peyton manning every year he runs that offense the way he does.

                          Most Improved Player- Mario Williams, byron leftwich. Mario will show #1 overall pick value this year now that he had an offseason to work on technique and putting okoye next to him. Leftwich is going to be a very good QB this year and then leave the jags in the offseason after they have horribly mishandled him.

                          Hot Seat- Jack Del Rio. The jags have been a scary team for awhile now and havent made a real push or seemed like you couldnt steal a game pretty easy from them. He needs to bring them together this year. a playoff run is a must before grumbling starts.

                          Division Winner- Colts

                          AFC WEST

                          Best off-season move- The Broncos aquiring bly. After darrent williams unfortunate shooting, i was expecting a bad offseason for the broncos. They are going to start next season in better shape than they ended the last one though. Both broncos corners could push 10 interceptions this year. Scary coverage.

                          Worst off season move- The raiders drafting russel and then trading moss. The one perk, to me, of taking russel over the more highly rated (by me) CJ, and Thomas, was throwing the longball to moss and porter. Instead the raiders got raped by the pats and have a QB taking the field alone as a rookie. not a good sign.

                          Best Draft- The raiders. Overlooking the moss trade blunder, the raiders got pretty good value and potential starters all throughout the draft.

                          Most Important Player- Jay cutler. If the broncos are to challenge the chargers, then cutler is going to have to play beyond his experience.

                          Most Improved Player- Phillip Rivers. Now with a whole season under his belt, rivers is going to emerge as a sure thing top 5 QB in the league.

                          Hot Seat- Larry Johnson. He is going to have alot of question of whether he will drop off this season after the carries he had in the previous season. He will have eyes on him for no reason other than the fear of other running backs failure.

                          Division Winner- Broncos

                          NFC EAST

                          Best off-season move- im not crazy about any of these teams offseasons. I will say the best move was the cowboys aquiring the browns first rounder next year. could be a high pick in a better draft.

                          Worst off season move- the eagles showing no confidence in mcnabb. Mcnabb, who has had to carry the team for years, now goes into the season feeling unappreciated. not a good thing.

                          Best Draft- Eagles. i like abrimiri and hunt added to this team. I also like kolb in a pure talent context.

                          Most Important Player- Eli Manning. Now with Tiki gone the whole offense falls on his shoulders. he has potential and high expectations. could be a make or break year for him.

                          Most Improved Player- Demarcus Ware. Wade phillips is going to quickly turn him into a merriman clone.

                          Hot Seat- Tony Tomo. He went from on top of the world to crawling under a rock in a matter of weeks. How he performs this year will forge people opinion of him and the direction the cowboys take.

                          Division Winner- Dallas Cowboys

                          NFC NORTH

                          Best off-season move- The lions draft. The lions got alot of really good players in the trade and they are possibly going to be loaded at some point and they addressed all their glaring needs.

                          Worst off season move- The packers not putting anything on offense around brett favre. With no idea how long favre will stay, the packers should be loading their offense with talent to give favre and chance and to prepare for when he is gone.

                          Best Draft- Viking and lions tie. I think overall talent wise the vikings got more. the lions got nearly as much and dont have a huge question mark on their depth chart like the vikings due.

                          Most Important Player- Brian Urlacher. The bears offseason and offense is in turmoil. If they are to stay at the top of their division, they need urlacher to keep it all together on the defense.

                          Most Improved Player- Cedric Benson. Now that he will be the clear cut number one guy on that team. he will be a 1200 yard back.

                          Hot Seat- Rex Grossman of course. If he doesnt put together a season of consistency this year. dont expect to see him still starting next year.

                          Division Winner- Bears

                          NFC SOUTH

                          Best off-season move- Panthers contract extension of steve smith. in a move that didnt get an overwhelming amount of attention, the panthers locked up the nfls top WR through his prime.

                          Worst off season move- THe falcons QB situation. They got rid of shaub and almost immediately the news have been pouring out negative information amount mike vick. it could get ugly in the atl.

                          Best Draft- The panthers and falcons both had equall great drafts. However, the falcons had to give up shaub to get their picks, while the panthers moved back and still got their guys, so the panthers get the nod from me.

                          Most Important Player- duece. the saints offense could be the class of the nfl this year but duece is the non flashy one who makes it all go. He has to keep the defense honest from playing the middle soft.

                          Most Improved Player- cadillac williams. Return to rookie form for the cadillac.

                          Hot Seat- Mike Vick. Never lived up to his expectations, hes not a young guy anymore, and seems to be getting more immature.

                          Division Winner- Panthers.

                          NFC WEST

                          Best off-season move- 49ers getting nate clements. They are making progress as a young improving team and were aggressive and got themselves a shutdown corner.

                          Worst off season move- The seahawks really being the only team who did nothing to improve themselves. In what was once the easiest gimmie division in football the hawks have stood still and allowed everyone to catch up to them.

                          Best Draft- 49ers. 4 potential starters for them from this draft including the best LB.

                          Most Important Player- Edgerrin James. If the cards finally are the surprise team they have been expected to be for the past several years, edge needs to be the runner he used to be.

                          Most Improved Player- vernon davis. after the injury his rookie year, davis will be a top 3 te by years end.

                          Hot Seat- Levi brown. The cards have been a line away from being contenders for years. They reached for the guy who is supposed to fix that in the draft and the results will speak for themselves.

                          Division Winner- Rams.


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                            AFC SOUTH

                            Best off-season move- Houston, trading for Matt Schaub

                            Worst off season move- The Colts not drafting defense with their first two picks...

                            Best Draft- the Colts and Jags had equally good drafts...

                            Most Important Player- Peyton Manning

                            Most Improved Player- Byron Leftwich

                            Hot Seat- Jack Del Rio


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                              Originally posted by Ghettosermon View Post
                              NFC East

                              Best off-season move- Ken Hamlin, subtle yet solid move.
                              Worst off season move-Skins not getting a D-lineman.

                              Best Draft- Eagles

                              Most Important Player- Donovan McNabb

                              Most Improved Player - Jason Campbell

                              Hot Seat- Eli Manning-Bad Season and all of the bust chants will begin.

                              homer/anti giants

                              Best Offseason move- London Fletcher. Skins got a very productive player who still has some left in the tank imo.

                              worst offseason move- Dallas signing Leonard Davis to a huge contract I suppose. Although there wasnt really anything that terrible.

                              Best Draft- Giants. Solid all the way through. Giants had a great day 2. I would say Dallas had a better draft, but I am not considering the 2008 draft pick right now.

                              Most Important Player- Tony Romo. He kind of makes or breaks the Cowboys offense, and is still an unknown. They dont have the kind of running game that can make up for it if Romo doesnt come through.

                              Most improved player- Eli Manning. he now has some good targets to throw to. I expect a lot of improvement from him. He had an 89 QB rating in the first 8 games before his LT and WR got injured week 9.

                              Hot Seat- Donovan Mcnabb. if he has trouble coming back from the injury, or gets injured again, it could be the end for him in Philly.


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                                NFC South

                                Best offseason move - Saints giving up a 4th for Jason David. Yea yea yea, he isnt a premier corner but he is a starter and a Super Bowl Champ. He opened the draft up for the Saints to pick the best player available and pick up a dangerous WR in Meachem.

                                Close 2nd - The Saints letting Joe Horn walk. He was demanding WAY too much money for little production and constant injuries. Besides, the WR class was very deep so they could afford to let him go. Who cares that he went to Atlanta, he wont get a chance to catch the ball with Vick throwing to him.

                                Worst offseason move - Atlanta trading away the only real QB they had. Vick is a joke, will never win games. He got the coach fired, has a terrible QB rating and has dog fights in his back yard. Who knows if Goodell will even let him play this season?

                                Best Draft - Carolina. Beason will be a beast and will take over for Morgan when he has another concussion. Jarrett will compliment Steve Smith very well, taking the under routes and letting Smith run around like crazy. Kalil should start as he was prob the best inside olineman in the draft. The rest im not familiar with so o well.

                                Most important player - The Saints oline. If they play as good or improve how they played last year the Saints will dominate the division again. They allowed minimal sacks and Jammal Brown was an All Pro. Any improvement will be scary for all other teams in the South.

                                Most improved player - Reggie Bush. He finally got acclimated to the pros late in the year and the sky is the limit. The way Peyton puts him in situations to score every play should scare every team in the league. He will only improve and that makes me very happy.

                                Hot Seat - Mike Vick. I know Blank says this is Vicks team and I know Petrino says this is Vicks team but who can really trust the guy? He has terrible accuracy, terrible decision making abilities, and and terrible WR core. Sure, he can run but thats what the HBs are for.

                                Big time Thank You to BoneKrusher!

                                Who Dat Nation!



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