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    Originally posted by GiantRutgersFan View Post
    homer/anti giants

    Best Offseason move- London Fletcher. Skins got a very productive player who still has some left in the tank imo.

    worst offseason move- Dallas signing Leonard Davis to a huge contract I suppose. Although there wasnt really anything that terrible.

    Best Draft- Giants. Solid all the way through. Giants had a great day 2. I would say Dallas had a better draft, but I am not considering the 2008 draft pick right now.

    Most Important Player- Tony Romo. He kind of makes or breaks the Cowboys offense, and is still an unknown. They dont have the kind of running game that can make up for it if Romo doesnt come through.

    Most improved player- Eli Manning. he now has some good targets to throw to. I expect a lot of improvement from him. He had an 89 QB rating in the first 8 games before his LT and WR got injured week 9.

    Hot Seat- Donovan Mcnabb. if he has trouble coming back from the injury, or gets injured again, it could be the end for him in Philly.
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      Originally posted by saintsfan912 View Post
      NFC South

      Best offseason move - Saints giving up a 4th for Jason David. Yea yea yea, he isnt a premier corner but he is a starter and a Super Bowl Champ. He opened the draft up for the Saints to pick the best player available and pick up a dangerous WR in Meachem.

      Close 2nd - The Saints letting Joe Horn walk. He was demanding WAY too much money for little production and constant injuries. Besides, the WR class was very deep so they could afford to let him go. Who cares that he went to Atlanta, he wont get a chance to catch the ball with Vick throwing to him.

      Worst offseason move - Atlanta trading away the only real QB they had. Vick is a joke, will never win games. He got the coach fired, has a terrible QB rating and has dog fights in his back yard. Who knows if Goodell will even let him play this season?

      Best Draft - Carolina. Beason will be a beast and will take over for Morgan when he has another concussion. Jarrett will compliment Steve Smith very well, taking the under routes and letting Smith run around like crazy. Kalil should start as he was prob the best inside olineman in the draft. The rest im not familiar with so o well.

      Most important player - The Saints oline. If they play as good or improve how they played last year the Saints will dominate the division again. They allowed minimal sacks and Jammal Brown was an All Pro. Any improvement will be scary for all other teams in the South.

      Most improved player - Reggie Bush. He finally got acclimated to the pros late in the year and the sky is the limit. The way Peyton puts him in situations to score every play should scare every team in the league. He will only improve and that makes me very happy.

      Hot Seat - Mike Vick. I know Blank says this is Vicks team and I know Petrino says this is Vicks team but who can really trust the guy? He has terrible accuracy, terrible decision making abilities, and and terrible WR core. Sure, he can run but thats what the HBs are for.
      Pretty homer-esque if I do say so myself. :)
      The whole world loves neophyte athletic tight end Jimmy Graham from Miami with the 95th pick. "Best pick in the draft,'' one AFC coach told me. "Give him time, and in that offense, he'll be better than [Jeremy] Shockey by the start of next year.''

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        AFC North:

        Best Move: Ravens Picking Up Willis McGahee
        Worst Move: Joey Porter Getting Cut
        Best Draft: Browns, 2 Future Studs
        Important Player: Steve McNair, blew the Ravens up in the playoffs last year. HAS to do better this season.
        Most Imporved: Braylon Edwards, with a new QB
        Hot Seat: Romeo Crennel ( Not really, but couldn't find any other person)

        Baltimore: 7-4


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          Originally posted by bigbuc View Post
          This is for Whole divisions people. Have your answers come with some meat (not just one name)

          NFC SOUTH

          Best off-season move- ATL getting Joe Horn it gives them someone that they can depend on and help the young WR's

          Worst off season move- ATL for trading Matt Schaub, now you put all your eggs in one basket. That being Mick Vick and he might not even play

          Best Draft- I like TB (i know homer) but we upgraded your D and got younger where guy's will be leaveing soon.

          Most Important Player- This can be one name Drew Brees

          Most Improved Player- Its players but the TB o-line (again with the homer pick) but the young guys have played a little bit and Big Luke will help them if he can stay on the field.

          Hot Seat- Jon Fox if his team does not win 10-12 games and deep in the playoffs, he is done!!!
          Chucky is on a hotter seat than Fox IMO.


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            NFC NORTH
            Best Move: DET getting Tatum
            Worst Move: Green Bay not getting Randy Moss
            Best Draft: DET
            Important Player: Brett Favre, hes going into his last year and the team will have to rally around him.
            Most Improved: Jon Kitna. Less picks, more yards and TD's
            Hot Seat: Rex Grossman

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              AFC East

              Best off-season move- Patriots getting Randy Moss. Even if it was icing on the cake, getting him for a 4th and them him taking a pay cut give Moss the nod over Thomas.

              Worst off season move- Dolphins signing Joey Porter. $20 million guaranteed? Over the top player.

              Best Draft- Buffalo Bills. I liked what the Bills did adding Lynch and Poz.

              Most Important Player- JP Losman. He really improved last season, if he continues to impress Buffalo could be a play off team next year.

              Most Improved Player- Laurence Maroney. Good rookie year, I expect him to have a great year as the full time starter.

              Hot Seat- Chad Pennington. Not really much here, none of the coaches are concerned, Pennington played ok last year but was unimpressive, Clemens wasn't drafted to sit on the bench forever.

              New England- 13-3
              Buffalo- 10-6
              NYJ- 7-9
              Miami- 4-12

              That is correct comahan
              I ******* LOVE YOU DG
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                NFC West

                Best Off-Season Move:I'll go with the Cardinals' coaches. Wisenhunt and Grimm are one year removed from super bowl champs. And what was Arizona's biggest problem the last couple of years:OL, and they got one of the best OL coaches in the league. And they got a good coach cuz he was around to groom BIG BEN into a champion and I think he will be great for Leinart.

                Wost Offseason Move:Seahawks franchising Josh Brown:why? IDK. I don't like the idea of a kicker being your franchise. And I still have issues with him for what he did to my Rams twice.

                Best Draft:The 49ers:I think Willis is going to win the DROY. Plus, the Rams had a very average draft and the Seahawks did as well. The Cards did well as well, but the 49ers had more choices. And they got Darrell Jackson for a 4th rounder. So I'll give that to the 49ers.

                Most Important Player:Alex Smith. How does he do with losing Norv Turner, we shall see. I think he will do well. If he does well, the 49ers are making the playoffs, if not, they aren't. I know it sounds like common sense, but it is true.

                Most Improoved Player:Vernon Davis. I didn't hear much from him last year. I look for that to change because he is a freeking beast, and with the addition of Jackson, Davis will get less coverage on him cuz they'll have to worry about more than Gore and Davis.

                Hot Seat:Mike Holmgren. Not really, but he has to be the only canidate. Linehan is in his second year, Nolan is turning the 49ers around in a hurry, and the Cardinals have new coaches this season, so unless Bidwell pulls an Al Davis, which is unlikely, it is the process of elimanation and it is Holmgren.

                Divsion Winner:Rams, why? Well, I am a homer, but also I am an optimist. As well as the fact that we have a great offense. The question mark will be the defense. And they took steps to improove this year and they improoved with the addition of Carriker in the draft. The 49ers will get a wild-card and finish 2nd. The Cardinals will be around .500, and be a very improoved team. And the Seahawks will finish last. That was a lot. Peace Out.


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                  AFC North:

                  Best Off-Season Move:
                  To be honest it's been a quiet division. You could on one hand saying that Ravens getting former 1st round Pick Willis McGahee. Though, as a Steelers fan, I fear McGahee less than Lewis. On the other, you have Steinbach and Lewis going to Cleveland. Though, Cleveland paid out the ass for a barely above average guard, and Lewis hasn't been the same since he set the record. Though even with Clevelands sub-par line, he still bothers me. I could also add in Peek, as I think he'll be a solid 3-4 OLB for Cleveland. To play Homer, I would have to say adding Barlow to Pittsburgh was perfect, he fills the only need we didn't draft for.
                  Wost Offseason Move:

                  Many will say that AFC Norths worst offseason fiasco was us losing a coach that didn't have his heart in the game, losing an overpaid OLB. Now, I understand Tomlin is new, but I think there's more things going on here.

                  1) Letting Jamal Lewis go, and trading for Willis McGahee - Willis has yet to play a full 16 game season, and with the Ravens adding up their talent to make a run at another title, having your best running back on IR for the post-season is not the way to handle it.

                  2) I've seen the fact we cut Porter was a big offseason no-no. Was that worse than losing Adalius Thomas? Baltimore lost Adalius, Pashos, Mulitalo, and Lewis from their starting lineup.. we lost.. Porter

                  3) Cleveland Overpaying FA. They do it every year I know, but they gave an ungodly amount for a G. Faneca wasn't even making that much and they're paying him how much more than Hutchinson?

                  4) How quickly this is forgotten. The Browns traded Reuben Droughns.. a proven power rusher, for Tim Carter... a guy with 2 seasons with 1200 plus yards that can run in those wintry conditions for a guy that has played 1 full 16 game season in 6 years and has only eclipsed 300 yards receiving.. once. This was a horrid trade.. the Giants robbed the Browns
                  Best Draft: This is difficult, I will say that unbiasedly it's between Pittsburgh and Baltimore.
                  Cleveland: C
                  Adding Brady Quinn and Joe Thomas in early rounds will help them in the future, but that doesn't guarantee 2007 NFL success. Adding Eric Wright will finally give them a #2 opposite of Leigh Bodden. Here's the negatives. They added the oft-injured Melila Purcell and the underwhelming Chase Pittman in later rounds. In a 3-4 defense, even though your LB's get the credit, your DL is just as important, and frankly, they failed to upgrade. They're putting a lot of hope on some late rounders and unproven UFA's. If they don't come through, the Offensive Line of other teams is going to have lanes big enough for Reagan Mauia to put up 300 yards.
                  Cincinnati: D
                  I know it's early to be grading draft classes but, other than Leon Hall, Cincy did nothing to help themselves. I mean this was a bad draft in my eyes:

                  Leon Hall: Good pick, best value at CB, they need a Starting Caliber corner across from Jon Joseph.

                  Kenny Irons: WTF? They have a solid 1-2 punch with Johnson/Perry and Watson was a solid situational back. Adding Kenny Irons, though of Value, is having too much bank-roll in one position. Could of added Turk McBride, Tim Crowder, Ikaika Alama Francis, who all could have taken over for Justin Smith.

                  Marvin White: Again, Great Value, but they already have (as much as I hate to say it) and underrated and budding star in Madieu Williams. If he moves to SS, that I can understand, and I figure thats what he'll do, but frankly, Their front 7, IMO is in Shambles, and with Henry being out the first 8 games, it's going to be hard relying on Palmer to single-handedly play them into the playoffs.

                  Jeff Rowe: I had Rowe as a 6th to UDFA type and while solid, he could have possibly been had later, again, with their front 7 and #3 WR having large holes, a backup QB shouldn't have been priority.

                  Matt Toeaina: Great pick as a UT.

                  Dan Santucci: If he plays to potential solid pick, though he was, IMO one of the biggest weaknesses on that Notre Dame OL.

                  Nedu Ndukwe: You have Ethan Kilmer, Madieu Wiliams, Marvin White, pick a LB for christ sakes.
                  Baltimore: B
                  Though not a Sexy draft, they did the same Pittsburgh did and filled needs:

                  Grubbs: though they lost Staley, they got the best G in the draft and I think he'll contribute at RG early.

                  Yamon Figurs: I don't know, but I'll label this as due to "The Devin Hester Effect". As that WR run in the 3rd round I call "Marques Colston Effect". He's a solid returner and solid gunner, but he has a frail frame, and I think he was at best a late 4th rounder.

                  Yanda: Solid RT Pick to replace Pashos.

                  Antwan Barnes: I wanted him as a OLB, as I believe they do, but I don't think he'll live up to the Adalius Thomas standard. He'll be solid in spot duty IMO. Youth in that aging defense.

                  Le'Ron McClain: The best FB in the Draft. This I think is the pick that bothers me most, though, I hope he's not too slow for McGahee.

                  Troy Smith: Good pick vs value and need Could develop behind McNair.

                  Prescott Burgess: Solid pick this late, could play Inside or out.. SLB/ILB. I like him as a flex guy for they're hybrid defense.
                  Pittsburgh: B+

                  They went into the draft with too much age at LB.. they drafted 2 solid players early. Timmons gives us the 3-4 / 4-3 switch ability. Woodley has played in the Pittsburgh 3-4 (Michigan based their 3-4 on Pittsburghs defense and Woodley played LOLB in that 3-4 which is what he'll be playing here.

                  We wanted a 2nd TE that can block to let Heath Miller catch some balls.. and to get rid of Tuman. Sure people say we need a powerback.. we didn't like Hunts speed and we opted for a more proven guy.

                  Our biggest mishaps last year (Besides Ben) were on ST. We had upwards of 15 ST Turnovers, whether Punt/Kick Returns.. we added Sepulveda, which should eliminate 90% of the good field positions we gave teams last year.

                  Adding McBean was icing as he'll take over for Rodney Bailey and we have a great pass rusher that can play UT or 34DE.

                  William ***, everyone thought we needed a CB, we got a 4 year starter and though he doesn't blaze a 4.3, he is smart and knows where and how to play zones. He'll be a cerebral assassin on our defense, because he can diagnose plays quickly, blitz and I think he's underrated.

                  Dallas Baker, falls to round 7, has tremendous size and was a solid 7th round pickup. I don't know if he'll crack the 53 man, but if he does, he'll be an excellent red zone threat.
                  Most Important Player:
                  This is tough.. It's between IMO Ben Roethlisberger and Steve McNair. If Ben regains his rookie and Soph year form and grows, he could go back as a top 5 QB in rating, and be a leader... on the other hand, if McNair stays healthy, he has a solid team to ride to a ring.
                  Most Improved Player: This can be a # of players in the AFC North...

                  Baltimore: Samari Rolle, Steve McNair, Dawan Landry
                  Cincy: Jon Joseph, Dominick Peko, Madieu Williams
                  Cleveland: Anyone not named; Jones, Bodden, or Wimbley
                  Pittsburgh: Ben, Holmes, An. Smith, Troy Polamalu

                  Hot Seat: I'm going with Frye, Crennel and Marvin Lewis

                  Division Rankings:
                  Baltimore (Because they haven't had the coaching change) 11-5
                  Pittsburgh: 10-6
                  Cincy: 6-10
                  Cle: 3-13

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                    Originally posted by Mr. Stiller View Post
                    1) Letting Jamal Lewis go, and trading for Willis McGahee - Willis has yet to play a full 16 game season, and with the Ravens adding up their talent to make a run at another title, having your best running back on IR for the post-season is not the way to handle it.

                    Uhh, Willis never missed a game before this season (not counting his whole year off for rehab). He's played two full seasons. He's missed two whole games and most of a 3rd, all in a row in the middle of this season. That's it.



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