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  • 2007 NFL Standings Predictions

    I know it's really early to start guessing how your team will do, but as I look at different threads and different posts, it seems that no one thinks their team will fall into the bottom five. Everyone thinks that their team will be the best thing since sliced butter, foam fingers or Revolution Helmets. I think it would be cool to get just random people posting what they think their teams (ONLY your team) record will be at the end of the year. At the end I'm going to count up all the wins and losses and see if it is anywhere near .500. Homerisms allowed (just be realistic), you can only choose one record (no 6-8 wins and 8-10 losses. Just one EX: 7-9) and no dissing other teams. I will average them out if there get to be a lot. Since I'm a Browns fan I'll start:

    AFC North
    Bengals- (11-5) 1 vote
    Browns- (6.8-9.2) 5 votes
    Ravens- (10.3-5.7) 3 votes
    Steelers- (10-6) 2 votes

    AFC South
    Colts-(13-3) 1 vote
    Jaguars-(10-6) 1 vote
    Titans-(7-9) 1 vote
    Texans-(6-10) 1 vote

    AFC East
    Bills-(7.7-8.3) 6 votes
    Dolphins-(4-12) 1 vote
    Jets-(10.5-5.5) 2 votes
    Patriots-(13.5-2.5) 2 votes

    AFC West
    Broncos-(11.25-4.75) 4 votes
    Chargers-(11.3-4.7) 3 votes
    Chiefs-(9-7) 1 vote
    Raiders-(5.7-10.3) 3 votes

    NFC North
    Bears-(11-5) 2 votes
    Lions-(3.8-11.2) 4 votes
    Packers-(8.3-7.7) 7 votes
    Vikings-(8-8) 1 vote

    NFC South
    Buccaneers-(7-9) 3 votes
    Falcons-(8.5-7.5) 4 votes
    Panthers-(11-5) 1 vote
    Saints-(12-4) 3 votes

    NFC East
    Cowboys-(10-6) 1 vote
    Eagles-(12-4) 2 votes
    Giants-(7-9) 1 vote
    Redskins-(8-8) 1 vote

    NFC West
    49ers-(9.4-6.8) 5 votes
    Cardinals-(8-8) 1 vote
    Rams-(8-8) 1 vote
    Seahawks-(11.5-4.5) 2 votes
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    Chiefs- 15-1 if the Browns go 7-9.
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    Originally posted by Hermstheman83
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        Originally posted by bored of education View Post
        Chiefs- 15-1 if the Browns go 7-9.
        That is a crap statement. It wouldn't surprise me if the Browns do better than KC.



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          Originally posted by mythbusta
          i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
          who dey?


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            BUcs will go 8-8


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              bucs go 5-11

              thats skill timing chucky
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                Gotta love that sliced butter


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                  Originally posted by duckseason View Post
                  Gotta love that sliced butter
                  haha, i meant sliced bread. i musta been thinking a hot knife through butter at the same time. i should probably change that.


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                    Originally posted by kalbears13 View Post
                    haha, i meant sliced bread. i musta been thinking a hot knife through butter at the same time. i should probably change that.
                    Nah, keep it. It adds great character to the thread. It was my favorite part.

                    I guess I'll say 10-6 for my Cowboys


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                      uh...did I put this in the wrong forum?


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                        Titans: 7-9


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                          Surprisingly, we are at exactly .500 right now. But we only have 1 playoff team so far. (They're an NFC team too)
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                            Raiders 6-10


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                              Falcons 9-7



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