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    I hate when people make threads simply to praise there own teams.

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      Originally posted by Chucky View Post
      Reed and Landry are definatly number 1. Sean JOnes and Brodney Pool are better than a bunch of those tandems.
      100% percent agreed. Landry and Taylor are suspect in deep coverage and both look to hit.

      Reed and the other Landry complement each other perfectly and are a member of the best D, so it goes to them.


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        Where are Lynch and Ferguson? #32 yeeeeeeeeeeee

        Originally posted by Scott Wright
        Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
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          Originally posted by Shiver View Post
          The Bills have potential, if Whitner and Simpson continue to mature.
          Agreed. I think they have the potential to be the best tandem in the league, even better than the potential that Taylor/Landry has.

          Obviously, this answer is Roman Harper & Josh Bullocks, though. DUH!
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            Not to be a Homer but Vikings are good with Sharper and Dwight Smith and even are Back ups arent bad with Doss and Tank Williams.

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              Anthony Smith and Troy Polamalu Please... at least #2 or #3.. I'll give you Reed and Landry for now, because Landry has proven more than Smith..

              But Watch Smith this year.

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                Washington shouldnt be #1.Laron Landry hasnt played a down in the NFL yet.
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                  Reed & Landry are the clear cut number 1

                  then its a toss up between alot of others


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                    Reed and Landry is crazy..

                    Eagles arn't to bad either :)
                    Considine put 20- lbs of muscle on for the SS role and Dawkins is the best in the leauge
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                    I just left him negative rep saying "I don't eat doo doo".


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                      Kerry Rhodes and Erik Coleman deserve mention. Rhodes is close to elite and Coleman is above average.


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                        Bills have a ton of potential...........Whitner and Simposon were both quite good.
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                          I like Rhodes and Coleman of the Jets a lot. Then Brodney Poole and Sean Jones are a good young tandem as well. I don't think you can include rookies in this. Huff and Shweigert(sp?) were solid last year, but probably not top 5. I'm interested to see how Terrence Holt works out in Arizona cause that would be a good group right there. Jared Page and Bernard Pollard could also be pretty good. Same with Whitner and Simpson in Buffalo. There are a lot of really good young safties, especially out of last year's class. Dawkins and Considine, Reed and Landry. Williams and Hamlin are great for the run, but I wouldn't like them teamed up against the pass. I like Archuleta and Mike Brown together.


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                            Glen Earl and CC Brown for sure, now those two are intimidating.


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                              Adam Archuletta flat out sucks.....
                              When I eat, it is the food that is scared.


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                                Originally posted by cunningham06 View Post
                                Glen Earl and CC Brown for sure, now those two are intimidating.
                                lol, that was great.

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