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  • 1. LT
    2. Champ
    3. Lights Out
    4. LJ
    5. Gates
    6. Asomugha
    7. Gonzalez
    8. McNeil
    9. Burgess
    10. Phillips
    11. Henry
    12. Javon walker
    13. Rivers
    14. Morrison
    15. Bly

    or something
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    <TACKLE> i will ngata give you a bj raji
    <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
    <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
    Originally posted by Hermstheman83
    What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


    • I'm going to go w/ PMD on this way and say w/e you're the all mighty NJX so you'll shut up even though you've said nothing significant (Why compare 6th seasons now when it was best before?)... but I'd like to point out where you called me moronic for arguing this long and say you've responded to everything I've written...( Also never said Walker wasn't the best #1 in west( See Below), just said he's average.) Would be #3 behind Boldin and Fitzgerald, Wayne and Harrison, Williams and Johnson... so on...

      2.Champ Bailey
      3.Larry Johnson
      4.Shawne Merriman
      5.Antonio Gates
      6.Derrick Burgess
      7.Marcus McNeil
      8.Tony Gonzalez
      9.Jamaal Williams
      10.Nnamdi Asomugha
      11.Philip Rivers
      12. Dre Bly
      13.Jay Cutler
      14.Luis Castillo
      15.Brian Waters
      16.DJ Williams
      17.Quintin Jammer
      18.Michael Huff
      19.Javon Walker <---First WR on list...
      20.Warren Sapp
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      • Yeah I'm a homer alright, that's why when I ranked the division I picked the Chargers and Broncos ahaed of Oak, instead of being like "OMG were going to be 10-6 or 11-5... I see Oak closer between 6-8 wins "IF" the offense improves, which from I've read it should. Damn my homerism just because I'm not impressed by Javon Walker or Travis Henry/Mike Bell, disliking 3 rival team members, I'm a homer alright. Get a clue guy, if anything you've gone to great lengths of homerism by defending your guys so hard... Your facts are skewed toward your argument and have changed, we went from best to 6th season, you take Henrys stats behind good O-lines and compare them to Jordans behind crappy o-lines. what an argument, but again to stroke your ego, you can be right...feel better big guy?


        • Originally posted by njx9
          i have no idea how you think gates is a better or more important player than bailey, who is clearly the best player at a far more important position.
          Well, it's probably because Gates is the only consistent aerial threat for the number 1 scoring offense in the league. LT was putting up crazy numbers for years, but the Bolts weren't winning any games, until Gates developed. His arrival turned the Chargers' O into one of the fiercest in the league. His presence was one of the main reason Rivers led us to the most wins in franchise history in his first year as a starter.

          You can throw away from Champ, but when Gates is actually part of the gameplan (sometimes he just got no looks from Cam for whatever reason), nobody can cover him. He's faster and more agile than any linebacker, and he's bigger and more powerful than any DB. except Polamalu (Fight on!).

          Also because Gates wrecked Champ this year in the end zone.

          It's a one slot difference, not the upset of the century. Hopefully this will provide you with an idea. It's just an opinion, after all.


          • I'd def. rate Bailey over Gates based on much of what NJX said. Also would like to add the fact that people gameplan around Bailey when playing the Broncos, and I think people would gameplan more for LT than Gates, you just more so put faith in your LBs and secondary...


            • Originally posted by njx9
              i'll assume that the lack of effort is due to the lack of anything that vaguely substantiates the theory that the two players are comparable. but whatever. i have no problem proclaiming that javon walker is clearly the best wideout in the AFC West, because i have evidence that supports that theory. you can proclaim that they're no different athletically with a single game as evidence. yippee.
              No, I can claim they are no different athletically because I have eyes. Porter, for all the trouble he causes with his jawing, is one of the more athletically impressive wideouts in the AFC, especially after the catch.

              If you want to go ahead and claim that a wideouts production doesn't hinge entirely on the offense he functions in, then I suppose your welcome to, but I see no evidence for that.


              • Originally posted by njx9
                absolutely. but i like reasoning =P

                moreso when there's an odd argument being made (that gates is better/more important than bailey). it's more interesting to debate the idea behind it.

                i'd submit champ was more important, given the 7 (? i may not remember right) interceptions inside the opponents 5 yard line (preventing scores). the argument could be made that denver was a 6-10 team without bailey. i'm not sure you could've made the same argument for gates last year (the chargers would've been worse, but i'm not sure they would've been worse to the same degree). further, champ is one of the best run defenders at the cornerback position, so he's not just taking one player out of the game, he's helping to prevent big gains in a division with two of the best running backs in the league, allowing the linebackers to play more aggressively or to protect inside better.
                It is an interesting debate. I don't mean any disrespect to Champ, he's still in my top 3. Champ's red zone picks are a good stat (why the hell do teams throw at him near the goal line?), but you can't really put a number on the impact Gates has, unless you are just comparing him to other tight ends, in which case he is the best. Taking guys out of the box, takes another tight end or linebacker out of LT's way. He doesn't need any more help. Gates usually demands a double team too, to really be effectively stopped, especially in the red zone. He's a big reason LT was such a goal line monster last year.

                Champ probably has a bigger impact on his defense than Gates, just because LT is such an 800 pound gorilla, but for my money there's no bigger matchup problem in the NFL than 85.



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