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    the ricky williams things gets blown out of proportion alot...

    there are FAR more players in the NFL worse off then him, or with worse addictions, thing that makes ricky so ignorant is he keeps failing drug test when its time to come back to the NFL...

    if you know you would rather smoke weed then play in the NFL again so be it, but stop failing drug test, just stop taking them all together, and do what youve been doing...he never did enjoy all the limelight and was much happier by himself somewhere quiet...

    could of been an all-time great in the NFL, but i wouldnt say it was because of pot, it was more so due to lack of passion and not wanting to commit fully to the NFL...

    but there are far FAR worse things to be concerned with a player...most coaches and GMS accept that players did/do still smoke weed...they dont even test you for weed or any other street drug during the season, just once in training camp at the beginning of the season, and alot of players function during the season while still smoking weed...

    i know this for a fact, great longhorns players of a few years ago, and players from the dallas/ft worth area who get drafted usually come home right before the draft and smoke, while others still smoke during the season...

    so its not as bad as its made out to be, and i dont think ricky liked pot more then football, he just lost his passion for the sport and in making it his #1 priority...sad to see it happen, but i dont blame it on pot...

    although i do feel like Miami lost an opportunity to trade him while they could and i felt they should of jumped, when he was playing well for them after coming back, showing more acceleration and burst, i felt they should of shopped him around and seen if they could land a 2nd/3rd rd pick at the least

    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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      Originally posted by bryanGENE View Post
      last time i checked pot was considered a drug and illegal. maybe it's just me. you must smoke pot to say that. i lived w/ 3 stoners in college who prob have the same views you're about to give.
      I'm warning you right not...and I mean do not give me any more reason to get involved in this conversation. You've already displayed your ignorance for everybody to see. So just stop.



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