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Leinart vs. Young vs. Cutler revisited

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    I won't be a homer and say Leinart, even though I see him progressing into a probowl QB. He has great accuracy and fits our offense perfectly. He is a natural winner, although it seems our natural losing ability cancels that out.

    Young has all the physical tools, and given how raw he is in technique now it is just a credit to him how well he is doing. If there is any young QB who I see progressing to the level that Farve, Manning and Brady have played at it is this guy.

    At the time I was pretty dubious about a college loser like Cutler and I question whether he will play near the level of the other 2. I think he will be an average mistake prone QB throughout most of his career.

    I wonder if this will be argued as bitterly as the Manning vs Rivers vs Roeslisberger debate.
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    #1--Russell I can't be too disappointed in this pick because he is, realistically, a huge upgrade (in the same way that the Great Wall of China would be a huge upgrade over the fence in my backyard) over Andrew Walter.


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      VY has changed my opinion of him so far but I still dont think he'll reach the lofty heights of greatness, Cutler has only had 1 game but he'll be better for it, whilst Lienart just impresses the crap outta me.
      Lienart > Cutler > VY

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        Originally posted by njx9
        again, judging cutler off a single game in which his o-line was non-existant against a good defensive team is a bit odd.
        Not as odd as calling Seattle a good defensive team.

        Although Cutler was pretty bad (worse than Young and Leinart in their first starts), its too early to judge him. Based on this season, Young is the best rookie qb of this class. Young has shown that his play can work in the NFL and that his intangibles are still by the far the best of this qb class.


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          Its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaay too early to say. Shoot, its too early to say in the Eli/Rivers/Ben debate, and theyre 3 years in. These guys haven't even played a season yet, how on earth can we say now?

          At the current rate, you can only comment on Young and Leinart. Cutler just had one start.

          Id say Young is gonna be a great qb, he's proving me wrong. Leinart will be great too, but he's gonna need weapons, and a good WCO like system to excell. His limitations will prevent him from being a chuck it downfield qb. But with his weapons in Arizona, he won't have to worry about it.


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            Leinart. Young. Cutler.

            In that order. That's based on nothing, but purely as how I had them coming out of college.

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              LOL draftguru...

              Jay Cutler [the bodybuilder] >>>>>>> Young [such a leader and he just wins] > Leinart

              The other Jay Cutler we haven't seen enough yet to judge. Both Leinart and Young look like good picks t and both teams should be happy with what they have. In my opinion they were drafted in the correct order.

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                All three look incredibly promising imo, although Young still needs to improve as a passer. First round picks well spent it seems.
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                  Leinart all thru the day and all thru the night baby! :mrgreen:


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                    Vince Young has impressed me. The guy is just a winner. I'm glad he's proving his critics wrong. This board was treating him pretty unfairly for most of the predraft process.


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                        I had Vince as my number 1 guy going into the Draft. And he remains in that spot. I also still have Cutler in front of Leinart just like I did Pre-Draft. So things haven't really changed.


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                          Originally posted by Basileus777
                          Originally posted by njx9
                          again, judging cutler off a single game in which his o-line was non-existant against a good defensive team is a bit odd.
                          Not as odd as calling Seattle a good defensive team.
                          i should've been more specific. they have a great pass rush.


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                            At first I though VY was the best prospect in the draft higher then Bush and so on, I didnt know about his offensive system, then I switched on him, but now he is proving all the haters wrong, he may not be the best but I think he will be very good.


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                              Young's game has converted into the pros much better than I expected. I really didn't expect him to have much success in his first year in the league. I give him alot of credit for what he's done with a Tennesse team without a ton of talent.

                              I still expect Cutler to have a better career in the long run though. I was really impressed by him in the preseason and I think we'll see some of that come back by the end of the season. I'd like to see him get a shot in the post season this year aswell.

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                                As if this hasn't been said enough, it's far too early.

                                I guess you could say that Vince has played the best, but it's really only been two good games against bad defenses. Leinart's doing alright considering his team is awful and he has no running game, just a bunch of receivers. And Cutler's only played one game.



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