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Leinart vs. Young vs. Cutler revisited

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    All three are going to be great. I truely belive that. I would've drafted them all in the same order.
    Vince is gonna be special. He was my favorite player coming outta college and i knew he'd prove everyone wrong, who said he wont be able to play in the NFL. I must say, i thought vince would have his struggles here and there his rookie season, and he has, but i never would've imagined he'd be this good this early. Especially with the talent around him. Let's take a look at his targets here. Drew Bennett, you can say what u want about him , but to be honest, he's nothing more than a descent #2 Wr. Then he's got Brandon Jones and Bobby Wade, a castoff Bears WR. And trust me, after living in Chicago all my life, u never want any part of a bears WR, especially one that was cut. And somehow Wade has looked real nice with VY. By the way, his TE is Bo Scaife. Vy deserves a lot of credit, but his coaching deserves just as much. They've done a great job with Vince.
    As far as the other two, both Matt and Jay will be very good too. They both have good talent around them and they'll be much better next year.
    Also, Someone needs to get Merell Hodge Fired immediatly. He has no idea what he's talking about and he needs to get the ax.


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      Young and Leinart will be all-pros. I said Cutler would be a bust but its too early to tell really what will happen to him


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        Young>Cutler>Leinart in the future
        I am still sticking with my predictions

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          i guess you cant really doubt leinart's arm strength now eh?



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