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Is Coltson loosing the Rookie of the Year

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    if it werent for stupid Fred Taylor MJD would be ROY.non negotionable.
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      Originally posted by doingthisinsteadofwork
      if it werent for stupid Fred Taylor MJD would be ROY.non negotionable.
      Addai is splitting carries as well. :?


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        Originally posted by smittyjs
        Originally posted by jkpigskin
        i think it boils down to addai, jones-drew, and young

        i think addai will win because of his consistent play all season
        Addai really had a bad day running it.
        your opinion and everyones opinion will change each and every week... the guy who just came off the big game is suddenly the front runner... i think it will go to him because of wat he has down statistically throughout the ENTIRE year, not just a couple games

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          It's VY no question. On a pretty bad team, to be able to lead them to victories cannot be ignored. Jones Drew has good stats but his contributions as a RB are limited w/Fred Taylor, but VY is racking up the best stats by himself in the premier position of the league... wins.

          The past three games have wrapped it up for him imo.

          Rally the team behind 21-0 deficit.
          Beat the Colts in a rally.
          Beat the Texans in OT

          In all these games, VY was instrumental

          Projected win total: 55+


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            Right now you have to think Vince Young is leading the pack, he took a bad team and basically carried them on his back throughout the past 3 games, I may not have been a fan of this guy before, but I sure as hell am now. Right after Young I got MJD, followed closely but Marques Colston.


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              Young is 6-4 as a starter with the losses coming to teams with a combined record of 36-15, with two of those losses coming by one single point


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                vince young

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                  Originally posted by danman253
                  Maurice Jones Drew has locked it up today
                  The only thing Mo Drew locked up was Rookie of the Week honors.

                  And he did quite a job of it.
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                    VY has been so huge for producing victories for his (below average) team... How can anyone ignore that?

                    I'm neither a VY supporter or basher. I didn't have much of any opinion of him before the draft and I'm very impressed now. You could say the Giants game was a fluke, but given what he's done the past two weeks... WOW. That championship game was a sign of things to come once he went pro.


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                      VY has lead the TItans to a 6-4 record. that's right the Titans 6-4. He wins it for me.

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                        Originally posted by TCU
                        Originally posted by NickCollins 36
                        thats funny
                        Speaking of that, where did you get it? Someone I knew online claimed to have made it and gave it to me and I used it over at (Nza is my name there), interesting to see if he was telling the truth :)


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                          These are the only people that matter when talking about ROY:

                          Kelly Jennings
                          Darryl Tapp
                          Rob Sims
                          David Kirt -
                          Ryan Plackemeier

                          Personally I am leaning towards Plack Attack but Tapp makes a good case

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                          Originally posted by yodachu
                          Everyone pwns the Rams.


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                            i think if colston comes back and has a few more big games he will get it.

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                              I think Colston lost rookie of the year when he went down with that ankle injury, and other guys like VY, and J-Drew started tearing it up.Which is a shame because he was having a great season up until then.

                              I think he can possibly reclaim it if he surges strong over the last 3 games and finishes with 1,200 yards, 10 TDs...

                              however if VY get's 2 more dramatic wins like he's been having...he's a lock for it IMO.


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                                addai got his first 100 yard game two weeks ago. mo drew only busts out for long runs which are set up by fred talyor, and colsten hasnt played in a while. the OROY is the heisman i mean runner up for the heisman, omvp of the national title game and the third pick of the draft, vincent young. he has taken a team that earlier in the year was under the helm of a veteran QB kerry collins and went 0-3. they have pretty much no talent, haynesworth missing 8 game is huge also. but somehow vince young has led them to a a surging comeback with his 6-4 recored. he deserves it.



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