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Maurice Drew or Laurence Maroney?

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    well drew's stumpy legs scare the hell outta me so i will take lawrence.

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      Joseph Addai.


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        Drew lit it up yesterday partly because he was going against the worst run D in the NFL and it wasn't the Raiders for once. I like them both, their both going to be big down the road.

        Thanks to jackalope


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          The knock on all small RB's is that they will struggle in pass protection...Drew has been great in pass protection all year...the 1st game of the year he proved that to me when he knocked a rushing Roy Williams on to his side on a weak side blitz...

          So I'll take Mo Drew


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            Anything said against Drew is trivial, because he has it all.


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              Maurice Drew by far.


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                Maroney isnt getting enough credit. our playcalling, as you've probably heard, BLOWS. the plays are all Maroney inside and we have 8 men in box usually. however..hes 3rd in terms RBs in yards after considering contact usually happens at line of scrimmage because our OL isnt very good..that tells you a lot

                2. How many yards can a running back pick up after contact? The top-five backs in average yards after contact are all significantly better than the 2-yard after-contact average in the NFL. The top-10 NFL backs with a minimum of 150 carries that make something happen after the first tackler strikes are Gore, Travis Henry, Laurence Maroney, Taylor, Cadillac Williams, LaDainian Tomlinson, Westbrook, Chester Taylor, Kevin Jones and Tiki Barber in that order.
                i like MJD though and i admit hes looking better than Maroney right now..better than many RBs infact but Maroney deserves credit with what hes great threat at WR..inconsistent OL and horrible playcalling..we pass on Colts who were top 10 in pass defense against their deadlast run D. why not run it? Maroney was averaging over 4.5 easily and yet we kept passing. i hate Josh McDaniels btw..QB coach turned into OC = passing a lot and inside runs


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                  Hooray another "look how good this guy on my team is" thread. :roll:

                  Drew was my 4th back going into the draft and Maroney was my 2nd. I'd still take Maroney over Drew. What Drew is doing right now is great, but Maroney was tearing it up before too.

                  That is correct comahan
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                    Great. Drew is wonderful. I can see who the maker of this thread likes.



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                      Moroney for the long term but hasn't Mo been a champ this year

                      me want to kill you? hahaha Bonekrusher you complete me


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                        Haha, you can't just go ahead and take away Maroney's stats when putting them up there. I'd rather have Maroney for the present and future.
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