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    no love by anyone for Jason Taylor? He only won Defensive PoY

    QB Peyton
    WR Holy
    RB LT
    FB Neal
    OT Walter Jones
    C Kreutz
    OG Hutchinson


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      QB - Peyton Manning
      RB - LaDanian Tomlinson
      FB - Lorenzo Neal
      WR - Steve Smith/Torry Holt
      TE - Antonio Gates
      OT - Walter Jones
      OG - Steve Hutchinson
      C - Olin Kreutz

      DE - Julius Peppers
      DT - Marcus Stroud/Vince Wilfork
      WLB - Derrick Brooks (in a 4-3, he can play in that right?)
      MLB - Brian Urlacher
      OLB - Shawne Merriman (in a 3-4)
      CB - Champ Bailey
      S - Ed Reed

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        QB: Peyton Manning
        RB: LaDainian Tomlinson
        FB: Lorenzo Neal
        WR: Steve Smith
        TE: Antonio Gates
        OT: Orlando Pace
        OG: Steve Hutchinson
        C: Olin Kreutz

        DE: Julius Peppers
        DT: John Henderson
        OLB: Shawne Merriman
        MLB: Brian Urlacher
        CB: Champ Bailey
        S: Ed Reed


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          Originally posted by boisefan View Post
          QB - Peyton Manning
          RB - LT
          FB - Alstott
          WR - Chad Johnson (he backs up his talk, and has the height)
          TE - Antonio Gates
          OT - Walter Jones
          OG - Chad Hutchinson
          C - Olin Kruetz
          DE - Julius Peppers
          DT - Tommie Harris
          OLB - Shawne Merriman
          MLB - Brian Urlacher (One of the best to ever play IMO)
          CB - Champ Bailey
          S - Sean Taylor and Ed Reed are too close for me to name

          Most of your picks were fairly good, so I stayed with them.
          chad johnson is only 6'1. thats pretty much average for a reciever.

          anyways, the best are obvious. im going to make an all second-level team.

          QB- Carson Palmer
          RB- Stephen Jackson
          WR- Anquan Boldin
          WR-Santana Moss
          WR- Braylon Edwards
          TE- Alge Crumpler
          OT- Levi Jones
          OG- Alan Faneca
          C- Nick Mangold
          OG- Logan Mankins
          OT- Dbrick

          DE- Simeon Rice
          NT- VInce Wilfork
          DT- Mike Patterson
          DE- Osi Umenyora (sp?)
          OLB- Derrick Brooks
          MLB- Nick Barnett
          OLB- Julian Peterson
          CB- Rasheen Mathis
          FS- Bob Sanders
          SS- Sean Jones
          CB- Jonathon Joseph (had to have one homer pick right?)
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          Originally posted by mythbusta
          i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
          who dey?


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            QB: Peyton Manning
            RB: Ladanian Tomlinson
            FB: Lorenzo Neal
            WR: Marvin Harrison
            TE: Antonio Gates
            OT: Jamaal Brown
            OG: Shawn Andrews
            C: Olin Kreutz

            43DE: Jason Taylor
            34DE: Ty Warren
            DT: John Henderson
            NT: Jamaal Williams
            34OLB: Shawn Merriman
            34ILB: Larry Foote
            43OLB: Julian Peterson
            43ILB: Brian Urlacher
            CB: Champ Bailey
            FS: Ed Reed
            SS: Adrian Wilson

            K: Adam Vinatieri
            P: Brian Moorman
            KR: Devin Hester


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              QB- Tom Brady-has done more with less than anybody in recent memory.
              RB- LT-duh
              WR- Steve Smith-this time last year was being called the best by everybody.
              WR- Chad Johnson-a do it all receiver
              TE- Antonio Gates-almost unstoppable
              LT-Marcus McNiel -could go w/ a pop. name but no LT dominated like he did.
              LG- Steve Hutchinson-tempted to put Faneca here
              C- Olin Kreutz
              RG- Shawn Andrews
              RT- Mark Tauscher-at a position regarded as a revolving door on most teams he's been starting since his rookie year as a 6th round pick, with results.

              DE- Aaron Kampman-the stats don't lie folks
              NT- Jamal Williams-a man and a half
              DT- Richard Seymour-versatility, of course he can play 4-3 DT!
              DE- Julius Peppers-beastly, give a 3-4 look, rush him & Merriman, yikes!

              SLB- Shawne Merriman-some flaws in coverage, but everybody else is great in coverage, you won't run on him, plus he'll knock out the opposing QB.
              MLB- Brian Urlacher-Wish I could Lewis here, but Urlacher sits atop the throne
              WLB- Julian Peterson-Best WLB, quit putting D. Brooks, if he's the best then so is Ray Lewis.

              CB- Chris MaCalister (sp?)-still the 2nd best corner.
              S- Ed Reed
              S- Brian Dawkins
              CB- Champ Bailey-duh
              I remember: Sean Taylor



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                [QUOTE=Finsfan79;402501]no love by anyone for Jason Taylor? He only won Defensive PoY

                Ya there is no denying that he is a great player, but he is not the best any any position... he is kinda a hybrid OLB and DE now not a pure defensive end like he used to be.

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                  QB:Peyton Manning
                  RB: LaDainian Tomlinson
                  FB: Lorenzo Neal
                  WR: Chad Johnson
                  TE: Antonio Gates
                  OT: Walter Jones
                  OG: Shawn Andrews
                  C: Olin Kreutz

                  DE: Julius Peppers
                  DT: Jon Henderson
                  OLB: Demarcus Ware
                  MLB: Brian Urlacher
                  CB: Champ Bailey
                  S: Ed Reed
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                    Originally posted by Ewing View Post
                    I'm going to agree with that; the only MLB who is better than Urlacher currently would be Vilma if he was in 4-3. Also, what's up with the boners for Thomas all of the sudden? He's good but he's not better than Merriman, Bulluck, Peterson, or a few others.
                    People forget Peterson is an equally "freakish" athlete and he too can play multiple positions on the field among other things. He doesn't get much attention playing out in Seattle.


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                      QB: Peyton
                      HB: LT
                      FB: Neal
                      TE: Tony Gonzalez (he can still put up numbers with the best of then and is about to break a few TE recieveing records)
                      WR: Chad Johnson
                      OT: Walter Jones
                      OG: Steve Hutchenson
                      C: Olin Kruetz

                      DE: Dwight Freeney
                      DT: John Henderson
                      OLB: DeMarcus Ware
                      MLB: Brian Urlacher
                      CB: Champ Bailey
                      S: Ed Reed


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                        QB - Peyton Manning
                        RB - LaDainain Tomlinson
                        FB - Lorenzo Neal
                        WR - Chad Johnson
                        TE - Kellen Winslow
                        LT - Jonathan Odgen
                        LG - Mike Wahle
                        C - Olin Kruetz
                        RG - Randy Thomas
                        RT - Willie Anderson
                        DE - Julius Peppers
                        DT - Kevin Williams
                        OLB - Jason Taylor
                        MLB - Ray Lewis
                        CB - Champ Bailey
                        FS - Brian Dawkins
                        SS - Ed Reed
                        K - Adam Vinatieri
                        P - Shane Lechler
                        KR - Devin Hester
                        PR - Devin Hester
                        ST - Gary Stills
                        HC - Bill Belichick
                        OC - Tom Moore
                        (3-4)DC - Rex Ryan
                        (4-3)DC - Monte Kiffin


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                          QB- Peyton Manning
                          RB- LaTainian Domlinson
                          FB- Mack Strong
                          WR- Steve Smith
                          OT- Orlando Pace
                          OG- Steve Hutchinson
                          C- Olin Kreutz

                          DE- Julius Peppers
                          DT- Kevin Williams
                          OLB- Adalius Thomas
                          MLB- Brian Urlacher
                          CB- Champ Bailey
                          S- Ed Reed

                          K- Adam Vinitieri
                          P- Who cares



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                              it really blows my mind how many ppl think urlacher is the best mlb.....2 or 3 years ago he was no.1 on cbs sportslines most overrated player..which i completely agree not sayin he is bad but he is not the best id take ray lewis and zach thomas over over him with out havin to think about im about to give u some numbers to back up my opinion and dont say he has lesser stats becuz he gets double teamed or anything stupid like that becuz RL and ZT get every bit as much attention from offenses that he does....

                              ray lewis has avg..9.3 tkls a game over his career he has had at least 150 tkls in 4 of his 12 seasons....zach thomas has avg 9.6 tkls a game and has had 150 tkls or more in 6 of his 12 seasons...urlacher has avg 7.3 tkls a game and has had at least 150 tkls only once in his 8 seasons...also briggs actually had more solo tkls this year then be willin to be that zt has let had an olb on his team have more tkls then him....again im not sayin urlacher is bad....but ppl get carried away i think...i dont kno if its cuz he plays for the bears and they have a history with mlbs or what but he is not the best and im open for anyone to point out even 1 thing that shows he is better then the 2 i named


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                                Please just skip the QB position. Manning/Brady will start arguments that will take over the thread.



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