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Bentley Scheduled for More Knee Surgery

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    Originally posted by bsaza2358 View Post
    The Browns still have Hank Fraley, right? He's a servicable center. He has good technique and can do the job.
    Fraley is definitely a serviceable center and should be fine anchoring the Browns O-line while Bentley recuperates. When Bentley returns, Fraley can move over to OG. It should not be that big of a deal, the only problem is how Bentley recovers form the surgery and how he performs post-surgery.

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      Originally posted by JoeMontainya View Post
      If Bentleys career was anywhere near in jeapordy do you honestly think the Browns would have allready agreed to pay his salary in full this season knowing he wont play?
      Do I think the Browns would do something stupid?


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        this is such a hit, im not even mad that he's a brown and got hurt, im more mad that he is young and has so much talent. i hate seeing things like this such as injuries or bad descions, i.e lawrence phillips. if i could quote one of my favorite movies, a bronx tale, "the worst thing in the world is wasted talent".

        i really hope he comes back, but its doubtful



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